Chapter Four: Gold Rushing

Chapter Four: Gold Rushing

A Chapter by Templatecash

A geologist plays at old prospector While, employed as a tour guide in montana mountain vacation getaway, but unwitted travelers are unprepared for what adventure is instore.



"  Allow me to further allaborate... The Gold rush is often misinterpeited as the reason why the west was won.It wasn't... It was merely the impitious to expand westward as President Lincoln had imagined.

     " The first thing that tour guide said to the group of four would be prospectors. Two men and two women, fitted in cargo shorts and long-sleeves, hiking boots, and sunscreen. Donning the pick axe and shovel.

    " What won the west was survival!" the guide continued, " With the enginuity and shear determination, to push furthest fastest, imagine them first immegrants at Ellis island, Their hearts open wide to frontier life, building the railroads." He paused for a breath,

    "Gold... shoot THe Black hills, California  even further Alaska that is some frontiering!"  There wasnt that much gold in all the earth to move so many men woman and children, somthing else did it.

   " Now!" Exclaimed he, The guide when he spun on his heals facing the group who was stardled swiftly to attention, Eyes transfixed on the figure before them, whom now occupied a position just in front of them as to block his group from the strong rays of the 12 oclock sun. And from their vantage point would display like, light radiating from a form of a man, so brilliant as to obscurre his image from recognition, yet trustworthy as much a man illuminted strongly fit and wise. He stood there silent looking back at his group, evaluating a situation to himself. " What was it?" he asked,  shifting  into a confounding posture, suggesting a question had been posed.

  Nobody said anything. for a moment They just stood there silently, The old guide having judged the perfect moment in order to reveal his answer, announced with a smile. " Adventure,  is what did it."  The group sprang to life gleeful and somewhat surprised, turning from one to another making half sounds and have english, one woman even threw up her hands as to express, I never would have imagined... THe guide turned back into the trail headlong and rusumed talking. The group fallowed behind quickly.

   The old guide resumed speaking, rambling on a monologe for 2 hours nearly hypnotizing. The hike became like a march their guide on, his cadence, the monotonous train of thought, commentating insight filled with wisdoms of wildlife, wonderous nature and the peoples history of those whom tames these lands.

   The path they fallowed those long hours of the day, was pleasant with little to no obstruction. Winding in and around the thick ominous forest. Signs dotted the left and the right of them, chartered out the distences near and far from civilization.

   Only now a fork in the road appeared just ahead, and it was leading off into some rugged terrain and steep incline. Sure to not stray off, one of the men in the group spoke out abruptly. Cutting off the guide in mid sentence.

   "Excuse me sir..." Martin who stepped forward, and explained. " Maybe we should just stay on the trail."  The guide stopped still and with  attentive ear leaned his head around and peering over his shoulder to better listen.

    Martin searched his coharts for reasonable leverage, then searching his pack quickly produced a tour map. Then spoke up "Wouldn't it be more likely we'll discover something of interest at the bottom of the mountain, far easier." Martin relaxed his posture and posed for a moment.

   The guide turned around to face the group and said with all the self assurance of a thoughtful veteren. "Folks, he is right, and likely you'll all discover something very usual along this way...most likely left their for your entertainment and to the resorts advantage, kind of suveniere to take home, when you, eventually leave." 

   The guide then raised his hand to gesture behind him to the mountain terrain blotted with thick trees and green, accented by jagged sheer Granite souring to the summit. Perhaps a days night beyond. He said "I don't think your really that interested anyhow...on that adventure."

   The truth was that the previous three hours of hiking had taken a tole on the group. and they were fatigue even exhausted. Martin had only been looking out for everyone when he had spoke up. "well there is a campsite another hour or so walking distance ahead...on the trail blazed and narrow way, pointing to the sign on the right.

   A woman from the group then stepped forward. " Oh, Martin," she said " It's really okay with me, we can go either way." This she assured Martin, the guild tipped his hat at the brim. She continued. "Besides, where here to really get away right?" Turning to face the other man and woman of the group. The man motion to speak, and  agreed "Martin, maybe Mrgarete is right, Then looking into the other womans' eyes said," Under the circumstances a little bit of the danger, off the beaten path seems, encouraging."

    She nodded like a doe..And agreed. Margaret turned back to Martin, she said," Comm'on Martin, lets all just go over this hill, one time. "she smiled " see whats up!?"
Martin paused for a moment put the map back in his pack, looked up to the guide, who was standing quiet, slightly amused. His glance of endless empathy wrapped on, nodded.

   "Well...Sir..." Martin asked," Whats your name?

   "mine" the guide replied "I'm Uriel, your guide" with a smile.

   "okay then!" Martin said wirling around to everybody with unnecessary confirmation.

   "Uriel would you kindly lead us on...." Martins face totally gave it away, he was undermined and barely could finish saying "...a journey..." He finally worded out.



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