The Puppy Chronicles: Staring Atari and Mario.

The Puppy Chronicles: Staring Atari and Mario.

A Story by Tabitha t

This is my story of getting 2 puppies from a no kill shelter and giving them a home. Watch and laugh along with me as we try to teach them the fundamentals and they teach us a lesson or two as well.


Puppy Training Diary: Mario and Atari




                                                Week one: (Still at Shelter): 

We adopted Mario and Atari from a no kill shelter called Pets without Parent, when they turned nine weeks old. We first met Atari when he was seven weeks old and they had just been dropped off at the shelter. We immediately paid for him and continued to visit him until he was ready to come home.


           This is Atari Milo Davis



            On our second to last visit before we were able to bring Atari home, we made a decision to bring home one of his brothers as well. Yes we know what littermate syndrome is. If you do not I suggest you look it up. It is basically where to puppies from the same litter and living in the same household become more attached to each other then their owners. We thought about it and I did a lot of research on the subject of raising two puppies in the same household. We decided to do our best and get them both.


           This is Mario Kilo Davis








                                    Week on: (First day home!)


            What a happy day! We arrived early at nine in the morning to pick up our little men. We arrived just in time for the volunteers at the shelter to get them out of the bath. They had already been neutered and had a set of shots. After we had dried them off and got a lot of puppy kisses the lead at the shelter informed us that they would be receiving their next round of shots and some worming medicine before we took them home that day. Ouch! Boy did Atari and Mario yelp! After that she gave them their dose of medicine and told us that they would be clipping their nails before they left. I had noticed before that they had all black nails and that it would be hard to do. I also noticed that the volunteer hat was going to do the clipping was a young girl. After two nails she accidentally went to far and made Atari bleed. She opted to not finish and we said we would take care of it at home.


            Nail clipping Tips: Start at the tip of the nail and snip a little at a time. Look at the cut edge of the nail. When you start to see pale pink tissue near the top of the cut edge, stop. You can use a nail file to smooth the edges further.

Avoid cutting into the quick, which contains nerves and blood vessels. If cut it will be painful and will bleed easily. On white nails, the quick is the pink section. Be extra careful when cutting dark nails, because the quick is difficult to see. If the tip of the nail begins to bleed, apply pressure using styptic powder or a substitute such as baby powder or cotton. Avoid wiping the blood clot off the tip of the nail once the bleeding has stopped. Remember to trim the dewclaw nail, on the inside of the leg. Since it doesn't touch the ground, it wears down less rapidly than the others.


After the puppies were allowed to leave the Shelter and were officially ours (we were given the adoption papers and medical records.) We got them into them ready to go in the car by walking them first to make sure would not use the bathroom in the car and getting them calm. They rode on my lap while my wife drove. Half way home Atari began to wiggle and fought his way into Kendra’s           (wife) lap where he quickly quieted down. Mario slept in my lap the entire way there.


We took this picture before we got them out of the car. Kendra laid Atari down beside Mario on the car seat.




            Once home we took them to the grassy area by our apartments before even brining them upstairs. They did not go but we figured it was because they had gone just a short while before that. We then carried them up the three stories to their new home. Yes I know three stories while trying to potty train not just one puppy but two! What were we thinking?!


The stairs to our apartment. Not puppy friendly.





Shortly after getting home we got everything ready for them to settle in. We showed them were their food and water was. (Empty because we had decided to put them on a food schedule to help ease into the transition of potty training.) We showed them where their kennel was. They went right in without having to be coaxed which I was very surprised about. After that we just let them run around the kitchen with us on the floor with them and began a game of come here to help them get used to coming to us on command. They loved it!


Mario and Atari playing come here.


How to play Come here with your dog.

Step 1:

This game is easiest with two people, a few treats and a dog. Two people sit down on the floor facing each other. Start out kind of close to each other. Four feet should be adequate.

Step 2:

Have the puppy (or two in our case) start at on person’s lap. The second person will begin to call the dog and shouting “come!” for the puppy to hear and get his attention. The dog will then spring towards that person where he will be petted and given a treat. Then the other person will do the same and they will continue to go back in forth. It will only take a few times for any puppy to understand what is going on and begin to anticipate the next person’s calls. He will begin to shoot back and forth in excitement. TIP: Do not give a puppy the treat or praise unless he came to the right person who called him.

Step 3:

After a few days of playing this you can add a few more people to the game. Get the kids involved and make it more of a challenge to the puppy. This game is a great way for him (or her) to learn their name and train them to come when called.


            After about twenty minutes of Come here both of the boys were panting and getting tired so we gave them a quick drink of water and took them out to use the bathroom. (Legs were starting to get sore already) Atari went pee and Mario was more interested in chewing grass or trying to get a hold of rocks. This is where I began to teach him the Drop it command. Every time I saw him gnawing on something he wasn’t supposed to (and that was a lot) I quickly made a loud buzzer noise and gave his leash a soft tug. He is on a harness which eliminates him pulling and hurting his airways. I did it gently enough to only get his attention. You don’t want to frighten your puppy with harsh discipline, especially on his first day. He quickly began to understand and I only needed to make the loud buzzer sound. I plan on transitioning into the Drop it later instead of the loud noise. After twenty minutes we decided to take them back inside since it was in the high eighties and we were all hot. Since Mario had not gone we planned on bringing him back out in ten minutes to see if he needed to go then.



The rest of the day was a flurry of potty breaks and play time and then naps. We were all exhausted by the time it was time for bed. We made sure that the puppies had a good hard play time before they went into the kennel. Since they were so tired by that time they only wined a few times before cuddling with each other in the bed inside of their kennel and going to sleep.



How to crate train your puppy.

!. It is best to start on the first day home but late is better then never.

2. Make sure the kennel is big enough for your puppy to grow into.

3. Once it is time to show your puppy the kennel, sit down beside the kennel and call your puppy to you. Give it a treat! Good puppy!

4. Next open up the Kennel door and place a treat on the floor right in front of the kennel. If your puppy takes the treat praise him and place another a bit closer to the kennel.

5. After doing step four a few times your puppy should be relaxed enough for you to be able to place a treat inside the kennel and for him to go and get it. TIP: The first time your puppy goes into the kennel for a treat do not close the door behind him. Once the puppy is lingering inside the kennel for at least ten seconds after the treat is eaten then it is okay to close the door and praise the puppy.

6. After a few moments of the door closing you should open it back up and let your puppy out. Continue doing this multiple times a day until he seems fine with you even walking out of the room for short periods of time without crying. Soon he will be fine with behind in his kennel for longer periods of time. Just give him a toy and there you go!


The puppies kennel.


It is soft wire mesh and had a dog bed and toys inside for long periods of absence.





Mario and Atari were only a foot or two from our bed so we could hear them if they woke up in the night and needed to go outside for a potty break. They only cried once at six in the morning both went pee and then quietly were put back into their kennel and slept until ten. Good Boys!

© 2012 Tabitha t

Author's Note

Tabitha t
This is just day one to see if anyone thinks this is worth documenting. Pictures have not been added to document yet.

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You have obviously done a lot of research about having new puppies....KUDOS TO YOU.....and really seem to be a wonderful guardian for these two darlings! All of my puppies/dogs have been shelter dogs, including my latest named Dita who is almost one year old. I appreciate how much time you have devoted to your new family members, and have enjoyed the tips, comments, observations, reports in your writing. Well done! And please............please some pictures of Mario and Atari!!

Posted 6 Years Ago

I've realized that no matter how much research you have that every puppy is different and a difffrent kind of challenge. But worth the time and effort

Posted 6 Years Ago

I believe Godzilla(my turtle) and Itzal(my cat) could do with a canine friend . . . It would be great to learn the ropes before I seriously considered a puppy.

Posted 6 Years Ago

Sounds like you're really committed. You did your homework. Good for you! The best to you and your little family.

Posted 6 Years Ago

1 of 1 people found this review constructive.

I am going to add the pictures as soon as possible into their correct places within the entry. lol they are terrier mixes. basically just fleff balls. Atari is blonde and Mario is a dark color with splotches of creme and white. adorable and i am in love

Posted 6 Years Ago

This is interesting and informative. I would love to see pictures of the puppies.

Posted 6 Years Ago

1 of 1 people found this review constructive.

great 1 :)

Posted 6 Years Ago

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