A Poem by Brie

Im here waiting for you. 

Close your eyes and count to ten.
There I'll be,
Laying down on a bed,

Calling your name,
Like a whisper 
I say your name with utterly desire.
With a spark in my eye.
Isn't that what you want? 

Im nothing more to you than a dream.
A sweet dream.

You gotta promise to count to ten,
And open your eyes.
Or else ill shy away,

My illusion will fade into the dark corners of your thoughts,
But I'll be nothing more to you than a mere thought.

I want you to want me,
To want all that i am,
Bruised and lost,
As fragile as a baby bird even.

Be mine tonight and every night,
Love me,
And my cut up lips,
Love me,
And my frail body,
My bones ache for your touch,
All that i crave is that.

Im throwing myself at you,
With my heart cut in two.

My body is yours.  
Im so torn,

Im cut wide open.
With no bandaid to patch me up.

Breathe me in.
Soak up my blood.
Become the better half of me.

Im wasting away.
So Please come.
Lay beside me on this bed.

sew me up.
come stay.

I don't want to argue,
Nor fight.
Just come here and be with me,

Why dont you Keep me in a jar,
Keep me in a frame.

Keep my memories.
So i wont fade away.

With my heart beating in small box under your bed.

All that i am remains in pieces,
Bloody pieces,

Stained with life,
For you i bled.

And I'll bleed until theres no blood left for me to give.
My whole heart buried beneath you to hold and to want.
Dont take my life away from me.
Let me give you what you want. 

© 2015 Brie

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Sabrina (for book compilation)

Posted 3 Years Ago

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Added on October 3, 2015
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