Chapter 4

Chapter 4

A Chapter by Toshita

The party is in full swing when Taehyung arrives, even though he's only a few minutes late. The light reflects off the large chandeliers, crystals twinkling like diamonds. Bubby champagne flutes rimmed with gold circle the floor with D class servers dressed in snazzy black vests and plane black ties. Platters of beautifully plated appetizers pass by, making his mouth water. The ballroom is grand, with tables placed at the edge of the floor for tired feet to rest. The rest of the floor is wide open space littered with various SS and A classes. A small C class string ensemble fills up the front of the room, beautiful harmonies weaving in perfectly between the chatter, pleasant to his ears. The gentlemen are finely dressed in well-fitting tuxedoes, black bow ties stark against the white dress shirts. The ladies hanging off their arms, like beautiful, glittering jewels in their various colorful gowns.

Taehyung loves it. It reminds him of the ancient fairy tales he stumbled upon in an antique bookstore a few years ago. Filled with stories of kingdoms and epic parties in faraway lands when individuals discovered true love. While, he not sure about the love part, he thinks this is what his ancestors thought the balls in the story should resemble. He looks around the room, wandering aimlessly, recognizing the various faces of government officials, fellow researchers, board members, and more with their wives and daughters on their elbows. 

Another plate of what looks like mini sandwiches and champagne crosses his path and his stomach lets out an embarrassing rumble.

"May I offer a drink and snack, Sir?" The pretty droid bows slightly, offering a napkin. It would seem his father enlisted only the prettiest decorations for the party, including the service staff.

"Yes, thank you." Excitedly, Taehyung grabs a few sandwiches and

a glass, noting the smile the droid returns at his pleasantries.

"You're most welcome, Sir." With that the droid moves onto the next person. As emotionally draining today has been, Taehyung is happy that something as simple as a thank you and a smile can make someone's-or in this case something's- day.

"Tae!" He turns around at the loud call of his name, cheeks puffed up like a chipmunk as he smiles with the food in his mouth. Jimin and Hoseok walk up to him, giving him a quick hug, talking over each other with the pipers following close behind. The all look good, as always. Hoseok's hair is dyed blonde with pink and grey streaks, making him seem sweeter. Jimin's hair is bright pink as well, entirely and Taehyung's captivated. The elder looks sweet but sexy and once again, Taehyung is confused at how one can embody both. If Hoseok's possessive hand on Jimin's back is any indication, he agrees wholeheartedly.

Taehyung just smiles at their excited chatter as Jimin pokes his stuffed cheeks. The pipers join their litter group and Taehyung directs another wide smile in their direction. Jimin and Hoseok giggle at the unimpressed look Yoongi sends them.

"Swallow Taehyung." Taehyung swallows painfully, rubbing his chest when his eyes water at the painful pressure. Yoongi still looks unimpressed and moves to stand between Jimin and Hoseok, face still blank but softer as the two bicker. He can see the corners of Seokjin's lips twitch into a small smile as he comes up to pat his head in amusement. "You could have chewed it first, idiot." Taehyung pouts at the android but smiles at the cute giggle he receives. Both Seokjin and Yoongi are also dressed up, black satin tux outlining their lithe forms, hair styled perfectly. Seokjin's broad shoulder are highlighted, looking impossibly wide and Taehyung wants to jump on them, hang off them like a monkey. Yoongi still looks like a doll, even more so dressed in black. The suit fits him perfectly, making his body look longer than it is, highlighting his narrow waist.

"You know, it's a black tie event." Jeongguk's breathy voice reaches Taehyung's ears, instantly releasing the last of the tension he wasn't aware he was holding. His hand goes up to touch his glittery red bowtie, enjoying the rough texture under his fingertips, self-consciously covering it up. Jeongguk leans into his space and Taehyung feels his face heat. Jeongguk is dressed as well as the other two, the suit showing off his long legs. His hair is styled off his face, bangs framing his delicate face, highlighting his strong jaw. Jeongguk smirks at the blush tainting his cheeks, blowing air softly into his face, making him close one eye with a pout.

The pipers all move to stand together, Seokjin in the middle, Yoongi on his right, Jeongguk on his left. They're a vision, the very definition of beauty and perfection. Taehyung feels his chest fill, a proud feeling of achievement flowing through him, escaping through his soft smile. He did this, his team. They made these perfect beings: attractive, intelligent, and so powerful. He imagines this is what a proud parent must feel like. If Taehyung didn't know any better, he'd say the pipers were human, pure sex on legs, humans. They've learned well. Undergoing numerous human etiquette and behaviour training so they could successfully integrate into their environment without suspicion. One would never know they were androids just by looking as speaking to them, unless you see their eyes. No matter what they tired, they couldn't find a way to remove the blue-white rings around the pupils and irises, giving away their true nature. However, tonight, all of these eyes are a dark, chocolate brown, the glow masked by thick contact lenses. Unfortunately, the lenses are only a short term fix. Due to the heating core, the internal temperatures eventually burn through the lenses in a few hours. But for now, it's enough. Other than those who are involved in the Black Piper Advantage, the pipers blend in perfectly.

"Taehyung, you made it!" Namjoon walks up to the group, arms open wide in greeting. Namjoon is dressed impeccably, as always. Blonde hair styled up in a quiff up off his forehead. He's the compete embodiment of elegance and power. It's times like these when Taehyung forgets his success and position, feeling like a little kid looking at his father in awe. He feels like a kid, happy and content as strong, warm arms embrace him. The bitter feelings from his fight come back and Taehyung wishes he was a kid again, sitting on his father's lap, voicing every doubt and insecurity in return for warm advice and security. Unfortunately, he's no longer a child, breathing in the musky sandalwood scent from his childhood memories and running to his father to solve his problems. He can't burden the already busy man with trivialities.

"You did good, son." Namjoon must feel his tension and unhappiness, the man's always been annoyingly perceptive. A soothing hand pats his head in reassurance even though he's unsure of what he's reassuring, but it's enough.

"Thanks dad." Taehyung pulls away with a smile.

"Namjoon! You're messing up Taehyung's hair!" His father chuckles when Seokjin lightly slaps his hand away from the brunette before taking it upon himself to make Taehyung look presentable again.

"You’re such mother, Jinnie." Seokjin playfully glares at Namjoon, before joining the other pipers. While Seokjin is their creation, Taehyung and his father have grown close to the android, basing a few of his personality traits after his deceased mother. Seokjin has almost become a close family friend, often making sure Taehyung is eating and sleeping well, kicking him out of the lab when he gets too lost in his work. Like he said, the androids make convincing humans, personality and all.

"Taehyung, did you bring that death trap over?" Namjoon inquires, leading him by the waist towards a group of distinguished board members.

"Dad, it's not a death trap. It's vintage." Taehyung says, grabbing a new drink and some salmon on a cracker bite.

"You should just let me install an A.I into it, Taetae." Jimin pipes up from behind them, Namjoon agreeing wholeheartedly.

"It's a classic Jiminie! It look me forever to find it. Plus, I can drive it just fine."

"It's so much safer though! You just like the thrill of danger." Jimin is full on pouting and Taehyung forces his eyes away, knowing how weak he is to his best friend.

"It's perfectly safe. Just because you don't know how to drive." He teases back. There's very few things in today's world that is not equipped with A.I technology. Because of that, only a handful of people still know how to drive, many preferring to let their A.I counterpart operate the vehicles, allowing them to enjoy the ride with no worries. Taehyung, however, loves it. The feeling of power under his hands, the thrill of weaving in and out of traffic unrestrained. Huh, maybe Jimin is right.

"You're a thrill seeker." Jimin replies, still pouting.

"A collector." Taehyung corrects.

"Addicted to danger." Jimin counters back.

"A collector Minnie." Taehyung reminds. Jimin opens his mouth to retort before Namjoon cuts off their bickering with an exasperated look. They both sheepishly smile back, eyes wide with innocence. Namjoon rolls his eyes, stepping forward to introduce them to their guests. The second his father looks away, Taehyung sticks his tongue out at Jimin and they all- pipers included-break out into giggles at his betrayed face, while Yoongi watches Jimin fondly.

Their attention is called back to their guests, Namjoon introducing Taehyung, Jimin and Hoseok as his top employees and the pipers as their assistants. Those involved in the meeting send a knowing nod to the pipers, who return their acknowledgment, while the unknowing wives and daughters faun over what an attractive bunch they all make. It's an hour of introductions and making small talk with their guests and as boring as it is, Taehyung is enjoying himself. His friends are having fun and the androids are letting loose-well as loose as they can be seeing as they can't really drink or get drunk. Yoongi has taken to following Hoseok and Jimin around like a lost puppy, slyly replacing their champagne with water when they're not paying attention.

Seokjin spends most of his time by the food platters, eying them fondly even while chatting with the various guests. Taehyung watches in amusement as the android's eyes track Namjoon as he makes his way around the room, smoothly stepping in anytime one of the ladies become too touchy with the director. It's cute, he thinks. If androids were possible of love, then Taehyung would almost think Seokjin has a thing for his father, especially since he knows the man is overly fond of the droid. The man definitely deserves good in his life and Taehyung thinks the eldest piper could be good for him.

He, himself is currently talking to some new investors interested in clarifying some points from their earlier meeting. Taehyung answers everything perfectly, ever the gentleman, but can't help from watching Jeongguk from the corner of his eye. The piper is surrounded by glimmering ladies and Taehyung fights a smile at how uncomfortable the droid looks when wandering hands trace the length of his arms and chest. However, the smile fades as soon as he hears the women setting up a date for their unattached daughters. Jeongguk just looks confused, nodding along to everything his admirers say. He feels something tighten in his stomach at how close they are, at the shy smile directed their way, making them coo in adoration. Forcing the unpleasant feeling away, he tunes back into his conversation only to politely excuse himself when those wandering hands become a little too intimate for his liking.

"Excuse me, ladies. My I steal Mr. Jeon away?" Taehyung sends them a dazzling smile when they pout in disappointment, willing the annoyance he feels in their presence off his face. If wouldn't do to offend any of their important guests. Taehyung leads Jeongguk away from the tittering ladies as quickly as possible until they reach the rest of their group.

"Thank you for that." Jeongguk says, a hand combing through his hair in embarrassment. "Your females are a bit… intense." Taehyung laughs, happy to pull a smile from the other before stuffing his face with cocktail shrimp.

"You have no idea Kookie." The group passes time rotating around the food and drinks, the three humans tipsy as the androids watch them carefully. Thankfully, their required socializing is completed, the guests moving on to matters outside their interests with the occasional guests congratulating them on their successful deal.


Taehyung is a bit tipsier now, pouting every time Jeongguk takes away his flute glass and replaces it with punch. "Kookie… there's no punch in the punch!" Jimin and Hoseok, both definitely drunk, break out in giggles at his scandalized expression, finding his joke hilarious.

"Just drink it Tae." Jeongguk says, holding the glass against his lips. Taehyung takes a big slip, pulling away before he fully swallows, causing a thin stream to escape his lips and run down the glass. Without thinking about it, Taehyung sticks his tongue out, capturing the drops at the base before following the sweet trail to the rim with the tip of his tongue. His eyes are closed as he hums in happiness at the sweet flavors bursting across his tongue, not noticing the dark gaze following the wet slide. The air feels dense, and Jeongguk feels his core temperature rising.

The odd sensation from earlier is back and though he can't identify it, he likes it. The human always makes him feel things he doesn't understand, but he doesn't mind. Craves it even, especially when Taehyung is so carefree and pliant, like now. Jeongguk pulls the glass away, slipping his free arm around the small waist, pulling him close into his side. His core is still heating up, sending little tingles through his sensors everywhere their bodies are pressed. Their surroundings dim, almost as if time is slowing down around them, protecting them in a little protective bubble. "Tae-"

"Taehyung!" The mood shatters, a million tiny shards piercing through his reverie like ice water. Jeongguk's eyes snap up and the entire group quietens down. His eyes narrow as he watches a blonde hurry their way, eyes calculating every little detail of the intruder.

"S**t, this is going to be fun." Jimin mutters off to the side before grabbing another drink and downing it before passing one to Hoseok. Jeongguk is confused. He notices how Jimin and Hoseok's body language tenses, takes in how Jimin runs a hand through the vibrant pink strands- a sign Jeongguk's come to associate with irritation. The human comes closer, and Jeongguk side eyes him, pulling Taehyung closer. If the humans don't approve of him, then Jeongguk doesn't trust him.

"Tae? Baby? I came after all." The human stops in front of them, waiting for something. He feels irritation spark in his stomach at the pet name. Who is this man speaking so fondly with Taehyung? He tightens his arms around Taehyung again, watching with satisfaction at the annoyance he sees in the blonde's eyes as he stares at their point of contact.

"Any particular reason you're crashing our party?" Jeongguk's a bit taken back at the venom in Jimin's voice. The mechanic has always been nothing but cordial, regardless of the situation. Voice always a soft melody, associated with something soft and warm. Right now, the melodious voice is gone, replaced with something hard and brittle. Jeongguk doesn't like it. A glance at Yoongi shows the android feels the same, surprise dancing across his features before it's replaced with confusion.

"Wasn't talking to you midget." The intruder bites back without sparing the rest of them a glance, eyes focused on Jeongguk and Taehyung. Yoongi lets out a low growl, only audible to Seokjin and Jeongguk, as he takes a step forward. Hoseok's hand shoots out to hold him back, pressing gently against his chest with a small shake of his head. Everyone suddenly seems more sober, the atmosphere tense and uneasy enough Jeongguk can taste. "Taehyung? Who’s this?" With a sigh, Taehyung lifts his head from Jeongguk's shoulder before gesturing to everyone.

"Good evening Chris. I wasn't expecting you." The normal warmth in Taehyung's voice is absent and Jeongguk misses it intensely. He can't help feel like he's missing something, something important and it sets him on edge, fingers slightly squeezing the soft flesh of Taehyung's hip.

"You invited me, remember. Looks like it's a good thing I came." Chris sends a glare at the scoff Jimin sends before Hoseok shoves a shrimp into his mouth to stop the smaller man from saying anything.

"You specifically said you didn't want to come. Also, party is almost over. It's a bit late to crash, don't you think?" The hard edge in his voice is gone, replaced with exhaustion and Jeongguk wants to take him away, tuck him into his bed at KRJ.

"Better late than never, right? Though it doesn't look like you missed me much." Chris makes a motion to leave, waiting for Taehyung to follow. Jeongguk looks down at him, silently asking if he's okay. Taehyung smiles and moves away from Jeongguk's warmth, waving over a server.

"You're almost four hours late. That's epically late." He hands Chris his drink before standing next to Jimin and Hoseok. Jeongguk mourns the loss but his three humans seem more relaxed next to each other. "Oh yeah, my bad. I forgot to introduce everyone. Chris you already know Jimin and Hoseok." Chris and Jimin barely glance at each other, but Taehyung sends an appreciative smile to Hoseok when he sends a small smile to Chris. "And these are our newest interns, Jeongguk, Yoongi, and Seokjin." Yoongi just glares at Chris, who seems a bit wary of the three androids. "Guys, this is my boyfriend, Chris."

"Hello, I'm Seokjin. It's a pleasure to meet you." The android steps up with a pleasant smile gracing lips, calculating eyes taking in everything as he extends a handshake, another odd human custom.

"Of course." Seokjin's smile falters for a millisecond before it's back, a fake smile in full effect. Yoongi cringes beside him at the look. No one likes Seokjin's fake smiles. Yoongi refuses to shake his hand, choosing instead to glare at the blonde, smirking as he shifts uncomfortably.

"And you are?" Jeongguk decides he doesn't care much for his tone but etiquette requires him to play nice.

"Jeongguk, Taehyung's personal assistant." He watches with satisfaction at the way annoyance flashes in the murky green eyes.

"I wasn't aware you had an assistant, Tae. Thought you had secretary." Taehyung shrugs and takes another sip. Jeongguk's glad to smell punch in his cup rather than more alcohol.

"I have both. There's a lot of work to do."

"Right. Of course, you're such a busy man." Jeongguk really doesn't like this man, especially his snippy attitude. He wants to say something, the snide remark at the tip of his tongue but he can feel his eyes burning. S**t, the contacts are melting.

"Tae," Jeongguk starts, shifting his attention to the brunette. "It seems we must take our leave." He holds Taehyung's confused stare. All three pipers shift their attention to their humans. It takes them a few moments, their alcohol haze eyes searching their faces, brains cycling through any hardware problems they could cause them to leave before Namjoon's dismissal.

"You alright, Gguk?" Jeongguk just blinks a couple times in silence, before his eyes widen in understanding. If Taehyung focuses hard enough, he can see the white-blue glow piercing through the hazy material. A glance at Seokjin and Yoongi show the same. Taehyung nudges Jimin until a soft "Oh" escapes his lips. Chris just huffs in annoyance but Taehyung ignores him. They've got more important matters at hand. "Right. We should get you home." Taehyung makes to move but Chris grabs his arm.

"Where are you going? What's happening?" Everyone ignores Chris, six pairs of eyes focusing on each other, silently communicating.

"Sorry babe, I've got to get them home. We've got to find my dad first."

"You're leaving me?! Wait, Tae!" Taehyung wills Chris to keep his voice down but instead it is rising slowly. A glance around shows majority of their guests have left, only a few board members left.

Seokjin's hand on his shoulder grabs his attention. "Tae. Hoseok and Jimin can take us back. You should stay with your guest." The word guest is said with an unimpressed tone but Taehyung nods in understanding.

"Thanks guys, I'll see you later." Taehyung preens when Yoongi ruffles his hair with a 'Night brat', pulling a pouting Hoseok along. He meets Jeongguk's eyes once more before the pipers leave after greeting Namjoon. "I'm all yours. Shall we go home?" Taehyung is so ready to leave. His friends are gone, the alcohol is making his head fuzzy, and the soothing music is making him sleepy.

"No. Introduce me to people. It's not every day I get to hang with such company." With an internalized groan, Taehyung lets himself be pulled towards the group his father is entertaining. He winces when Chris interrupts one of the elders. Taehyung apologizes and introduces Chris to the group, remaining quiet as he dominates the conversation. Taehyung admires that trait in him, loves it actually. No matter the situation, his boyfriend is able to integrate himself into any conversation with charm. It's so easy for him to make friends, the complete opposite of Taehyung. Unlike Chris, Taehyung is the awkward nerd, the geek more content playing with his toys than others. He doesn't notice the soft smile that appears until Namjoon points it out.


"Doing alright, Taebear?" His father throws an arm around his shoulder and Taehyung settles into the warmth, feeling sleep pulling at him.

"Mhmm, 'M tired."

"Too much to drink and eat huh." Taehyung nods, settling in further into the warmth, both watching Chris interact.

"He's an interesting one, that boyfriend of yours." Taehyung looks up, curious, before directly his gaze back, partially listening to one of his corporate jokes.

"He is, isn't he?" They both watch for another few moments, enjoying the peace after spending all night socializing.

"Tae, you know. Sometimes, love isn't enough." Namjoon's voice is soft but Taehyung can't bring himself to make eye contact. He knows where this is going and its times like this he doesn't enjoy feeling like a kid.


"Just listen, Tae." He glances up, taking his the suddenly prominent creases lining his father's face. Suddenly, the man looks older, wise as appropriate for his age and status, softened by the love expressed on his face. "You're going to be 28 in a few months. I'm so proud of you, of your accomplishments, of the man you've become. You're such a selfless person, always putting others before you, but now, I need you to focus on you. I know you think you're happy right now, hell, maybe you are. But I hate seeing sadness shadowing your every gaze. Be a little selfish, put yourself first."

Taehyung doesn't reply, instead returning his gaze to where Chris is laughing with his head thrown back. He looks beautiful but Taehyung doesn't feel his stomach tighten in anticipation. Sure, he feels love, content, but he doesn't want content. He want passion, lust, excitement. Someone who makes him feel at the top of the world, rather than the bottom.

"I don't want you to regret anything, Taebear. That would be my biggest regret as a father." He feels his eyes burning, hating how emotional he gets, but he gets it. Jimin has been telling him the same thing constantly but Taehyung didn't want to listen. Still doesn't.

"What if he's the one dad? My true soulmate? And I let him go." Namjoon pulls him closer, stroking his hair in comfort as he tries and fails to hide a sniffle.

"Baby, if you have to ask and question, then you already know the answer." Taehyung shakes his head slightly. He knows his father is right but he really can't bring himself to admit it right now.

He takes a deep shuddering breath, steadying his emotions before speaking. "I'm pretty sure I'm much too drunk for this dad." He's lying and Namjoon knows it. Jeongguk's been feeding him punch rather than champagne for the last two hours.

Namjoon doesn't call him out, understanding to his son's conflict. "But of course. Now, enough heavy talk. Today has been a trying day for you so you may leave with your date." Taehyung nods his thanks. The heavy feeling returns in his chest but for once, his head isn't buzzing with depreciative thoughts. But his head is starting to hurt, a slight pounding against his temple urging him to curl up in his favorite blanket in bed. He waits patiently for a break in conversation before politely excusing them from the party. Thankfully, Chris doesn't protest.

"Taehyung." They stop at Namjoon's serious tone. "Remember what I said. Also, I don't want to see you in the office until Monday. Understood?" Taehyung looks over his shoulder, gazing blankly at his father while Chris looks between them in confusion.

"Yes dad." Namjoon breaks into a wide smile, dimples on full display. Taehyung sends a soft smile back and waves good bye over his shoulder before walking out.


"What was that all about?" Chris enquires as they wait for the valet to bring his car around.

"Nothing important. Just work stuff." He gets a thoughtful hum in response.

"So, who was that guy all over you? That assistant." Taehyung smiles lightly at the jealous tone, amusement playing at his lips.

"Jeongguk. He's only been around for six months or so."

"You two seem pretty cozy to me." Ignoring the petulant attitude, he tips the valet before holding the door open for Chris.

"He's a good friend baby. Now, do you want to talk about other men or do you want to go home and cuddle with me?" He waits with a raised eyebrow, watching as Chris opens his mouth a few times before deciding against it. Taehyung smirks but celebrates his victory internally.

"Can I drive?"



"Just get in the car love." The blonde settles down with a childish huff, bringing a genuine grin to his face. Chris really is too adorable sometimes. He settles himself in, flooring it, enjoying the squeal of the tires in the quiet night as he speeds them home. Chris turns on some country station, humming under his breath while Taehyung gets lots in his thoughts. An angsty feeling settles heavily in his stomach, as if he's waiting for something. What he doesn't know, but change is coming. He can feel it, the bubbling excitement and dread an interesting combination. He's just not sure how on board he is. One thing he does know for sure. His dad's right. Maybe it is time for Taehyung to be more self-indulgent. Maybe then he can stop feeling like something's missing.


© 2017 Toshita

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