A Poem by Tessa Melendez

I've grown sick of the human life
So tired of living with muscles tight
Standing perfectly tall and upright
Only letting go under the cover of night

I no longer wish to hear another person telling me to smile
Telling me I'm beautiful because they think I need to hear it
I no longer want to force a laugh or smile so that I will be left alone...
Pretend my life plans are set in stone

I'm tired of hearing people telling me to stop cutting my arms
Telling me there's no point
There are other ways to relieve my pain
To stay alive and sane
"Promise me you won't do that again."

"Shut up! You don't know a thing!"
"You don't control how I deal with the pain within."
Mind your own business
The scars on my arms are nothing for you to assist.

So sick from my too big heart.
Could I have it torn apart
There's nothing good to be felt
Only pain to be dealt

Make me into a puppet
Carve and paint a smile onto my face to satisfy those who desire one
Tie strings to my head, feet, and hands to help me stand
Make me move like a normal, content human would

Turn me into a puppet so that I no longer force myself to pretend
Bring my suffering to an end
Puppets have no brains or hearts
I would never again have to think or cry over a too-big and foolish heart
My head and chest would be filled with empty darkness

A hollow body
An empty, marionette broken and alone
Only her master to move her
Never having to stress and break over life and love
Breaking only with a last fatal shove
I'm so sorry, mother and father
You thought you gave life to a perfect author
But a marionette has taken the place of your daughter.

© 2017 Tessa Melendez

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Added on February 23, 2017
Last Updated on September 24, 2017


Tessa Melendez
Tessa Melendez

Bear, DE

I am 17 years old and have been writing since I was 12 years old. I prefer to write stories that are relatively long because, short stories just don't happen for me. :) I also like doing sci-fi/sup.. more..