Farewells & Flowers

Farewells & Flowers

A Poem by Silvia - Scribo, Ergo Sum!

.... from months of separation and precious days of being together ... from commuting between Frankfurt and Casablanca ..... from loving and missing

Farewells & Flowers

He always comes with flowers
roses mostly
because he knows I love them so

He always come with flowers
when he fetches me from the airport
it has been our ritual
ever since that first time we met this way

that first time
when we knew each other only 
from endless chats on the internet
from KNOWING each other in the elusive virtual world

THAT first time,
when he fetched me from the airport
he came with flowers too
almost hiding behind them with a worried little smile

we were both worried
worried in our different ways 
that the internet intimacy that we had shared
only lived in that virtual world
but would not stand the test of reality

None of that now
none of that from that first meeting
eye-to-eye across that first bunch of flowers

A year of coming and going

A year of flowers at the airport
and - another ritual - a year of keeping them
ONE from each bunch
dried and withered
silent sentinels to painful separations

shrivelled roses with sad, drooping heads
scattered in both our homes now
- in Germany and in Casa -

And NOW I am looking at the latest
in that never-ending row of flower bouquets
no longer quite fresh
but not yet withered

You might expect to find it
proudly displayed on our living room table
no .... not so

it´s hiding
shamefully almost
in the furthest, unseen corner of the kitchen

as always ...

every time I come I sigh
"This time we buy a decent vase"

and every time I come 
we don´t

I think I know by now 
we never will

because those flowers
they are forever the hourglass
that times the precious days we spend together

seeing them slowly hang their heads
reminds us only that our time is up ...

I think I´ll buy that vase the day 
I come to him with but a one-way-ticket
the day I know I´ll be there long enough
to see those flowers die ....

© 2010 Silvia - Scribo, Ergo Sum!

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Added on March 6, 2010
Last Updated on March 6, 2010


Silvia - Scribo, Ergo Sum!
Silvia - Scribo, Ergo Sum!


ACHTUNG! Fair warning!!!!!! Sorry, folks .... I tried. I really did ....to start spending time here, to start writing and reading here again ... But I simply couldnt bring back the old spirit o.. more..