sub chapter iv, a promise fulfilled

sub chapter iv, a promise fulfilled

A Chapter by Templatecash

               The Cremation of care, I associated with ritual sacrifice. Made by 

            those so called Elect, of God, The Ruler, It is meant to instill the most

             fundamental principle of all, The mindset that God, All Mighty, hath

            chosen those heads of state for the nations to rule over the vast sea,

             of people called, Multitudes. That this responsibility, must be carried

            out with a sense of duty, for the greater of the good! That bloodshed, 

            of innocence is to be tolerated, even an acceptable practice. For going

            a guiltless ideology, that it is the will of God, All Mighty, and would aptly

            appear is so. Astagh Firlu Allah, (subhanna wata ayla) That such calamities

             bring upon the Earth during these first days of tribulation. That Elite(est)

            logic is a direct contradiction to truth, of such a purpose as to what it is

            to justly rule.

              Yet, there is rooted symbolic, significance to this, there by in the words 

           of the Prophets (peace be upon them). For,  it  is  true there will befall a 

           disasterous period of time, for, the whole of the earth and all  inhabitants,

           there upon it. Will suffer a multitude of loss in all life that currently exists.

           Not simply that of the humankind, but all kind, all taking place in a relative

           short period of time, called tribulation. We are aware of this, already. It 

           has been short sighted by the multitude as a mere prophecy, that too is 

           intended to mislead, and has a purpose. 

             It is grievously evil, to have commemorated such date, which has not yet

          happened and terribly misguided to expect the attendance of this ceremony

          will ensure anyone, that humans are to for go the compassion of their own,

          species. It is also an ungodly act stepped in mysticism.

             In the hour of that day during tribulation, God, Glorious and Merciful, will

          only then reveal whom are, His, elect, and who will undertake the bodies of

           the dead, and the elect are not necessarily, God, The Highest, Holy ones.

          But, what is more important is this, When should the Multitudes, finally too

           realize understanding, for, All the leaders of those, Nations prepare do 

           certainly prepare for, such a calamity, and do so secretly! Taking painful

          care to limit the knowledge of such things, in order to purposely misguide a

          people whose Hearts have been sealed, Eyes shut and Ears unopened, Yet,

           Mouths are wide open, and bellies full. The fact is, these so called Elect 

          are in deeds, Self, Fulfilling the Prophecies, that are popularly and openly


           It is this point, I attempt to make clear for us. Every word I convey is of

         profound and deliberate meaning of importance, to those of us dwelling on

         this planet still. And for those whom will not arrange their thinking, and to

         prepare for, the hour that does come, there is little hope that you and of,

         those like minded Multitudes, will not, be buried without care.  May God,

         Most Compassionate, guide us.




© 2014 Templatecash

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