Authors note,

Authors note,

A Chapter by Templatecash

              Fear not my son, for these thing must happen, in order there has 

            to be change, catalyst and catharsis. Faith most definitely must be 

             rooted. The will of Allah, for he is the highest, is always present.

            Then let not your faith or path be easily swayed. 

              Look upon these words, they are graceful, they are elligant, Had

            been written with my very own hand, fashioned by my years by the

            years in endless vision. Look upon these pages and admire them, for

             they are didactic wisdom that no, University can claim, nor dispell

            from the ranks of literature. Read their meaning for, no word should

            be out of its place. 

               And, Wonder whose hand hath guided this precision, then ask 

            yourself, Would it that I produce such, had I only stylis and page to 

            manuscript, Or brush and paint to ornate? Left, with only my, very

            thoughts to fill each line. What then would such a fool as I to now

            undertake. If I were not something more?

               This  is the Book of Ish'Ma'El,  God's, servant here to describe the

            wonder. Now, Judge for yourselves, to what is action. And, take 

             from it what you need, but, never dismiss it, until  you have made a

            likeness of it, of you own free will. To firmly establish your toil.

© 2014 Templatecash

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Added on January 8, 2014
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carbondale, PA

Everyday, Wondering, Waiting excited or sometimes purely depressed. What has ever made humankind truly happy? Is it pleasure seeking, finite in the physical or experimental, Flirting with the spiritu.. more..