Can This All Be A Dream?

Can This All Be A Dream?

A Poem by Suvada

Sometimes you may never forget that one person that meant the world to you, no matter how hard you try.


Growing up she thought that love at first sight was just a dream,

She never thought it could ever happen to her,

She never believed that it was true.

Until she met him.

He became everything to her,

He was her world.

The first day she met him,

they clicked.

By the first month she loved him,

but she didn’t want to believe it,

because it was all just a dream to her.

The only thing that went through her head was,

“Who would ever fall in love with me?”

She lived in her romance books,

hoping that one day it would happen to her.

Where a guy walks into your life

and just sweeps you off your feet.

That was him.

He walked into her life,

and its like he sweeped her off her feet.

She trusted him,

She connected with him,

She was happy with him.

But to her it was all just a dream.

Until one day,

they just ended..

This wasn’t a dream anymore,

this was reality.

Devastation, creeped upon her.

Not only did she lose the person she loved and cared for the most

but she also lost her best friend.

The person who seemed to piece her together

and figure her out before she even knew herself.

The person she told everything too,

but now she can’t.

Because now there strangers.

Sometimes she wishes this part was just all a dream.

But its not, its hell.

It took her a while to heal,

there were moments she couldn't even mention his name

without breaking down.

She was afraid if she saw him again,

that she would break down.

but surprisingly she didn’t,

She was strong that night,

Even though she was weak on the inside.

She tried to hate him,

She really did.

But how can you hate someone you once loved.

You can’t.

She loved everything about him,

She was afraid to lose him,

But it doesn't matter anymore.

Because he seems happy.

And that's all she ever wanted was for him to be happy.

She remembers asking him one night

if he thinks he’ll ever forget his first love?

He said, “eventually yes.”

Sometimes she wished that night was just a dream as well,

her heart broke that night.

And all she did was cry silently to god

and asked why does it hurt so bad?

She can’t handle anymore of the pain.

Everywhere she looks she remembers him.

And it hurts.

Can this all be a dream?

© 2015 Suvada

Author's Note

For 2 weeks its been hard for me to forget about him. I didn't think I could miss someone as much as I miss him. I miss his smile, his goofiness, his laziness, his laugh, I miss our talks, mostly our late conversation, I miss hearing him fall asleep. There's a lot of things I miss. I don't want him to know that I miss him, but I'm sure he'll find out one day. Its been rough for me, I've cried so much that I don't think I have anymore tears left to cry, I don't seem to care about anything anymore, like I feel cold hearted now. And I can't tell if its a good or bad thing. I knew our chapter was gunna end soon, I just didn't think it was gunna be this soon, I was hoping I could keep you just a little longer, but I guess I was wrong. It was good seeing you in person that one night, you had no idea how much I just wanted to sit down and just talk, just talk about anything, but I know you don't want anything to do with me and I'm okay with it. I did hurt you twice, the second time was never my intentions, you hurt yourself that time. When I said you were my permanent scar, I wasn't lying you are. Sometimes I wish I could hear your voice again, but this isn't a dream, this is all real and I just have to accept that I no longer have you in my life. Its still gunna take me time to accept, but eventually I will. You know who you are.

I hope you guys enjoy this.

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This poem is full of emotion and flows very well. I can feel the pain behind every word. Great job

I'm sorry to hear about that. While I have never been in a relationship myself, I understand from experience that losing somebody is never easy, regardless of the manner in which they are lost. It will be extremely hard to do, but you must not let yourself linger on the loss forever. Take a little bit of time to grieve, and then continue onwards. If you don't, you may end up doing irreversible damage to other relationships you have, and that is not worth it in the end. Also, if you feel you cannot handle this period of internal struggle alone, talk to either your family and friends, for that is what they are there for. Once again, I'm sorry to here about what happened, and I hope you are able to cope and carry on soon :)

Posted 3 Years Ago


3 Years Ago

Thank you for the comment, and I'm sure I'll be fine I just needed to write out a bit, but again tha.. read more

3 Years Ago

You're welcome! It's good that you resorted to a healthy method of coping with your problem. :)

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