Is it best to let go or move on...

Is it best to let go or move on...

A Poem by Suvada

She’s just girl.

She loves to have her life on the lowkey.

She loves to be everyone’s hero.

She would go to the ends of the world for anyone without any returns.

She shows little actions to show them, that she cares.

But I guess they were blind enough to see who’s really there.

Honesty, Respect, Friendship, and Trust.

Something she looks for in everyone.

There was once a boy that entered her life.

There was a very odd feeling about him, she didn't why, but she planned to find out.

It was a long 7 month journey.

First 4 months they were best friends, always around each other, always told each other everything. One day, something went down. The last 3 months were just hell for her. She tried to stay strong and be happy while helping someone that was weak and helpless.

Last two weeks it was time she let him go.

I may have lost you there, but let’s just say he was in a very dark world, his thoughts killed him, his mind took over him. Everything affected him. Overall he was the definition of negative.

He didn’t know that, but he also didn’t know that his negativity and sadness got passed over. He didn’t know that it affected her mood, her thoughts, her goals, her everything.

She didn’t know, until it affected her running. Every thought that she had she just wanted to give up and stop trying. She screamed and she cried, but she never knew why.

She’s just a girl.

She can feel pain.

But she can hide it too.

Many things just started to pile up that she was ready to cry.

She refused.

She knows what its like to feel weak.

She knows what its like to feel put down and stepped upon.

She knows what it feels like to get hurt by the ones you love.

She knows what its like when someone walks away.

She knows what its like to stay up all night crying, hoping that someone would hear you and knowing that its only you.

There’s no hero. The only hero is… you.

He’s just a boy.

He feels pain.

But he can’t hide it.

He’s considered weak.

He hurts others by the words he choices.

He may not know it, but he does.

He doesn’t know how to be strong or even happy.

He doesn’t allow it.

There’s your problem.

He wants answers that he knows he will never get.

But has he ever thought that maybe its for the best?

He can’t handle much, he has to take baby steps.

He pressured her and when it didn’t work he used her words against her.

It shut her up real quick

and for a second it made him feel some type of joy, even if he doesn’t know it.

But what he didn’t know was he pointed out her mistakes, some things she can’t answer.

But he doesn’t like his mistakes pointed out either,

so why do it to someone else?

Have you ever realized that even though you have been bullied, you’ve been doing the same to others?

Have you realized that your negativity affects other people?

Have you realized that you have also been hurting the people that care for you?

She went minutes, to hours, to weeks, to months.

Helping him.

Being there for him.

Fighting for him.

Holding onto him.

Caring for him.

Listening to him.

Protecting him.

Putting up with everything.

Putting him first.

But when it reached to the point where she couldn’t handle it.

She let go of him.

For 3 months, she’s been wondering why she was always anger?

Why she always gave up?

Why everything felt so wrong?

But she never knew,

that he was the reason why.

We all have limits,

and when that limit reaches.

You have to decide for yourself.

Is it best if I keep holding on?

Or is it best to let go and move on?

© 2015 Suvada

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Author's Note

You could say I've been through a lot maybe not as worse as everyone else. But I guess trying to be someones hero and trying to save everyone cant always happen. You know the hardest thing is letting go of someone you once cared and loved for. Its not an easy task knowing you have been through everything together its really not that easy. For months I've been trying to figuring out what happened to the old me the one that was always positive, always happy, always looking on the bright side. But I never knew that one person can change all of that I never knew that what they were feeling could catch up to you. But I had to find myself again, I had to get out of all the darkness and just find the light again. But to do that I had to let him go. I will never forget him. He might not care anymore which is fine by me I don't blame him, but I don't want him to think it was all his fault. Things happen, you cant do much about it. You got to learn from it and just move on.

And honestly I thank my best friend for helping, yeah we might be as close as we were before, but she knows whats best for me and if I wants willing to let go she would have done it for me.

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This was a very ..... capturing journey or so I felt. I mean.. there were a few things I could relate to and I realised just how much I also hurt when I had to let go of that one person whom I cared for a lot...
The girl you speak of is a lot like me.... so well I guess I could say that I found it very personally appealing to me....

Great job. Thanks for sharing.. :)

Posted 3 Years Ago


3 Years Ago

I'm glad I was able to get this poem to connect with people in some way. And thank you :)

3 Years Ago

You are welcome. :)
This was so amazing!
Some of the feelings I could relate to.
It takes time but its best to let go and move on.
If he was meant to stay in your life, he would have.
And if he has left, its because he was meant to.
Whatever happens, happens for good.
Excellent poetry!
Thankyou for sharing. :)

Posted 3 Years Ago


3 Years Ago

Thank you and no problem:)

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