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From nowhere Ishmael comes to us inspired. Within him a purpose to unite in reverence of the God. As the lives of a selected few, develop a stage set for climax. humanity struggles on!

      Ishmael, it is I who took up this pen and began to write this parable. These and other writings before, fashioned in the traditions of those true to One faith. Peace...That way likened to a coin whose mint again has been struck, this parchment these words all originate from, the One true source. 

      This is the belief in Gods oneness, the validity of his prophets their authority, as well the accuracy of their prophecies. They spoke of the seen and the unseen. Acknowledged right and wrong. Heavens for the good doers
hell fire for the evil doers, who persisted in rebelling to the final days and the final hour.

       To perpetuate the worship of his glory, the one true God. Who revealed to us, all our knowledge. Transmitted through his Angels, through his signs, his miracles. Inscribed upon all his creation, intelligent design. His message to us the Apex of creation, who unlike his Angels and Genni, were born with free will to worship him and extoll him with gladness. As from their time to ours the passage has never proved to be untrue. Only to look upon with opened eyes and see, where we have sadly been misguided.

       It is ordained and authorized by Gods, holiest of guides Al-Kitab and by his will alone, the miraculous completion and preservation throughout time. His messengers all aid humankind to obey. To live firmly righteous lives in his image. Yet, as it was, so it is, once again. To remind humankind of a history that remained obscured, for all these thousands of years. The great unveiling of heavenly knowledge is now upon us in this, Apocalypse.
Yet, not with message of warning not through divine revelation, no believers of the books, but through the clear signs.

       How foolish it would be that none could take up their papers and pens, for we truly believe to face the uncertainty of these last days (in more than just one sense of the words) Yet, I will testify before the all mighty, and all that is the truth.These days your servants re in are a time of great images, adorned buildings reaching the highest skies. Our hands can touch the clouds, and our structures are so numerous as to nearly outnumber the trees.
         Electric forces power technologies unimaginable to humankind only a generation ago. Surely His plan comes to fruition.humankind travels  the Earth at many times the speed of sound.( It is your glory to understand the meaning of this.) For, we have harnessed transmissions of electrical information over vast distances, as it was said humankind would do again. Humankind has learned much of our Earthly domain and plotted much against your creation, in our desire for progress. 

       Here now, Humankind has made  world of our own where there is no God to speak of, a world that cannot sleep, finds little room to pray, and speaks of evil even in the babes breath. A world of automation materialism an alternate reality. All to escape the rhelm of you prescribed, righteous path.

       All this to avert the duty to praise- Oh dear God. You know that which we know not. That at your other extreemes creation still possesses all the delights of the holy spirit. With reform on the mindset of many humble believers whom remain truly worthy, Our only charity is made as revival to strangers and common. To speak of your greatness or to find pleasant listeners.

      Indeed the Earth is now a brightly lit orb, in the dark space of time for a time again.  I've  spied the land from the windows of our instruments of exploration, and from my bed can peer to all four corners of the globe, even further to the stars. So much has been seen in the land glowing brightly beneath moonless nights. Like rivers in valleys of electric light as bright as stars adorning the surface of this world. This without question is a plan worthy of wonder, for within technopolis, sheeple sleep electric dreams.

      The acts of the Apostles spoke of these times. In all the histories with so much of everything  been revealed. Watch everyday unwind a fraction faster. The sun soars hot over our heads. scorching the Earth, prophets told and told. Temples adorned with idols no one had ever known in thousands of years. Others invented dillussions of corrupted society. What has come to be called the New Age Movement gains momentum. The catholic church prepares to fail, taking billions of souls into the folds of their hypocrisy. straight to the grinders of flesh and bone. Wars, Wars, and rumors of War, and your creation, We  prepare to destroy ourselves.

      Only we humble servants remain in submission, to hold fast our sunna, as prescribed by your prophets Peace be upon them. To protect the sacred texts requisite to our faith and learning We submit and prepare for the arrival of Esus Peace upon him, With ten thousand of his holy ones equipped to endure the final days of the world once, twice, and thrice  revisited. Vice-generates, protectors of this world before and after the great fall/ O'how I believe tribulation ends near, as it was upon Idris, Esus, and Mohammed. For, all our Mothers have given birth to their Masters this generation. (Indeed)

   Terrence Peach arrived on time as usual. Dressed in a navy blue suit donning his sky blue tie. Looking like the part of a politician, On his lapel he wore a pin of patriotism our nations flag. He proceeded up the steps onto the stage, as he emerged from behind the curtains he was struck blind by the lights, but only for an instant. Cheers from the audience clamored.
   All this attention makes people Nervous, Terrance Peach was getting a lot of attention.
Right now Montgomery City Hall, looks like an awards ceremony...sensationalism in the press. Terrance Peach was the only person on anyone's mind who was paying attention... and for good reason the man who would take freedom and liberty to an entirely new level was about to make his appearance on National television.
  Inside the City Hall sat 4 quiet middle aged men with wrinkled faces behind a bench with 4 microphones. These men sat looking back at a hundred or so faces staring back at them. There had been a discussion, on how to respond to this unique situation... The Mayor the Chief down both sides of the counsel agreed... In the Center of the hall was a television the Television set. On it was their very own, Animal Control Officer, Terrance Peach..
  Terrance peered into the blinding lights to make out him admirers. Shielding his face from the glare in order to see better. The applause remained full tilt for another ten seconds before it settle down and ultimately silenced out. Terrance took a stand in directly in front of the mic. He addressed the assembly he said,  " I'd like to show you all my appreciation tonight, and applaud you " he paused, and scanned to faces before him. Raising his hands to applaud in kind, The assembly broke into another round of applause.
Not long before Terrance gesture for the assembly to take their seats in respective silence.
  He started to speak " What makes the difference in peoples lives? Are you doing something good and productive?...At the same time people, are you tired of doing your best, only to continuously be told you best is not good enough?" Terrance took to the stage better than he had expected, a calmness overcame him. The sweating ceased, he could hear the echo of his voice in the, hall of the Capital's press room. " I'd imagine,..." he continued "  Sometimes good is never enough, Sometimes progress is the only state of mind to have, that good will never compete with better!" The crowd cheered as though on Que. "But ask yourselves people, How good does it have to be,... How good can it be when the good we did together, will never justify the bad how bad, things have become! 
   Terrance wiped his head with a cool damp cloth, took another breath and resumed speaking "The truth is people Modern society has drained, stymied and con-fukin-fusses all of us." The crowd began to cheer, Terrance didn't stop " While men and woman fight on, struggle and strive to survive with their families" The Rich, Elite do their best to enslave us every single day." Pressing his fist down onto the podium with a growling overtone in his voive sneering to the invisible enemy " The Financial masters of the Globe, will not spare us until they have absolute control over every speck of earth has been accounted for, this includes us."
  Firing up the assembly a mob mentality began to ensue with pushing and shouting taking place.  "The have mislead us people.." 
  Suddenly the whole transmission just stopped.
     WTZA 62 and All the channels across America  had to make a similar announcement. Today, I imagine Ghram and Cynthia had to transform themselves rather quickly when the report came in the whole station exploded into pandemonium.

      The whole scene flashed back and forward from cameraman to news ancour. Strobe like the lights began  to come alive. Set started changing  and costumes began to emerge from the warehouses to the dressing rooms. Hairstylists and make up artists, in a cloud of talcum powder frenzied over the newscasters.

       shouts made their way from different corners on the studio.  Ghram, and Cynthia took their places, at the side of the camera, frantically scripting que cards for the ancuormen at the desk. lights came on and and the camera crew motioned to the desk with their fingers your on the air.

      Everything began to resemble tiny bubbles , Rolling around inside the room I felt a rush and thought what a strange feeling tingling from the tips of my finger the the top of my head. Every particle appeared in an unnatural reality. I  could see accurately how my hand vibrated with little pulses. and electrical field glazed over. every that light fell upon.  Like tiny grains of sand danced closely amongst one another circling looping and orbiting one another, so  Astounded  I had forgot how terribly frightened this had all become. I saw them next to me pushing and pulling at one another, something so strange how movement seemed to transform into action, not swift or flowing but in hypnotic dances of waves of particle, blinking in and out of existence or perhaps existence was blinking out of me. What had been all reason was reduced to wavelengths of spiralling mire of light been drawn into the  darkness of the lens. I recalled the whole form was a false reflection passing at infinate speeds across the universe before us all Quite unexpected, how the shape retook its form each proportioned in ohmic resonense, a sacred language native to all material never forgotten by the cosmic tongue. as this form had existed before you or i could ever imagine. more beautiful an illuminating. The whole of this world reshaped before me. as it were I was consumed by this event, and had only a moments glimpse of what it was I were to become It was...It was...this

      The television screen lit brightly in the living rooms of millions of Americans having announced simultaniously , This report...just in President Kennedy has been shot!  

      At some point when all the birds began to fall from the skies, and the bees vanished from the meadows, Gods plan to destroy all life actually seemed underway.
The years that fallowed gave strength to all myth, humankind enforced their wills upon the land with devestating consequence. Old adadge to time in memorial,  I seen a new world replace an old. slowly a collective conscious emerged, Humankind too began to die, most of all the titanic will of man was to be replaced by, what had seemed redemption. The modern age of man scarred the Earth, scarred its inhabitants disease and famine plagued the lands, nations fell to the force of nature that had been pushed back by an evolving mindset that our species was superior. Survival was no longer the word of our ancestors it, survival was no longer a right, survival was quickly becoming a state upheld by powerful lords over the people and a priviladge to only a few.

    The selfish materialism of individual pursuit gave way to the grave. The question on everyone's mind... How could this have become, It seemed like only yesteryear that all promises fullfilled by the human condition would be achieved. Advanced technology had catapulted our species in so many possible directions,All History and the stores of knowledge were revealed to a population, entirely too absorbed in celebrating. 

    This form of civilization had been warned over and over again...This path that had been underway for the duration of what history explained as the era of progressive man, showed signs of tremendous blunder. But this was  kept hidden from most of the mindless wanderers of the terrestrial Earth... Advancement was all that could be imagined, progress at all cost. Brainwashed by competitive discipline and thoughtless activity. In only a matter of 100 years what had taken the species eons to become suddenly declined rapidly, still none would have their mindsets evaluated, It made no difference what the indifference, to the unnatural state the globe had become and no amount of conservation efforts could renew the damage that had been done.

    Even during the awakening to these blunderous misgivings our conditions only deteriorated at a fantastic rate, untill one announcement could not be ignored.
That the males of the species were undergoing extincion, not by war or the means of any conscious effort. Not because of any forseeable reason it was simply occurring as the female populations exploded out of control, the male of the species declined, Till not one male offspring was born.

   Stranger so was the obvious this to was a human condition, for no other species was undergoing this terrible fate. Mankind was reaching the end of distinction. and before anyone could understand how terribly wrong things had gone it was to late, Womanhood was left alone to mourn the death of their counterparts, The male of our species simply was of no further use, Without any conscious efforts our species simply stopped producing the disspised man in any form, what few still remained walking on the earth became a symbolic of the utter sadness and inevitability that was involved with the events and the events totality. The human itself would soon go entirely extinct.

   But these understanding went unnoticed like every other natural thing that was relevent to the species survival, and as woman celebrated their advancement through the age the liberation of their species from the the oppression of their male counterparts and limitless opportunity. Forgot their fragile balance, and gave away their spirits to the age of modernization satisfied that the had overcome another of the unacceptable conditions, Mocking the male form injected into society the needlessness of the man,  as nothing more than a entertainment to the new powerful and vibrant image of the all powerfull goddess, to smite down the wimpering and emotional weak male.

   At this point, I have to give pause to what irony had taken hold.  That finally Woman had got what they were asking for, a world with out men. a World without childbirth, a world without falace or penetration.The ultimate vision of their feminist movement.

   Only soon enough did all woman kind realize the error of this way, it spelled absolute death to humanity, absolute death to to all human kind, and as the remaining populations scramble to remedy this uncontrolable situation,in the remaining years. There would be attempts without success. Herkind could do nothing but wait for the last of the men to pass away. leaving behind no hope of renewal, of any kind. Her kind could only mourn their loss, and suffer the burdons of their collective  responsiblity for their shared and lonesome fates. With the whole of the Earth for their own.

© 2014 Templatecash

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I think you've captured the sort of biblical tone you're going for, but I think the best advice to you would be to just keep in mind who your audience is. Reading some parts of this, it feels like you don't quite know.

Posted 5 Years Ago

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