Solid Steel Rails

Solid Steel Rails

A Poem by StunnedByGrace

A message spoken by the railroad rails that transported Jews to a death camp of the Holocaust.



                                          Solid Steel Rails


(After touring the Virginia Holocaust Museum, I paused outside the front door. There laid two railroad rails which once led to the Treblinka concentration camp.)



Solid steel rails " cold and hard as the Nazi hearts that yearned for the

                        extinction of the People of the Book.


Solid steel rails " once bearing the weight of the cattle cars and the even                                           heavier weight of the Jewish hearts passing overhead.


Solid steel rails " motionless, emotionless, lifeless and silent as God

                        Himself must have seemed to the frozen human cargo

                        that slid down the tracks.


Solid steel rails " once forged by intense, raging fires, later guiding hordes

                        of innocents to the hell-fires of a death camp.


Solid steel rails " unyielding, unbending hosts who mindlessly directed the

                        future of their unsuspecting prey.


Solid steel rails " pitted by the wheels of crammed box cars and infused with

                        memories of terror, shame, humiliation and despair.


Solid steel rails " stubbornly refusing to be buried in the sands of denial,                                            now crying out for all to hear and heed.


Solid steel rails " once surgical instruments in the hands of demonic-like

                         surgeons sworn to deliver a dehumanizing death.


Solid steel rails " now implements delicately held in the skillful hand of God

                         sworn to administer an eternal healing balm.


Solid steel rails " determined to teach the humble who linger on her tracks;

                        never forget, never condemn, never hate, never repeat

                        always believe, always hope, always love, always forgive.




Gus Wheeler


© 2013 StunnedByGrace

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what thoughts and how it must of felt as those thoughts overcame you
this is very deep and eloquent
thank you so much for sharing this moment for I felt like I was there

Posted 5 Years Ago

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1 Review
Added on February 15, 2013
Last Updated on February 15, 2013
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