To You

To You

A Story by Suvada

You know its funny you may sit there telling me all about the law,

How we are suppose to fix the problem before we let it ends. 

Now let me tell you this, 

You should have spoke to me that night when he left, 

But you didnt, 

You went ahead and believed in his story and stuck with it 

You didnt bother to ask me. 

You told me wait until eid, and we will talk 

But even at eid you had your plans, planned out.

 You let me go through hell with letting people come at me and tell me what to do

While you sat in the background helping out a man you dont even know. 

Its funny bc a couple of weeks ago, 

You told the crowd a brother is in need of help,

Donate now, bc if you do its as if you went to hajj. 

You refused to tell who the brother is,

But when someone asked you spilled and told them

Who it was. 

Last time i checked donating to someone,

Isnt for a person who has money

And a job

And is healthy. 

It is for a brother who severly ill, 

And very poor.

You dont donate to a brother,

Who walked out on his pregnant wife,

Took away all the funds,

Told her to give her money bc he doesnt have any,

And yet sue her if she didnt. 

Wow if people only knew who that money went too, 

No one would have given a dime,

But you knew that well. 

You found this brother a place to live,

I saw you on the day of eid 

Introducing him to a man and a son.

But he wont be there for long. 

Dont you think hes a big boy,

He could have found his own place. 

But he wanted someplace free. 

And you found him the right place.

Its funny the night he left, he had a stack of cash,

Even when he told the world he didnt have one dime on him. 

He just hid it, so the world wouldnt know. 

I am still his wife and he still doesnt give me a dime when i need it. 

But thats ok with you guys. 

But once its someone else,

All the rules are put down for them. 

So is there an acception between certain people now?

He use to tell me quit your job, ill provide for you.

But when i got fired he didnt provide for me at all. 

He told me he would give 100 every week,

When he got his check, i never recieved it all. 

I asked him why? And he told me i didnt deserve it,

But once i deserve it he will provide. 

So is that acceptable?

I’m sure it is to you guys,

Bc you know i have mommy and daddy

That are there when i fall. 

You guys call yourselves loyal, but are you guys really?

You go behind our backs, 

Getting sucked up in a boys lie.

Did you forget im the one carrying a baby?

I trusted you guys, but i guess i was wrong. 

Your too blind to see

Whats really goin on. 


© 2017 Suvada

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Honest and hard thoughts in the story. I told my daughter. Know the person. More liars then good men. Thank you for sharing the powerful and worthwhile thoughts.

Posted 8 Months Ago

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Added on July 14, 2017
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