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Volumen XVII

Volumen XVII

A Chapter by Ashes Beneath Her Feet

Chapter 7: Something old something new

Chapter 7: Something old something ..

A Chapter by Je'daii Dragonfire

It was mid-afternoon when Jenny's phone woke them up."Hmmmm... I think that's your phone, hun... I changed my ringtone a few days ago so we wouldn't get confused any more" Val said sleepily."Hmmmm. Oh..
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A Chapter by zssaz


A Story by sandra griffin

LUMIDAIRE CREAM Goods is definitely a scientifically crafted anti-ageing tactic which could supply a sleek, supple, and radiant hunt for inside of a lesser extend of your time and effort. It might rea
Chapter 6

Chapter 6

A Chapter by 41411341

Most evenings were quiet, or at least, that's what Iosif had observed so far.After washing up was done for the evening, most of the household could be found in the parlour.Those who weren't there, see..
Glooscap and Coyote Entertain Themselves

Glooscap and Coyote Entertain Thems..

A Chapter by A.

Start of a speculative fiction story

A Story by jose holly

Many restaurants have lighter options around the Phen24 these days, some have low-fat options several have even jumped on the low-carb group and offer low-carb potentials. Whenever you're sitting in d
야­­구­­배­­당­ ­━▶X x - 24H . cO m ( CODE : JUJU)◀━  야­­구­­배­­당


A Poem by gelred

야­­구­­배­­당­ ­━▶X x - 24H . cO m ( CODE : JUJU)◀━ 야­­구­­배­­당
유출픽 무료픽 분석프로그램/ /{code : JUJU}?⇔ (X X - 2 4 H . c o M)/ /유출픽 무료픽 분석프로그램

유출픽 무&#..

A Screenplay by asawa

유출픽 무료픽 분석프로그램/ /{code : JUJU}?⇔ (X X - 2 4 H . c o M)/ /유출픽 무료픽 0..


A Poem by K. Dacey

I tried to love you, the f**k is this You're a stupid w***e, ain't nothing less Playing with my emotions, a succubus You went and got a disease, but it's for the best You started this s**t, then w..


A Book by liyirsvcx10

Chapter 14

Chapter 14

A Chapter by Anya W. Vossand

Chapter 14My forest at night was the most beautiful place in the world. According to me, who found it at the tender age of fourteen and named it my own, of course. Anyone else's opinion just doesn't c..
21 gun salute

21 gun salute

A Story by Bill

21 Gun Salute Aftermath Two busy-bodied older women sit at a bus stop watching as a body bag on a gurney is wheeled from an apartment on a busy city street into the back of a coroner’s v..
Chapter 4

Chapter 4

A Chapter by Anya W. Vossand

Chapter 4 This caravan was obviously wealthier - it was larger and had more animals and more food. Arad and I walked behind a cart filled with bundled goods, some purchased from our old car..
13 Two-Timing Man

13 Two-Timing Man

A Chapter by Nancy White

Lion may be playing her false.


A Screenplay by rajthakur

If you wish to increase your application rankings on Android's Google Play Shop, make certain that all miserable individuals can reach you quickly as well as quickly. b
Chapter 2

Chapter 2

A Chapter by Tyler

Chapter 2 Ben watched the uniforms as they photographed each piece of mortal they found. It was an odd concept. Not that one of his own kind had split apart a dozen or more human beings, but the human..


A Chapter by olla

Do you know the difference between a girlfriend .. a prostitute andwife.. A girlfriend thinks ... is hedone already...? A prostitute thinks... isn't he done yet...? and a wife thi..
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A Book by qqw1234454

Chapter 16 - Passover: April 22, 1941

Chapter 16 - Passover: April 22, 19..

A Chapter by Jeff Ingber

Each soul must accomplish its task, or else it would not have been sent here. �" Isaac Bashevis Singer My recollections of the war years have blended in..

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