Chapter Five:   Peace be upon him, concerning Ishmael and the head of days.

Chapter Five: Peace be upon him, concerning Ishmael and the head of days.

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Ishmael fell to his face and became relaxed uttered blessings to the lord, God of spirits. When presented his host Esus, son of man, and his return.



     The parable of Idris, Behold his books For told Me of this most trepiditious days. I cannot believe my eyes. Truly the return has come and gone and confirmed are the words of our prophets, As I was elected to unite the Ishmaelites, choosen to searve my God, and prepare this world for the second coming Esus, peace be upon him. Concerning that day, I was present at the location, mine elect ones accompanied me. Armies of all nations were set against me all gods servants, preparing to destroy us all. At the first sign of sunrise, atop the minaret voices called to the fallowers for morning prayer. There is no, god but god...

    Great beasts of the War machine charged forward toward us, so great were there numbers that massive plumes of upturned dust and earth could be seen for 30 miles. Like a storm drawing near Rumbling in the distence booms are heard moments after the light flashing bright. Only these thunders were not the stuff of lightning. and the only thing that would rain down upon all we, was debris from encampment earth flesh, and blood. For this would be the advance to break us here in the valley. 10,000 of our loyalist remained behind that the others may escape the end. For surely today all of us shall meet our deaths.

    I led the prayer, WE warriors in the thousands supplicated, with our heads, firmly planted to the earth. Bowed and submitted perfectly to our lord, God, most high. Eventually the Explosions sent fire falling back to the ground we could no longer hold our ground, our cause for god our struggle gave us courage to face to fight, and fight we did, for before the events that transpired had evolved, We took many of our enemies down in the defense of the strongholds of our few in numbers. But that day, most ironically, Were assured thoroughly, we where to die.

    The Lines had been pushed back to the walls of our city' gates Massive forces opposed our dwindling troops, Pulling back then counter attacks the whole week of this offensive had given the Ishmaelites time to remove the woman children old and ill to safety, but this was hopeless, These nations bent on the destruction of not a peoples, dear reader, but of a faith.  These were the terrible days of tribulation,  Before the head of days.

    Suddenly The heavens were opened with a tremendous rour, we though a bomb had to have been dropped.  The armies of every nation shocked  by such a sight all fell over under one another retreating the batteries and taking cover inside expolded craters still hot from shell fire. out of fear from this awesome  event. A shockwave came over us all across the battlezone, Brilliant light came over everything . Exposing what seemed like the whole world from the faintest shadow,  I stood up in amazement ad looked around, 

   I could see no visible source, It was as if I suddenly had new eyes to see. I search around for a moment before I was greeted by He.........

   There was a companion he looked like an angle, Saying unto me "This is the man whose born in rightousness of the virgin, amongst them rightousness abides over him. And rightousness from the head of days forsakes him not" others became curious and began to crowd around in a circle before the Men who accompanies this brilliance. He the angelic figure spoke again. "He proclaims peace  unto peace in the name of the world. and the one to come, from hence since the creation of the world, So shall it be.  And yea shall walk in his way, since rightousness never forsaketh him, This earth shall now be his dwelling places and those with him(they shall abode) The son of man has accompanied the head of days, to preform mankinds judgement."

     Silence was next, an absolute hush overcame everything, the son of man began to raise his head. I met his gaze his left mine as he scanned the sea of men standing deep so much even atop the dead still fresh from battle to gaze apon the son of man. and for a moment peace was in everything, The battle ceased the machines were no longer running no rocket fell nor the explosions fallowed, no more cries of vengence, cries of fear, or groans of agony. after so many years of unimaginable savagery amounting from this war, peace was suddenly peace. These minutes passed in the minds eye like eons of injustice could finally be redeamed. 

     The son of man miandered in an out through of through the multitudes grew to claim there presence on the mount before this celebrated hero. Thats when I happened, THe son of man lowered his gaze to the floor, emination  rose from him like spitual waves  dustly, light danced around him a hallow formed when his head raised again only this time with his eyes closed. His hand open and pearls dropped from them hundreds of the fell to the floor and rolled out the sound of spilling filled my ears. He opened his eyes. A wave came over all of us, blind fury passed over me like fire. but I would rear not for it was not me to be consumed. the fire vanished stil around me were the others whom had not been destroyed. But as for all the nations whose armies were against us, nothing remained, not even smoldering ash.

    I fell onto my face in suplication, Uttering praise....Every man who remained, fallowed in his praise of God...who had returned, as promised, the son of man to this relm.


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