Chapter 2

Chapter 2

A Chapter by Toshita

The rest of the chairs are already filled with members of the board, government investors, and military personnel involved in the project. The three of them stand at the front of the conference room, taking advantage of the lack of notice from the others to calm their racing hearts. This meeting will make or break them. They have to present all the benefits and their research data about the Black Piper Advantage and hope they like what they hear and continue to fund them. A heavy hand settles on Taehyung's shoulder, making him jump in surprise until he meets his father's eyes. Namjoon sends him a wide and warm smile reserved just for his son and a wink in Jimin and Hoseok's direction before claiming his seat at the head of the table, directly across from where Taehyung's standing. For that he is thankful. At least this way, he can pretend he's presenting only to his dad rather than scary government officials. Even though Taehyung has grown up around these men, it's still nerve wracking. This is the most important presentation he's ever done and he's doubting his ability to deliver and disappoint his father. A slight nudge from Jimin has him looking over to see his friends watching him, confidence fixed on their face. With a nod, he takes a deep breath, squares his shoulders and stands at his full height, game face on.


"Good afternoon, gentlemen. I hope your morning has been well." A chorus of greetings filter around the room and Namjoon sends another wink in his direction before calling the meeting to attention. "Today we are gathered to determine the success and future of the Black Piper Advantage. You were all present in the initial discussion and backed us then. Now, I'd like for you to listen to our lead team members as they lay any and all worries to rest and convince you to continue funding the project. If you'll direction you attention to the front, Mr. Kim, Mr. Park, and Mr. Jung will start the presentation. If you please, follow along in the booklets in front of you." With a nod, Namjoon sits down and gestures for them to start before opening his own booklet. Since falls over the room and Taehyung swallows his nerves before putting on his game face.


"Thank you Director Kim. Good afternoon, everyone. My name is Taehyung Kim, the lead researcher and program specialist in charge. Next to me are my team leads: Jimin Park, who leads the mechanical division, and Hoseok Jung, our behavioural psychologist." Jimin and Hoseok nod their heads in recognition before stepping to the left side of the screen so Taehyung can start.


"The purpose of the Black Piper Advantage is to adapt our advanced artificial intelligence for military use. Our population is diminishing and we are not able to maintain the manpower required for our complete defense. The aim of this project is to increase efficiency of tactics and tasks while reducing human casualties. For that we have created a team of three advanced A.I's that are the focus of this meeting." Taehyung flips to the next slide, introduction finished, with a relief. The hardest part is done, now they just had to continue with the flow he's set up. He hands the remote to Jimin and switches places.


Jimin clears his throat quietly, before directing his gaze around the table before beginning. "Thank you. Before you meet the team, I will be taking you through the specs and mechanics of A.I's. As with the D class, their skin is composed of a flexible, lightweight silicon semiconductor material that stores electrical changes for sensory input. The artificial ridges under a thin layer of silicon allow for increased tactile response, allowing for a sensitive sense of touch. Similar to the common humanoid A.I's, their skin is very resilient to bruising and tearing. To increase endoskeleton strength, the normal tungsten metals has been combined with a steel alloy. The chemical properties of this material allows the body to sustain immense damage without compromising the core circuits, while sustaining its tensile strength." Taehyung watches the audience discretely for any signs of dissatisfaction. "In order to better supply the receptors and sensors necessary for enhanced senses, we replaced the gallium arsenic core circuits with gallium nitride and replaced the fuel with lithium aluminate rather than nitrogen for efficiency. Now Taehyung will explain some of the abilities the A.I are capable off." Taehyung thanks Jimin and returns to his original place.


"The new heating and cool cores Jimin's team developed allow them to vary their body temperature at will, allowing them to adapt quickly to changing climates without compromising the mission. This also allows them to cool their internal temperature enough to avoid thermal sensors." Taehyung pauses as a hand is raised.


"What about their fluid intake?"


"Unlike class D, these A.I's only require 16oz of water based fluid every two days, rather than 32oz daily, to power the heating and cooling systems." The man nods, gesturing Taehyung to continue. He risks a glance towards his dad but receives a blank expression. Even as well as Taehyung knows him, the man has the best poker face, making it difficult to judge how the meeting is going. "Moving on to our main and most anticipated abilities, the addition of ridges in the hands by 30% have allowed the individuals to manipulate physics to a certain degree." At that, everyone's heads pop up and Taehyung has to bite his cheek to stop the smirk threatening his lips.


The next slide shows a picture of a beautiful man, thin face, blonde hair styled off his face. Broad shoulders take up the width of the picture. Warm hazel eyes stare, the blue-white ring around the pupil and iris increasing the sharpness of his gaze, at if he's staring right through you. Quiet rustling can be heard as some shift in their seats, and Taehyung knows how they feel. It took him a long time to get comfortable enough to stare into that unsettling, knowing gaze.


"I'd like to introduce you to AEM_127 Seokjin Kim, AKA JIN. He's our first super soldier and the leader of the pipers. His speciality is interrogation and information collection and his ability is manipulation of small gravitational fields." He steps back and waits for Hoseok to take the spotlight.


"My capacity assessment and analysis of Jin's behaviour was initially a bit rocky as he was very inquisitive and impulsive, leading to crippling migraines caused by his special ability. However, his program and sensors have be modified to reduce internal interference to a minimum. He is able to use his ability for a max of six hours a day before he must recharge. His reach extends to a 2 mile radius."


Taehyung takes over, moving onto the next slide. "The second member is HWE_322 Yoongi Min, AKA SUGA." A picture of a pale face with calculating catlike gaze meets Taehyung's. The man's dark blue hair covers his forehead, making his already pale skin seem almost white. His features are delicate, resembling a dolls if not for the dark aura that seeps through the image. He may not look it but even Taehyung gets nervous around him, his entire being yelling danger in his presence. "Suga is the second to join and in responsible for tactics and surveillance. His ability is the manipulation of metals by exerting magnetic force upon them." Taehyung gestures for Hoseok to continue with his psyche analysis.


"There was some personality clashes originally with Jin's leader status and when he learned the lack of free will in class D. However, his analytical skills overcame the issues as he grew to understand societal structure and chaste system, accepting the information as a truth. He is very headstrong and opinionated, especially towards Jin, but it does not seem to impact their teamwork in the field. He is also able to process information faster than we initially anticipated but lacks the wide emotional range Jin possess. Rather, he remains stoic and generally quiet. His ability extends 30m directly in front of him and has similar time restraints as Jin's ability"


"And now for our final piper. RIS_103 Jeongguk Jeon, AKA KOOK. Kook is the newest android, six months old with today completing his field training. Taehyung looks at a photo he's quite familiar with, having taken it himself for the profile. Even through the picture, Taehyung feels the intensity of the stormy sapphire eyes alit with the cores inner white glow from the internal core. His dark hair is parted in the middle, sharpening his boyish features into strong defined lines. The plump lips are parted and Taehyung unconsciously licks his own before shaking out of his stupor. No matter how many times he sees the other, those eyes never fail to hypnotize him, calling to him like a sirens. He just wished he know what it meant. "He is the weapons specialist and manipulates electric currents. The amazing aspect of his discover that we did not anticipate is that not only can he manipulate electricity around him, he is also able to create small amounts of currents by redirecting the his internal circuits."


"So far, Kook is the most promising android we've created. He has the perfect handle on his emotions without stunting their range, allowing him to easily navigate between Jin and Suga. He is also immensely loyal to his purpose. Never once has he questioned any orders or situations. Every scenario has been completed perfectly and he has no interest in the governing of our society as long as he feels he serves a purpose. Before his addition to the team, communications were rocky. Now, the pipers are a cohesive machine in mint condition. He manages to increase their overall efficiency and team work over the last six month. The draw back with Kook is while he can manipulate external currents with few repercussions, generating electricity from within his body to externalize it takes a huge mental strain on his core. His usage maxes out after 2 hours of continuous use, after which his program shuts down to avoid overheating and internal damage to his processors."


As soon as Hoseok's finished talking, Namjoon stands up, drawing attention away from the presenters to him. "Thank you so much, gentlemen." The three nod back. "Now, from my observations and understanding, my team has excelled our original expectations for Black Piper Advantage, more than any of us could have anticipated. Field test results are outstanding and while yes, the time limitations on their abilities will pose an issue in the future, I am confident that in our current situation, his project will reinstate America at the forefront of global security. We will return to the superpower our ancestors existed in. I have complete faith in my team's ability to resolve these new hurdles and urge the board to continue their support." Taehyung scans the room, a slight giddiness washing over him at the look of approval on their audience's face. He meets his father's eyes, a glimmer of pride seeping into the calculating gaze before disappearing behind his mask.


"I have one last question." Taehyung turns his attention to the voice. Taehyung doesn't recognize him. He must be a newly promoted SS class citizen. Taehyung inclines his head for him to continue. "It says you have given them the ability of free will which is lacking from the D class as a safety precaution. If it was originally removed to prevent conflicts, then why would you reintroduce them to these super soldiers? It sounds contradictory and frankly dangerous."


Hoseok steps up to address his question. "It would be incredibly dangerous if the pipers were to fall into the wrong hands. The current D class is programmed to accept any and all orders, regardless of their emotional bearings. Considering how powerful we've created these androids, it would be disastrous if he were to blindly follow human orders. They are programmed to act in society's best interest, to maintain our current population at the minimum. Humans are swayed by emotions, greed. It's a basal human nature. These androids share none of those. They are capable of objectively analysing the data presented and act for the overall good of our civilization. As long as our intentions stay true, we can safely place our trust in them."


With a thunderous applause, the meeting concludes with a majority vote in favor. Taehyung can't stop the wide smile spreading, mind not noticing whose hands he's shaking and who's patting his back. His mind reels with congratulations and praise until suddenly the room is quiet. Somehow, Jimin pulls his stunned body into his office and gently locks the door, leaning against it as Hoseok pulls his tie loose.


"M-Minnie... W-We-I-omg!" The three engage in a tense visual stand off until Hoseok's loud screech pierces the air. The younger ones tackle him on the couch, limbs flailing as they all scream out their success. The pressure and stress of the last few years leaves, making their limbs light, muscles weak. It's like something clicks and Taehyung can't prevent his misty eyes. His body hurts. Hoseok's knee is in his spleen and Jimin's hand accidently punched his mouth making his teeth clack but right now, he has never been so happy. We except for the day he completed Jeongguk's program and woke him up the first time. The pointed clearing of a throat stops them mid-scream. Somehow they all manage to look at the door only to see Namjoon and Taehyung Lisa starting at them. Namjoon can't stop the fond look as he takes in the mess that's supposed to be his most advanced and important team. Next to the dimpled man, Lisa just looks unimpressed and fed up with them, which, to be fair, the three don't make her job easier. But even she can't stop the twitch of her lips.


"Congrats are in order. Thank you for all your hard work and dedication on this project." Namjoon's barely finished speaking before Taehyung somehow manages to free himself from the human pretzels before running to wrap his arms around his father. Namjoon lets out an amused laugh at the tears clinging to his lashes as he buries his face into his shoulder. Holding his son close, Namjoon runs his fingers through Taehyung's hair, lightly scratching his nape until he lifts his head up. "I'm so proud of you Taebear. You did amazing."


"Thanks dad. I'm so relieved everything worked out!" Taehyung gives Namjoon a bright and slightly watery smile that grows wider in the presence of his favorite Namjoon smile, deep dimples and all. With a giggle, Taehyung pokes at the crater sized divots in his cheek before going back to hugging his dad when both of them are almost knocked over by Hoseok and Jimin joining in.


"Group hug!" Hoseok jumps on them and soon Namjoon's back against the door frame is all that's holding the four men up.


"Louder, Hoseok. I don't think the entire office heard you." Hoseok sends Namjoon his heart shaped smile, causing the older man to roll his eyes with fond exasperation. "Alright boys, enough of this. I have work things to attend to." All three laugh at the vague hand gestures before they all untangle themselves and right their clothing. Namjoon leaves with Lisa after another congratulations.


"Now that that headache's out of the way, shall we go visit the stars of today's spectacle?" Jimin and Taehyung agree, fist bumping before heading to the elevators with burning ears at the amused looks the floor sends them.


As stressful at the last few years have been, his father is right. They've worked their hearts out, sacrificing their own health to see this through and now they're finally at the finish line so to speak. From now on, the actual missions start with Taehyung's team working with them every step of the way. To be honest, he feels a small pang in his chest at the thought of not seeing Jeongguk and the other pipers every day from now on. Their group has spent so many hours each day together, learning and growing from each other that it's almost as if they're a part of him. Especially Jeongguk. He's Taehyung's baby, his first completely perfect creation-minus the overheating issues. The two have worked so closely together, intimately analyzing every sensor's reaction to stimuli, both emotional and physical. Taehyung almost sees the android as a physical extension of himself, of his heart and soul. Even Taehyung feels embarrassed to admit it out loud but he can honestly say, besides his father and Jimin, the android knows him the best, can almost be considered his best friend. Even Chris doesn't make him feel as complete and being around Jeongguk does.


The sudden change in direction of his thoughts remind him of earlier, slightly diminishing his excitement. Pulling his phone out, he reads over the notifications, seeing only one from Chris.


[1:48pm] Sent from: My Love

Call me when you're done.


Leaning his head back against the wall, the distractedly watches the glowing numbers descend with half closed eyes. He gives himself a moment, before shaking away the negative feelings, focusing on the excitement from earlier and the remaining work left for today. It's almost three in the afternoon. It should only take an hour, maybe hour and a half to update the software and complete any minor repairs before heading home. The party being head tonight is partly in favor of the successful funding and partly for Jeongguk. Today marks the end of his training. From now one, he's officially a piper. So in Taehyung's opinion it's technically his coming of age party-which is what KRJ labeled it as. To celebrate the starting of a new phase. Everyone involved with the Black Piper Advantage will be in attendance, along with their families even though the project is still classified. To outsiders, KRJ is celebrating the creation of a new line of androids, not yet ready for mass production-but rather further testing.


The minute the elevator stops, Taehyung jumps out and walks a bit away into the lab until his phone has signal again. Steeling himself, he calls Chris. The ringing seems to go on forever but Hoseok and Jimin's laughter in the background mellow him out a bit. He chews his lip when he gets voicemail and tries again without leaving a message. Still nothing after the third try Taehyung gives up, convinced he must be in a meeting or busy one way or another. Chris' slightly nasally voice filters through the speaker, telling him to leave a message. Taehyung can't help but smile as he remembers how long he spent recording and rerecording it all stuffed up and recovering from the flu but still adamant about recording the perfect message. He had tried to delete it and redo it after his recovery but Taehyung convinced him it was cute and to leave it.


Hey babe, sorry about not calling sooner. The meeting ran a lot longer than anticipated but I've got good news! Great news actually! I did it! Well, actually we did it! The presentation went smoothly and I was so nervous I thought my heart would beat out of my chest. Anyway, I should be finished at the office in about an hour and meet you at home. I really hope you reconsider tonight's party. I'd love to have to beside me. I've missed you.


Taehyung pauses, debating on saying more but decides against it and ends the message with an 'I love you.' He just hangs up before letting out a surprised gasp at the strong arms that wrap around his waist. The cold hard chest against his back sends a shiver down his spine as he takes in the fresh air scent that constantly follows its owner. He's cold now and the body hugging him must realize as sudden warmth radiates at his back to his waist and through his dress shirt when the arms rest.


"I'm home Tae." The breathy voice at his ear pulls another gasp from him before he relaxes against the study chest. He feels more than hears the other laugh softly before turning around in his hold and throwing his arms over his neck for a proper hug, his own body feeling so small and soft against the hard metal under the soft silicon skin.


"Welcome home Jeonggukie."


© 2017 Toshita

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