A Poem by stars are far

Nothing actually changed since we last met

The same flames are still here and the same soul is still me

Everything was turning around when you said you hi

But my whole world was tearing apart…

Was it because my beats were calling for a fight with yours?

Or because my heart was begging yours to act up?

Everything seemed to be a dream to me, so are you!

And nothing… nothing was true, but it was real.

I know how much I have missed your eyes and your hands over mine.

I believe that something inside my little body have died

And my inner life is nothing but destruction…

Those hyenas that were once dears and doves

Are now eating my veins, cutting off every single piece of me

And all what my heart was asking for is you.

But now my heart is gone, it’s just a body and a tormented soul

So congrats for winning this game, and I want no more. 

© 2015 stars are far

Author's Note

stars are far
Just what I feel, poured on a white sheet giving birth to emotions...

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I don't know what to say! My jaw dropped because I am so envious. Your thoughts are so beautifully captured into words. I admire the way you've shared your emotions.

Posted 3 Years Ago

The pains of succumbing to the temptation of the past are great, and I must empathize. 'Tis no greater pain than that of surrendering to a fate you know is not well for you, and I have to say, you've written this with such honesty and passion that it shows in every word you've chosen.

I hope writing this was a relief to your being. Well done.

Posted 3 Years Ago

WOW, such a powerfully emotional write. Very honestly written. When you love that special someone, no one else will ever replace him/her in your heart. I do have one tiny edit for you. "I believe that something inside my little body have died" the word "have" should be "has" in this line. Good work. Lydi**

Posted 3 Years Ago

Emotional, straight from heart. Its sad and creates exactly the effect you wanted to.. Well written Suhad :)

Posted 3 Years Ago

a very deep emotionally heartfelt writing Suhad, your crying in the dark to one no longer with you, you have to rise from the depths or sink forever, make a leap of faith soon, well done :)

Posted 3 Years Ago

I really enjoyed this, it is very real. I wonder if it would have been easier to read if it was organized into verses so that a rhythm could be detected more easily, if there was one intended. But that's my only criticism, and not much of one at that. Good job

Posted 3 Years Ago

stars are far

3 Years Ago

Thank you so much, and actually I didnt intend any rhyme in this :).
thank you :)
the sense that this one could not be restrained is evident .. simply stated with bare, honest feelings .. there are a few minor editing issues but nothing that keeps your meaning down ;)

Posted 3 Years Ago

stars are far

3 Years Ago

Thank you so much for your time and your review :)
Your writing is such a relating write for everyone.
It is flowing and emotional write.

Posted 3 Years Ago

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ohhh, this is a truly emotional write. I can feel your pain on paper and the resignation signing it. Vulnerable with an earthy feeling for how you see it.
Hope you will keep finding happiness in things around you that feed your soul and not take it away :)

Posted 3 Years Ago

The key to dealing with frustration is communication - always keep the means of communication open and use them - otherwise mistrust and fear (which begets hate) creeps in. You know, even in the 30 years of civil strife/war here the main antagonists always had channels of communication open - the IRA talked to the British Government constantly despite denials to the contrary and the Protestant paramilitaries talked to both the IRA and the Brits. Those communications stopped a horrible situation becoming a cataclysmic situation and eventually lead to peace (of sorts).

"Those hyenas that were once dears and doves
Are now eating my veins, cutting off every single piece of me" - I haven't ever felt as physically nauseous reading a poem, as I did reading this part. Very very visceral - amazing words.

There are no winners. Only losers. That much is obvious from this.
Excellent writing Suhad.

Posted 3 Years Ago

stars are far

3 Years Ago

Thank you so much and yes I agree that there is no winners, but sometimes losing is winning :)
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3 Years Ago

Yes - I see where you are coming from - losing can be a new start which is a win of sorts - dependin.. read more

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Added on April 8, 2015
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stars are far
stars are far

Tyre, Lebanon

you get to meet the real me within my writings. more..


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