Sub chapter: i,, in a promise fulfilled

Sub chapter: i,, in a promise fulfilled

A Chapter by Templatecash

               Acts of sorcery, by any means through language or symbolism,That are
            intended to communicate with unholy spirits, is a terrific sin. For, which

             there are two parts in a whole. To have ungodly ceremony, that envolks

            evil and  unwanted  spirit unto you life which is then entirely out of your

           human hands, For, humankind has little to no comprehension of the force 

            in the worlds, of  the  unseen. And to intend  with  symbolism, that one, 

           has no knowledge  of  their true manifest  is  utter foolishness. Yet, more

            abominable,  is  the  belief  that any part of,  God, All Knowing,  and  his 

           Mastery over creation can not provide that which is sought through these

           means, That humans foolishly, conceived to provide for themselves, that of

           which God, The creator, has made unlawful, Evil, or unto another. Is total

           stupidity. To ask his Devils, Jinnie, or Whatchers  for, they know, too, and

            must obey, The Giver, and His, Holy Command in all circumstances, of all 

           matters of creation, For, truth be told, They have no free will. And only 

           answer to the will of God, The Highest. 

             God, All Powerful, who has no equal, nor limits, to the scope of ability.

           Therefor, do not, consort with his beings of the unseen and uncertainty

           with unholy intention by human means of divination for, they are false and

           misleading, for a purpose! For, no love of material, wealth nor, insight to

           be sought or practiced can be obtained, without the will of God, On High.

           God, All  Mighty, grants, what  he  chooses, Even to the  misguided  fools, 

            Even if the purposes are ignoble in their nature, Even if they are Evil....

           Yet, do not deny, God, All Powerful, his worship by placing others before

           Him, and do not deny yourself his Mercy and forgiveness. For otherwise

           as sure as Evil, will overpower you in this life, from all direction. Your spirit 

           will remain defiled infinitely, destine to be destroyed, By Hell fire.

© 2014 Templatecash

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