Ishmael the Apocagraph

Ishmael the Apocagraph

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            This documentation is in order that there is distinguished ability in a

         certainty to Ishmaelian, writings, God, Most High, willing that there is a 

         reattachment in combinations of recognizable sources, Such as Torah, 

          Engile, Apocraphea, and the Holy Qu'ran All related and confirmed the

         similitude of their textual relevance, are the All Mighty, High Command,

          Possess historical and social encompassing material. Revealing in fact are

         both Devinely inspired, and the word of God, All High, being of the living

         spirit and accepted by God, Most Venerated Most Glorious, He, the high

          for here on Earth to know and abide.

            God, The Source, of all the Prophets(peace be upon them) had been,

          Revealed, by God, All Knowledgeable, who charged his Angels, and in some 

          exceptions God, All High, himself to teach humankind, what they knew not.

          His Lineage of Prophets each confirming a single message, That humankind

          sustain an everlasting worship of the One, True, God, All Highest, And in 

          no other doctrine is this more compelling that of the Qu'ran, The book,

          revealed to the Prophet Mohammed, (peace be upon him) For, He is the

           final messenger of God, All Merciful, who would most effectively reach the

          entire world. The Prophet Mohammed, (peace be upon him) His book and 

          his Sunna, or, the way to conduct ourselves, is the Miracle, of Mercy onto 

           the Multitudes of the Globe, and is confirmed, through the two, and the

         very sustained existence of this a, Mercy of God, All Beneficent. and is the

          Prophecy, in itself that is to this day in Fulfillment. To those  who  know.

          God, Is Great!

             Unlike any of the book whom either through revelation came to the

          lineage of the Prophets,(peace be upon them) The Qu'ran was revealed 

          to only one man, Mohammed (peace be upon him), His revelation began 

          when the Angel Gabrial, was charge to make himself known to Mohammed,

          then dictate the very, word of God, All Excellent, too and, for Mohammed,

           (peace be upon him) then to recite to all humankind. Gabrial, came upon 

          The Prophet (peace be upon him) in a cave, out side the limits of Mekka,

           City of the Prophets, Birth. It was then, The Angel Gibrial, instructed the

           Prophet,(peace be upon him) to read! Yet, The Prophet Mohammed, 

           (peace be upon him) could not read, nor could he write, But, God, All 

           Giving, bestows knowledge on whom he chose, made The Prophet to 

            remember, what The Angel Gabrial, would instruct, All throughout his 

           Prophethood, that was to last more than 24 years until the completion of

           Message had been fully understood, and The Qu'ran was completed as 

           well was the Sunna, or the way in accordance to the proper worship,

           O God, All Highest, encompassing proper hygiene, ceremony, and prayer.

            Also was the sherria, laws and juriprudence of the people who fallowed

            The One True Religion Islam, whom The Prophet, had given to perfection.

                The Verses or Sura, of the Qu'ran had been recorded by the trusted 

             companions of the Prophet (peace be upon him) and (peace upon them)

             They who wrote them, and compiled the Kitab, or Book instructed by the

              Prophet (peace be upon him) Himself, instructed by God, All High, was 

              written in Classic Arabic, and was promised by God, All Powerful, that

              not a letter of this book would be tampered with, This incidentally is a

             Major fulfillment, that the word of God, Most High, is validated by its

              unbroken promise, for over fourteen centuries has remained in entirety

             The same book revealed to the Prophet Mohammed (peace be upon him)

             This cannot be refuted, nor, are any of the other books similiar in this

              nature. For all other books of the bible are tampered with by the hands 

             man, Yet, the Qu'ran does confirms, what is to be validated despite their

             unintended corruption, For, all the books are truly one, essentially.

               The Holy Qu'ran is intended to be a guidance for humankind when there

             Is no guidence elsewhere to be found. This is another Prophecy. God, All

              Compassionate, is Great! The Qu'ran will reveal great mysteries that are

             surrounded by obscurity by the tampering of humankind and their hands

             in mischief over the centuries. The Qu'ran and the Sunnah, are inseperable

             and for that purpose has provided rememberence of the Final,  Messenger,

              and the perfect conduct that humankind are to strive toward when they

              Embrace the One True Faith Called, Islam.

                Islam, and the guidance of The Prophet Mohammed (peace be upon him)

              Is the way of life that encompasses all aspects of life contained in a true

               religion, The submission To God, All Highest most Worshipful, in order to

              Understand and confirm the truths behind  God, All Knowing, and his 

               many reasons.



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