To my beloved

To my beloved

A Chapter by Templatecash

                There is a man whom they call Ishmael, And he was alone. He cried 

              out to God, the sustainer, for love, a partner to call his wife. There

               was also a woman, whom cried out to God, the giver, to bring her

              love and mercy unto for she too was alone.

                God, All mighty, answered. Only beneath these heavens such are
              these wonderous miracles preformed. They had met, and fell in love

               in the path of God, glorious is he.

                 Mercy was granted to the woman, and love blossomed fruitfully

              within  them both, They  shared  the promise  of paradise in all their

               thankfulness  to  God, The  compassionate.  Their  companionship 

              grew  deeper still, And  soon had  been Married, The  Woman would

              testify her faith to God, The highest, and Ishmael, chose a name most

              befitting. He called her Madinah, for she was now a place where the

              Prophet (peace be upon him) had enlightened.

                 Madinah, now loved her name, and loved her husband Ishmael, and

              for more time they two reveled in God, the highest, and had his grace

               that they were happy, with one another, the answer to both their


                Twas, not long though, that a Fox, had come along and bestowed 

              favours upon them, In their foolishness, they ate from the tables of 

              this Fox. God, the sustainer had warned, not to take disbelievers as

              as friends nor accept their counsel. For, the Fox, wanted only to lead

               them astray. Yet, they would not listen to wisdom, therefor wisdom 

              had left them.

                Madinah , found vanity to replace wisdom in the looking glass, and 

              by the whispers of the Fox, whom made her blush, and for him, she

               would blush shamelessly.

                 Ishmael was distraught by this revelation, He cried out to God, The

               highest, why had his Madinah taken to this Fox ? Why does she not 

                walk by my side, instead she walks ahead only looking back to see I am

               still there. His heart had broke, for, His paradise was lost. The precious 

                gift of love from God, the merciful giver, was now gone. And for a time 

               it was that way.

                 Yet, not much time would pass before Madinah, found vanity would 

               forsake her, And the Fox would turn becoming cruel in his ways. He

                would be unpleasant to her, that  his favours  no longer  satisfied her

               heart. She cried out to the Fox, in protest. Why, did I leave, my Ishmael

                and Gods, way, to be with you, whom scorn me now, that you whom 

               stole me! away, are satisfied.

                The Fox, replied, Madinah, what challenge was it to me ? That I possess

              these luxuries you fancy after, Or that I spoke to you as only Ishmael, he 
               your husband should had, That you put up no defense, that you excused.

              I use this against you, and charge it so. For, now he has abandoned you 

               and you are dispised, what should I care you are mistreated and are in

              disgrace. Then who else, but I one so clever, should have you?...

               This had stung her deeply...

                 It would not be long that God, who hears all, would know of Madinah ,

              for her cries out, reached him. And he saw what pity the Fox, had left

              her. For, in the Fox's, intent was not purity, but perversion, as he mock

              God,All Might, openly, Yet, God, Most Powerful, would set against him.

                 Purity would re-immerge within the heart of Madinah, For she missed

              beloved Ishmael, who still loved her so selflessly, to pray for her return.

              that they might amend their ways and continue the path of God,the 

               highest, in order to share in love again, their love.

               God, the provider, then reveiled to Ishmael, a portion of his God's, will

              That would secure Madinah and Ishmael a means to a most ambivilent

               plot. For, this Fox's treachary was manifest in error. Only then would

              Ishmael and Madinah, endure. When Madinah, asked for what she must 

              do in order this to be so. Ishmael, replied.  "now that you have the Fox,

               Skin him! and bring back to me his coat."" ... Ishmael then 

              continued, "Did he not, out fox himself !? " 


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