Who am I today?

Who am I today?

A Poem by Nicholas Shea

What image in the mirror will I see today?
The monster?
The lover?
The warrior?
Or is it the frightened boy who stays?
The monster tears through the lives of others
No regard for the screams or the cries for mothers.
The world is a feast and I am a beast
What image in the mirror will I see today?
The lover gives his heart to all,
With only the intent to fall
Head over heels.
Passion burns within his chest
And he is always out on his best
What image in the mirror will I see today?
The warrior charges and takes all that he seeks.
Destroying the vicious and protecting the weak.
With all his rage
He seizes the day
To find his enemies gone and he is lonely in the night.
What image in the mirror will I see today?
A little boy who shakes in fear
From the world of fury inside his ear
It's all too much to handle.
Abandoned by those he loved
In this lonesome world he's kicked and shoved,
Down into the pavement.

Or perhaps he's all these things
Bloodied scarred
With an open heart
All alone and afraid to leave his comfort zone
But does it anyway to survive
What image will form?

© 2016 Nicholas Shea

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Wow! I loved this piece. There are so many parts of all of us, if we care to look. It's scary to reveal that, not knowing if all parts of us can be accepted.

Posted 12 Months Ago

Nicholas Shea

12 Months Ago

Full of sound and fury.. each reality fights for it's moment. Each side a different story, a differe.. read more

12 Months Ago

Very true. :)
Who will you see in the mirror is upto us isn't it....who we want the world to see....the child who cries or the warrior who protects
The beast who is savage or the lover who gives it all.

All that matters is if we are true our self..end of the day that's what matters..

I enjoyed all of it...
Let the child learn the world is safe...let the beast to know all is not to be destroyed...let the lover realise all is not worth loving ;)
Hope it helps sweets

Posted 1 Year Ago

A great take on the different forms of personality, about all of our sides which live in us and leap due to our environment and mood. I think a way to balance them all is best. Balance seems to be the key to everything and it begins with/in yourself. Balance by acceptance of all of your layers.

Nicely written. I like the passionate interpretation of the lover and the consuming attitude of the beast, great lines. I claim myself to be a warrior mostly although we're all everything it seems. Beautiful, I find.

I can relate to many lines. Afraid to leave the comfort zone..many are. It takes a big step into cold water but you'll always survive somehow. The restlessness of your poem reminds me of my own mind and ever- reflective behavior. In constant search for a place to settle or maybe a fixed way of thinking, longing for one clear identity - but I think if you're home with yourself, if you carry it with you, you can find yourself in whatever environment and make it through without much damage. Home is where your heart is as you so nicely say in German or how I interpret it, as well; home is in your heart.

Posted 1 Year Ago

This is very deep and has tonz of meaning to it.
There seems to be many different sides to you, but they all make you who you are.
I don't know if I'm right but from reading this it sounds a little like you are afraid of change, and going out of your comfort zone. That is actually one of my biggest fears so I can relate.
I really am liking your poetry.
You have a way with words.
Great write Nick :)

Posted 1 Year Ago

Nicholas Shea

1 Year Ago

Thank you so much!!!!! I'm glad you enjoy reading my poetry! I was going through a tough time when I.. read more
cimmy wuv xxxooo

1 Year Ago

Iim sorry you went through all that. I hope things are heaps better now and that you have a place to.. read more

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Nicholas Shea
Nicholas Shea

Asheville, NC

My name is Nicholas. I notice details, and I love them to the point of madness. I encourage everyone to keep writing and explore beyond their comfort zone. It will make you a better writer! I've.. more..