hastily placed together

hastily placed together

A Poem by Kara Emily Krantz

This is all I have. These ripped up pieces
of passion that I'm hastily placing
together. Here - hold them, see them,
press my fingertips against your lips
and taste them.

I can see your scars, your open wounds
and I know you can't stand the
things I stand for. I'm trying to stand
for you
but you're holding me away. i'm pressing
against the strength
of your hands. there are bruises
on my collarbones
and i'm thirsty
for something

My eyes are so wide with
misunderstanding. My hair
is falling across my brow
and you're moving it out of the way
and then I'm propelling myself
into your arms.

This dance is vicious and I'm
tired of the tune
and all this broken glass around us
should remind us not to have
any more
tea parties.


© 2013 Kara Emily Krantz

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10:49 AM U.S. CST
My Review of "hastily placed together," by Kara Emily Krantz, a fellow Writer's Cafe Author
by PB Jacobs (www.writerscafe.org)

Happy AM, Kara!

Sound's like you have a case of "Yarn and Kitty," going on. Yarn and Kitty is the name of one of my poem's I had published in a local newspaper, just so you know.

Yeah, you muddle and fodder your way through thing's, here and there, I see, and tis true, I do the same thing, as it help's to think out loud. Am I correct?

You have a great middle-class anthem here, and I love this, as it's so true! Great work!

I like the eccentricity in myself, and yes, your piece here remind's me of this!

You seem to be of the intellectually gifted variety, as us gifted people don't worry about thing's so much. Figuring thing's out is a piece of cake from there to there, and why worry about what you can already figure out by rattling a few things from the top of your head.

Yeah, dime a dozen thinking is common, but in order to be me, I have had to deal with a bad case of the you-know-what-over's. Drop by my writing tab, and you will see exactly what I mean, if you haven't already.

People like us aren't annoying, it's just that we tend to be magnets for the latest scam! But, like I'm saying about what I'm saying, all in good you-know-what-over's!

True, a gifted person can limit him or herself to hanging around and being with a few people to save face Type 9 personality wise, but why? It pay's to figure thing's out, from there to there, universally.

Great work, but I'm not really into what your work implies, relationship-wise. I'm a tad more independent.

Not to worry, though.

PB Jacobs

Posted 9 Months Ago

Being over sensitive is very destructive to a loving relationship, Just as much as jealousy is. Your poetry is always so creative and whip smart.

Posted 5 Years Ago

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Kara Emily Krantz
Kara Emily Krantz

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