Celestial's Craft In-depth

Celestial's Craft In-depth

A Story by Semaj "I AM" Allure

A deeper look inside...

In Celestials Craft, I was bold enough to explore alternative religions, spiritualities, and hidden cultures. When people read my work, I want people to remember how ambiguous life can be, this was the inspiration behind the craft. Often this world is so unclear, and depending on who you are, you probably use logic to make sense of things. I want my audience to use their imagination. 
With that being said, this book took me about a year to write; and in that year came a little research and a lot of observation. Celestial's Craft entertains ideas of Christianity, Hinduism, Astrology, African spirituality, and even Pantheism to suggest multiple examples of spiritual acceptance, one of the main themes of Celestials Craft.
 After sunset, I got in my car, drove to the city, parked in back alleys, went to occult houses, and hid in the nooks and crannies of Dallas nightlife. I wanted to observed life as it played out in front of me without any knowledge of the situation or the people in it, then let my imagination run wild! I guess you can say I'm sort of like a modern day "Harriet The Spy", taking moments of reality then putting my own twisted spin on it. This way I could intertwine truth with fantasies for a wholesome balance of fiction and non-fiction, conscious and subconscious. 
 Depression, insecurity, and a dark side of social media also play a role in the creation of Celestial's craft. Total, I present a somewhat dismal undertone of ambiguous emotion as you get a dream-like quality of original literature by an original artist.   

© 2017 Semaj "I AM" Allure

Author's Note

Semaj "I AM" Allure
My book is available at www.amazon.com/author/semajallure

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Semaj "I AM" Allure
Semaj "I AM" Allure


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