Chapter 6

Chapter 6

A Chapter by Toshita

Taehyung quickly hangs up his phone and jolts out of bed. Running a hand through his hair he brushes his teeth while throwing on the first thing he finds in his closet, not caring if it's one of his DIY home projects or a dress shirt. He almost falls twice when he attempts to put his socks on while walking to the bathroom, finally conceding that he may not be a multitalented as he thought. He doesn't realize he's making suck a ruckus in his hurry until Chris's groggy voice filters into the open bathroom.


"Tae?" Taehyung pops his bed head out from the bathroom, before practically throwing the toothbrush into its holder before walking out. "What's going on?"


"Sorry babe," He replies without looking up from buttoning his shirt. "Jimin called with an emergency." Scanning the now messy bedroom floor, Taehyung looks for his belt, letting out a happy 'Hah!' when he find it under their dresser.


"But it's Sunday!" Chris's voice is soft and sad and Taehyung feels terrible. It's been forever since they've spent more than a day without fighting, let alone had sex. Even though parts of Friday had been rough with the party, Saturday was amazing. They had spent the entire day together, watching movies and teasing each other until their bodies eventually graduated together in needy touches. They'd been at it for hours, panting and moaning in pleasure as Taehyung brought him to the edge over and over between wrinkled sheets and hot kisses. They'd taken a nap, passed out from content exhaustion until Chris woke them up to change the dirty sheets and shower, almost bringing Taehyung to his knees with the hot suction of his mouth against the wet tiles before falling under the sheets at 3 in the morning. Even now, his boyfriend looks delicious. Dark hickies from his lips colors the pale flesh of his neck and torso exposed as he shifts to sit up, lips still swollen from their activates, face glowing with post-sex delight. God, Taehyung's tempted to crawl back between the sheets, and maybe his legs and give him a proper good morning. But then his phone vibrates again, this time from his father. Even though he's not supposed to return to the office until tomorrow morning, Jimin had called in a panic, saying that Yoongi was hurt pretty badly during the pipers mission and his entire system might need rebooting. Normally, Taehyung trusts his team to fix whatever problems they encounter but Jimin was adamant he come in person. Plus, if the mission went as badly as Jimin made it sound, then what about Jeongguk? And Seokjin? Are they alright? Ugh, this is too much after only three hours of sleep.


"I'm sorry, I really wish I could stay in bed. But I'll promise to be home by lunch." Taehyung walks to the bed to press a kiss to his pouting lips before gently pushing him against the pillows. "It's only six so go back to sleep. I promise I'll be home before you even get out of bed." He says with a wink, groaning when strong arms pull him into the warm body and god, Taehyung's never been more annoyed with his job than now. Still, the sooner he leaves the sooner he can return. He reluctantly pulls back, meeting Chris's eyes. There's something there, almost seeming like he wants to say something but instead he removes his arms before turning around and pulling the covers over his head. Taehyung lingers beside the bed, hoping Chris understands how sorry he is, before turning away with a sigh.





He arrives to the piper lab in record time, barely avoiding being run over by a group of mechanics as he steps off the elevator. "Jimin!" He calls, looking for bright pink hair amidst the hustle.


"Tae!" He rushes over to one of the examination tables only to feel his throat close up. Yoongi is lying there with his eyes close, wincing in pain as some of Jimin's crew holds him down, with Jimin sitting on his chest to stop him from sitting up reflexively.

"F**k! What the hell happened?!" Taehyung exclaims, taking in the way a mess of wires and bolts protrude from where his arm should be, fluid leaking in a thin stream, causing the body to twitch with each spark.


"Where the fluid cycler?!" Jimin yells, as he carefully clamps the leaking cords in an attempt to stop the shocks.


"S**t, we need to put him to sleep." Moving quickly Taehyung rolls up his sleeves, gesturing for a couple member of his programming team to move the android's table towards the super computer. It doesn't look like a computer, not really. It resembles a mini electric tower, connected to the A.I mainframe all androids and AI technology are linked to. It's where personalities and roles are programmed. Any changes or upgrades are input into the computer, which is then transmitted from the tower to the applicable AI receivers since it's not possible for their programmers to visit each AI individually. It's essentially the control center for all A.I, except for the pipers. However, when the pipers need to be rebooted or undergo drastic mechanical work, they can be directly plugged into the tower to keep their conscious safe. Due to their abilities and training, it's not possible to initiate a complete shutdown or reboot. The second that happens, their memories are lost and they would lose years of progress. With normal d class androids it wouldn't be a big deal as they can reload their software and programs, but with the pipers, it's essentially killing them since they are distinct individuals. There's no telling if they'll relearn and develop the same way again.


"How are his fluid levels?" Taehyung asks, opening the access socket at the back of his neck before typing rapidly on his keyboard.


"Low, but Seokjin stemmed the flow for most of the trip back, hence why his system isn't shutting down yet." Taehyung nods. Unlike the droids, the pipers are sensitive to pain due to their additional sensors but their systems can't shut down unless it reaches a critical level, for example: when the semi conductive fluid is too low to maintain the cooling and heating cores. But until then, the pipers feel every painful sensation without relief. By shifting their consciousness into the computer, they reduce the risk of their sanity breaking from the constant torture.


"Initiating process." Taehyung double checks everything as Jimin hops off the android's chest. Yoongi lurches up, convulsing as his sensors are electrocuted. Making sure to avoid touching any exposed areas of the numerous cuts, Taehyung forces his torso back with a heavy hand. "It'll all be okay soon, Yoongs. We'll be right here and you can still communicate with us. Alright, let's do this." He nods at his assistant, pressing his weight against the body when it tenses as his consciousness is forcefully removed for the body. A second later the empty body collapses back against the stretcher and he moves out of the way as Jimin's team get to work on repairing the body.


"Yoongi? Can you hear me?" Silence fills aside from the sounds of welding torches and drills. "Send a pulse through the tower targeted at his frequency." He hears an affirmative before they see the electric currents side the see through tower scatter before a digital groan comes out from the speakers. He hears cheers from his teams and can't help the relief that floods his voice. "Hey Yoongi! Welcome back!"


"What the f**k did you do? What happened to my voice?" Taehyung opens his mouth to answer but the digital voice grows louder, the currents of the towers going crazy as Yoongi starts to panic. "T-Tae? Is that you? I can't see! I can't feel anything!"


"Yoongi! It's okay! You need to calm down for me before you short circuit yourself!" Taehyung tries to speak calmly but Yoongi's full on panicking. This is the first time they've done this to a piper and it's understandably jarring to have your consciousness ripped away from its physical body.


"Gi, you're okay! Just breathe!" Hoseok's panting voice chimes in as the psychologist rushes over to Taehyung's side.




"Yeah, Gi, it's me. Everything's okay. Just breathe." Hoseok pleads, looking at Taehyung questioningly. Taehyung nods his approval, encouraging him to keep talking as he monitors the current patterns. Good they're becoming less chaotic.


"How the f**k do I do that?! I don't breathe you damn shrink!" Hoseok ducks his head, mentally slapping himself before Taehyung nudges him again.


"You need to relax him, Hoseok. I need his current patterns to regulate themselves." Hoseok nods, before stepping closer to the screen.


"Gi, I know you don't breath but go through the mental motions for me. Can you do that?" Just mentally follow me, okay? One, two, in. Three, four, out." The room is silent except for the soft orders called out by Jimin as they wait. Finally, the currents return to a regular pulsing pattern and The digital voice stops wavering.


"Yoongi? It's Taehyung. I'm sorry for the panic but we had to remove you from your body so we could repair it without breaking your mind with the pain you'd be under."


"Where am I?"


"In the A.I mainframe. The computer. Unfortunately, you will have no physical properties. Those all belong to your physical form. Your A.I has essentially reverted back to the form it was in when we first created your, before you had a body or voice. Hence why you can't see or feel anything and why your voice sounds odd."


It's quiet for a moment, but then the voice is back. "When maybe next time let a guy know, huh Victor Frankenstein?" Laughter breaks out, breaking the previous tension and Taehyung feels the tension leave his shoulders.


"Only you could be this snarky through a digital voice, Yoongs." Taehyung states fondly before giving his team follow up instructions while his body is repaired. "Do you mind keeping him company Hoseok? I don't want him to be alone if he panics again." Hoseok vigorously nods his head. Taehyung leaves his team to go and check on Jimin. The mechanics are a flurry of hands, half of them working on building a new arm, the others and Jimin working on repairing the damage on the body.


Jimin is so focused that it takes a few calls of his name before Taehyung's voice reaches him. "Minnie, you okay?" The pink haired man just shakes his head, eyes watering before Taehyung's arms wrap around him. "He'll be okay. He is okay. And you'll have his body up and running perfectly in no time." Jimin doesn't say anything, just nods against Taehyung's chest. They stay that way until the elevators open again, this time with Jeongguk and Seokjin stumbling out.


"I'll be okay, Tae. Go check on Kookie and Jinnie." Taehyung squeezes his friend and lets his go with a kiss to the top of his head before meeting up with the pipers near Yoongi.


"Jin! Jeongguk! Are you two alright?!" Taehyung and Hoseok worry over them, pushing the amused androids towards the examination tables. "Where were you?"


"We're fine Taehyung, don't worry. We managed to avoid the blast, Thanks to Yoongi." Jeongguk nods his head as he holds his hands out for their team to cut off the damaged flesh. " We were getting debriefed and then met up with Namjoon to go over the next mission." Taehyung lets out a sign of relief and gives Seokjin a hug before the words register and he pulls back with a frown.


"The hell? You literally just got back and dad's already sending you away again? What about resting?" Seokjin laughs and ruffles his hair, deepening his frown.


"Don't worry about it. It's a small mission in town to check out some underground brothels." The blonde reassures with a bright smile. "Plus, we don't actually need to rest."


"Right, cause your leaking nose and ear indicate you definitely did not over use your abilities." Taehyung scoffs and Seokjin lets out a nervous chuckle at being caught. Nodding decisively, Taehyung glares at both remaining android. "You'll both stay and rest until I'm confident your cores have had enough power to recover from the constant use." Seokjin opens his mouth to argue but Taehyung presses on. "Plus, that gives you time to come over for movie night. You skipped out for the last few and I'm pretty sure dad will be happy to see you outside the lab." He finished with a wink, giggling as the android attempts to play off his interest, before shyly nodding. "Good, now sit pretty and be nice while the guys fix you up."


"Brat." Seokjin says fondly before gesturing at the waiting technicians to start. Taehyung turns away with a smile, that falters slightly when azure eyes meet his. He slowly makes his way over, tracing his fingers over the tears, mesmerized at how the muscles twitch under his touch.


"What? No welcome home?" The cheeky voice snaps his eyes up as they glare at that infuriating smirk. Taehyung hates it. It looks so stupidly good on him and it makes it hard to think.


"No." He says petulantly. He waves away those waiting behind him. The tears are minor, he can repair it themselves. "I've got this. Go help Seokjin and Jimin." H waits until they leave and suddenly it's quiet around them, everyone else being productive in other areas, leaving them alone. With a frown he reaches for the cotton pads beside him before dipping the tongs in sealant and lifting it to the toned torso, pushing Jeongguk back until he's leaning back on his hands. "Boys who let themselves get hurt don't get sweet 'welcome homes'." He doesn't look up from his task, probably spending more time than necessary on the task but he can't bring himself to look at the other. Jeongguk notices because next think Taehyung knows, the strong legs are wrapping around his hips, jerking him forward between his legs. Taehyung startles and almost falls face first into Jeongguk, only his hands against the solid chest stopping him.


"Then it's a good thing I'm not a boy." Taehyung looks up with a glare, retort on the tip of his tongue but his voice fails him. The glowing rings draw him in until he doesn't even notice Jeongguk is practically supporting all of his weight. Taehyung's body feels hot and cold at the same time, stomach tightening. He nervously licks his lips, watching as those piercing eyes trace the movement. "I'm home, Tae." The words are whispered on a breath, as if he's trying not to break the moment. He wants to reply, tries to will the words 'welcome home, Ggukie' to leave his mouth. His lips part but nothing leaves. The air is thick with tension and even Taehyung can't pretend there's anything platonic in this moment.


Platonic friends don't trace wet lips with dark eyes. The tension between friends isn't this thick with anticipation, as if waiting on the precip from which a single breath can push them over. Friends don't make his mouth dry or make his blood rush until the muscles in his stomach are clenching over and over, causing his breathing to accelerate. They're a breath away, Jeongguk supporting them with one hand, the other lightly tracing Taehyung's side over his thin t-shirt. It looks like Jeongguk's waiting for something, stormy eyes searching his. He feels like he's supposed to say something. Right, he remembers now. "Welcome home, Gguk."


He shivers slightly, pressing closer only to frown at how the cold seeps through his palms. "It's cold." He whispers.


"Let me warm you up then." The irises glow slightly, flashing with energy before warmth prickles through his cold skin. The arm and leg around him tighten, pulling him impossibly closer as Taehyung's body melts into the warmth. He lets out a content sigh and Jeongguk smiles, eyes crinkling gently before turning serious again. They're so close now, lips barely brushing, teasing each other as Taehyung's eyes flutter from those captivating eyes to the plush lips. The strongest urge to close the negligible distance flows through him. He should, god he wants to so bad. The warmth flowing through him makes his mind hazy with sleep and need as his attention focuses on the slightly parted lips. Why shouldn't he? He feels like there's something important stopping him, but what? He doesn't think anything could be more important, feel more important than right now. It's feels right, like he belongs in Jeongguk's arms, like a missing piece of him is finally filled. He doesn't remember ever feeling this way with others before, or ever actually. Others? Right, Chris. He-s**t! Chris!


The thought of his boyfriend laying in their bed hits Taehyung like a ton of bricks, jolting his body away from Jeongguk. He's vaguely thankful for the other's grip on him as it stops him from tripping over his feet in panic. Taehyung looks at Jeongguk, panicked eyes meeting a confused and curious stare. "Tae?"


"S-sorry Jeongguk. I-I have somewhere to be. The staff will finish up with your repairs." Taehyung scrambles out of Jeongguk's grasp, mentally scolding himself as he quickly replaces the materials in his hand.


"Tae? What's wrong?" The android grabs his elbow to steady him, lifting a hand to cup his face but Taehyung steps away before the contact can occur.


"N-Nothing. I just- I have to go. Make sure you rest, okay?" He avoids meeting Jeongguk's eyes or looking at his face, finally understanding the pull he feels. Hollering out orders to the members on standby, Taehyung grabs his coat and practically sprints to the elevator, jamming the call button as if it'll make it the doors open any faster. He lets out a frantic breath when the doors finally open, eyes wide with panic when he looks up to see Jeongguk heading his way. Muttering curses under his breath, Taehyung stabs the close button before pressing the parkade button. Finally the doors close, but not before Taehyung catches the hurt confusion on the android's face. Taehyung throws himself in the corner, running a frantic hand through his hair before tugging on it painfully. "The f**k are you doing Tae? Get your s**t together!" He mutters to himself, aware he's acting a bit crazy, muttering to himself angrily and tugging on his messy hair. His dad's words filter through his ears, and Taehyung shakes his head.


Yes, he's attracted to Jeongguk, ridiculously attracted but he loves Chris, damn it! They wouldn't have been together this long if it wasn't love, right? Hoseok's voice pipes up as Taehyung throws himself inside his car. It's not love it becomes an obligation, Tae.


You know Hoseok's right, Tae. Taehyung groans and drops his head to his steering wheel as Jimin's voice joins Hoseok's in his head. How can it be love when you don't even feel a fraction of what Jeongguk makes you feel?


"That's not true! Chris makes me happy! I'm happy, we're happy!" The voices in his head scoff and Taehyung wants to scream. But then his father's words filter in. Sometimes love isn't enough Taehyung. Especially if it's more one-sided.


"We're not-it's not one sided!" Taehyung voices out in the quiet car. It's not, right? Sudden unwanted doubts fill his mind. Whispers of maybes and not quite's floating behind previously cherished moments. All the times they fought over nothing, the lack of trust and security. Are they right? Is his love no longer enough? His chest hurts at the thought. Their intimacy has also been dwindling but that contradicts the last few days. Does it really though? Doubt replies. What if Chris doesn't find him attractive anymore? Could that be it? No, he's not shallow. Taehyung knows his thoughts are headed into a stupid spiral but he can't stop it. A quick glance down draws his attention to his soft stomach. It's not pudgy but it's not hard and toned like Chris's. Or Jeongguk's.


"Shut up, brain." He whines as thoughts of Jeongguk come forth unbidden, feeling his breath catch as he remembers the smooth slide of corded muscles on a chiseled chest leading to the prominent v of enticing hipbones. He bites his lips hard at the sudden tingling in his teeth, urging him to run his teeth along the dip, staring into dark sapphire glowing rings. An uncontrollable rush of heat blooms in his lower stomach causing his next breath to leave as a moan. "Stop it Tae…" He shakes his head, focusing on the pleasurable activities from the wee hours this morning, letting Chris's deep moans fill his head. The tension eases and he throws his head back, squirming in his seat to make room in his jeans. See? The lust and passion is definitely still there!  He almost rolls his eyes at the fact he's mentally arguing with himself and that his body went from panicking to horny in 0 to 100. But then he's distracted by the building itch as he remembers the faint scent of roses as the clench around his member tightens and muscular arms grip his pillow, blonde strands spread over the dark fabric.


Suddenly the blonde strands turn black, blending in with the midnight sheets. Deep moans turn breathy and light in his ears, the body under his growing less bulky and more lean as it undulates under his. He spreads his legs as far as possible in the driver's seat, hips rocking against the phantom sensations and suddenly the hot clench around his erection is gone. Replaced with images of him dropping his hips repeated on the body under him, grinding and moaning as blue eyes

hold his gaze instead of green eyes . No, he's not supposed to be thinking about Jeongguk like that! Why not? The traitorous voice questions. Just think of how good he'd make you feel. He'd f**k you so well. Much better than a boyfriend who can't even keep up with you. He can't stop squirming in the driver's seat, fingers twitching on the steering wheel to open his pants and relieve some of the pressure against his groin. No, that, that doesn't matter. I want Chris, I love him. But you want Jeongguk too and you know he wants you, has feelings for you. He parts his lips, letting out soft pants as he shakes his head, curling his body in on itself as he forces his hips still. Frustration and self-loathing replaces the building arousal and he feels his eyes prickle with tears. He can't do this, doesn't want to but the doubts won't leave, screaming in his ears. Suddenly he feels drained, the lack of sleep and emotional roller coaster taking its toll.


He wants to say that the attraction to Jeongguk to new but even he can't deny their magnetism. It's been present since the day Jeongguk was born. "I can't do this right now." He sighs, knocking his head against the steering wheel one last time before putting the key in the ignition. He brings the top down, gunning it and letting the cool breeze calm his chaotic mind, wishing the heavy pit in his stomach would ease as well.

© 2017 Toshita

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