The Tenth Doctor

The Tenth Doctor

A Chapter by The Doctor

The eleventh Doctor helps me to my feet, helping hold me up to lean against the TARDIS in silence, thinking on what we need to do. Knowing that we need to keep the child in the truck and away from the angels, figure out what the Silence is. Though it is out of my time stream I need to know.... But I shouldn't. I should leave it up to him. I know he'll take care of it, he's me and I always get the job done. 
"We can't let them have her."
"Too dangerous I know. But how could they get inside?"
As I finish my sentence, hands full of angels descend from the sky. Surrounding us in a circle. We look around in a little of a haste and defeated and thoughtful manner.
"Well Doctor, what do you suggest?"
"I don't know Doctor. What about you?"
"Protect her," I smile with a wince.
"Protect her," he smiles back.
"Amplify the telepathic frequency?"
"I love this, being on the same-"
"Wavelength I know. I had this happen before but its so much more fun with an older version."
"I know. Its fantastic. I could get use to this."
"We can't!" all the companions shout at once.
 We shrug shoulders and pull out our sonics, point to the sky and create a high pitched noise. Sending the angels into crazed screams of pain. We dive into my TARDIS and stop to think.
"Wont last long,' he says.
"I know but it bought us time to think.... Problem is I'm not sure on what we should do. I mean there is no way to fight them. If they are animated that means there must be something to allow them to do so."
"A device?"
"No. It must have something to do with the environment." Then it clicked. "The stone palace!"
"The stone palace!" The eleventh smiles with the same thought. 
"It's something in the palace. Find it, disable it. Stop the angels." I smile and turn my sonic in my hand.
"Well, how do we get there?" the eleventh asks.
I look around and smile, "You must need more sleep or your mind is occupied." I looked into his eyes and seen it.... I'm going to die....
With no alternative I will.... Whoa... Never mind.
"I like it," I smile at him.
"I know you would."
I dash to the controls and place the TARDIS in the palace. We go to the doors and carefully open the doors, finding no angel in sight. Stepping out we examine the area before moving on, searching for the place to where the animation of the angels could be. I stop the group and face everyone.
"What are we looking for? What helps an angel move?"
"Not being looked at," Pond answers.
"Correct. Now, what else?"
They shrug their shoulders, except the Doctor smiles and points at me with realization.
"They set the time here several seconds ahead to move past the seconds in which they are looked at."
"Yes. Complicated system though."
"I know. Could be a whole lot simpler. I mean, we're looking for something big, something that sets the whole planet ahead in time.... Which makes sense why no one could see it. It was in that small moment out of time. Just like the planets were."
"Oh yes. I remember that... Sad day..."
"I know it was... I hope Rose is doing well..."
        We open a door and find a large, glass column holding in a blue energy. All around it are disks spinning on different axis. On the bottom is a large generator that goes into the planet, causing the planet to be faster by the few seconds.
       "Think we found it," I look up at the several hundred foot structure.
       "Well Doctor, best get to work." I smile at eleven and advance on the device with little confidence.

© 2011 The Doctor

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The Doctor
The Doctor

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