The mask comes off

The mask comes off

A Poem by Misty Blue Eyes

Take it off
The mask of pretty 
It doesn't fit you any more

Watch as it lands
cracked , chipped and dented
the smooth layer of paint is gone,

Open your eyes
everyone sees who you really are
No hiding the pain of your ever fading happy life

Let the pain be real
fall to the floor and ask for forgiveness
The scars are easy to see

See them?
they are just like you
all the masks of fake beauty fall 

Listen to them 
hitting the ground 
look for the happy faces 

The cries of relief 
So much pain and anger gone
Never having to hide themselves again

Stand amongst them
The solo light shines upon you
Show them the road to the real life

You have done it my child. 
Giving life to those who cant get there
fell proud of yourself, for you have just shown the world 

beauty is every where in this unforgiving world


© 2011 Misty Blue Eyes

Author's Note

Misty Blue Eyes
i have no clue if this makes sense.. i started with one thing in mind and i think it went some where else but i had to get my feels out, how ever it comes.. tell me what you think please....even if you dont get it

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Aye it totally makes sense. I can relate to wearing a mask, and then having it removed ... wonderful.

Posted 6 Years Ago

very beautiful poem! The topic of the mask and "removing" the mask, is one of my favorite, if we really could live without masks, how much they hide or real face or us from the reality?? It`s provoking many questions in me...

Posted 6 Years Ago

Sometime beauty can blind us from the real problems. I like the emotion and feel of this poem. Easy to wear a mask and pretend you are someone. One day you will realize you are no-one. Because you gave away your true self for a fake smile. I like the flow and the purpose of the poem. A very good ending. Real beauty is free and easy if we open our eyes. A excellent poem. You made me think this morning.

Posted 7 Years Ago

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I really enjoyed reading this one. To me, it makes sense, and it gets the point out also.

Posted 7 Years Ago

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I like the statement being made here..the last line is a especially a profound one..

Everyone wears masks..for many reasons I am sure..but to stand under the light and bask in all your naked truth is a glorious expression of self love...well done

Posted 7 Years Ago

Everyone needs to take their mask offf. Greast job!

Posted 7 Years Ago

You can see where it started to turn for you, as it read to me like two different poems. You were definately starting dark, but it is a great poem regardless. But it's not always about one set meaning, or idea. It's about pulling ideas and meanings from your readers, and you successfully done that. Excellent work.



Posted 7 Years Ago

It made alot of sense...To me it states the obvious;
beauty is as you percieve it and some choose to
hide behind a mask because they feel like that is
what they lack...well that my take on it, nicely done...

Posted 7 Years Ago

the beginning really drew me in to read more, your poetry always seems to do that to me. the whole thing was very deep and i was still wanting more by the end.

Posted 7 Years Ago

You can say that this had many meanings
but I can't point my finger on one
Either way it seems as though you were feeling it
today with your writing

Posted 7 Years Ago

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Misty Blue Eyes
Misty Blue Eyes

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A Chapter by Misty Blue Eyes

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