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Lost in his thoughts he hadn’t realized that he was nearing the end of the row of antique furniture, but there it was in all its glory. Tom had never seen anything like in all his existence. It was perfection; the craftsmanship is poetry in motion. The curves of the hardwood almost mesmerized his very soul. He and Anna had traveled the state many times over, to endless markets in the pursuit of the Holy Grail. “The mirror” that would accent their Victorian bathroom motif, a major part of the house they had spent several years renovating.

                And there it was. The piece they had searched so long for…

 I wish I had just prodded Anna a little more this morning, and then perhaps she would be here now sharing this moment with me. I know once I show it to her she will be kicking herself for not coming along today.

Tom was feeling a tinge of guilt and it wash over him like cold water realizing Anna would never be able to witness this magnificent moment.

Perhaps, I should drive back and get her before I make this purchase?  

He already knew the answer to that question was a big fat no. He couldn’t risk losing this mirror to another bargain hunter. Then, all of a sudden he felt strange. A chill ran up his spine and he couldn’t seem to take his eyes off of the mirror. He wanted to glance away, if for no other reason than to prove to himself that he could.

The Mirror… it is… so beautiful… 

Tom stood for several moments gazing into the mirror.

What the heck just happened? Perhaps I’m coming down with something? Yes, that’s it Anna and I have caught some kind of bug.

He was rationalizing, but he knew there was more to it.

That’s foolish; I’m just caught up in the excitement of the moment.

He again rationalized and immediately responding to himself…

 I must have that mirror at any cost and I will pay whatever they are asking.

“Four thousand dollars!” He said aloud and that’s all he said, but in his mind he kept repeating it. Four thousand dollars! Four thousand dollars! It seemed to echo for what seemed like more than the few minutes it was.

 But, Tom gladly paid what the man was asking and he thought about haggling over the price for the briefest of moments, knowing he could’ve saved a few hundred dollars. To some extent he had become a fairly good negotiator, but the anticipation of getting the mirror home over whelmed all of his other senses.

                “Can I help you load this into your car?” Asked Jan at least Tom thought he remembered that being the man’s name. He was an old man who looked like he could’ve been a hundred years old or more. So when Tom snapped at him it wasn’t surprising he almost fell over.

                “NO!” Tom shocked even himself. Why had I yelled at him, it’s not like me to be so rude? But, all that he could think was “no one must ever touch my mirror!”

 As Tom drove back along the windy country roads he reveled in how pleased he was with himself and rehearsed in his mind’s eye Anna’s reaction to the unveiling of their long sought after treasure. He was cautious not to let his driving be won over by his racing heart and the excitement of his discovery.

I will protect the mirror at all costs...

And he slowly eased off the accelerator involuntarily. In the back of his mind, there seemed to be questions beginning to brood and circle about over this overly strange excitement. He got the impression that his emotions were a little bit too extreme? Did he seriously feel some kind of mystical allure from a piece of furniture? One last question. The one he didn’t want to ask of himself...

“...Could it be alive?”


© 2014 Michael G. Smith

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It is a good premise for the story to begin. Looking forward to next chapters.

Posted 4 Years Ago

Michael....I've heard that mirrors can be portals for demons and evil spirits....I don't know where you are going with this, but you're doing a good job keeping the creep factor and the suspense very high. Great writing!

Posted 4 Years Ago

Michael G. Smith

4 Years Ago

Oh, you are going to find out.... I hope to get chapter 2 edited by tomorrow night.
Bright Ocean Star

4 Years Ago

yeay! I can't wait....

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