Chapter Six: Years of Space, Strange Things.

Chapter Six: Years of Space, Strange Things.

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By 1965 Far above the earth, before long the first colonies of manned stations had already existed the setting for stages in space exploration still undreamed by an ignorant public.



         !963 two years after their first ascent into space. 300 miles above the earth there had begun the undertaking of such vastness and scope, as to require the resources of nearly 1 fifth of the nation the national budget annually. Purely astounding was the genuine push toward the stars. or so it all seemed, although nobody on earth but for the select secret group of scientists, and elements of military industrial complex. no-one was to know of this mission. and no-one did, untill something went wrong. 

         Except for a few satilites orditing the earth relaying radio-waves and microwaves back to the surface, there had been virtually no obstruction or interferrance from foreign power. The U.S. Ruled Space and the Russian were clueless. That much was the con-census throughout the intelligence officers. These Guys worked day and night to protect our nations most saught after secrets.

        This is not only the story of the leaps of faith made by the 9 crew members of this extraordinary mission,  but even more so the extent of which our Nations first achievments remained the greatest kept secret in all human history. Perhaps it will honor the multitudes of those whom died knowing, or more likely not knowing what they died for.

       Anyone who might had been there in the early days would remember Odessey and her Iliad and John Kennedy. whose insight formally declare the colonization of space to be of the up-most importance

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