When see Dirty

When see Dirty

A Poem by Talen Robert M. Sangma

Evaluations and recollections are essential for every individual. Everyone must stay conected just like all parts of the body do and never isolate anyone based on their abilities; jobs or race.

When see Dirty:

I, you and everyone need an evaluation
To be a better perfect being, a recollection
To a step higher, a correction
Come let's all read: What is thy own action?
What have thou done at this very minute?
Alighting unnoticed to the minute?
Yes, stop just a bit and turn round your eyes
What do you see, the cries?
Do you love it and say instead, 'Nice'?
Really, you are blissful to those cruelties,
To thy unjust, hatred, partialities and bloodies?
Go in a little into the heart, your city
Then further in, to thy safety.
You are innocent of those tears, aren't you truly?
No! The root cause is thee
All who pronounce, 'I'm not an army'.

All parts of the body make a beautiful structure
The plants, the birds and the animals make an amazing nature
The same is undoubted for a variety of culture
Art thou with me? If not, assume that:
One of thy little fingers is cropped off
Where is your repudiation; and the finger's off?
Arise then all, the legs, the hands and the ears
The brain and the heart, let's stay in communion
Work with sharing and as caring battalion.
Stay not a single, with an idle mind
But start wiring with the varied kind.
Build a true linkage with the lowly,
Though thou art respected highly,
Fix tightly to the habit of cleaning daily,
Be it a sweeper or an officer, when see Dirty
Let's say humbly: Let me do my duty.

© 2017 Talen Robert M. Sangma

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Author's Note

Talen Robert M. Sangma
Readers are humbly welcomed for your kind suggestions.

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Added on January 25, 2017
Last Updated on January 25, 2017
Tags: When see Dirty, go in a little into the heart, let me do my duty


Talen Robert M. Sangma
Talen Robert M. Sangma

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