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               Here, I Am!, For, God, The Glorious, I take up my pen and begin to write

           this parable, These and other writings, fashioned in tradition of faith to One,

            True God, Most High, and peace unto US all. For a way, likened to this a

            minting of a coin. This parchment and these words from a source of One,

           promise of the Holy One, gift of eternal gladness unto those whom obey and

            keep faith, to move mountains.

             Ish'Ma'El, I am here, to testify to your, oneness, the validity of you prophets

          (peace be upon them all) that by your authority, did they speak. Your Angels,

           seen and unseen, of God, All Mighty, whom you created, to serve you. That I

          know obedience, and the differences of righteous and unrighteous ways. 

          That for me, Lord God, Most High, There is torment below, and paradise too

           above. Aware, that there will be final judgement, and are to prepare for, in

          this life. That I may perpetuate your worship, The One True God, The Highest,

           for, you are my protector, O'dear God,All Aware,, of what I do and do not.

          Revealing, of knowledge, whom send down to us his message. WHom did your 

          Angels, make known unto, themselves in order to deliver. Make thy servants to

           listen. To witness your order carried out, on display for all, the forces under,

          your command.

            Praise, to your greatness. For to give us free will, and to experience this a

          conciousness, beyond that, the realm of our mortal understanding. God, All 

          Aware, It was thine Angels whom you commanded, Go unto the earth and 

           teach Humankind what he knows not. Who then taught   Adam, and Enoch 

          the names and all the wonders of all things. God,All High, who then recalled 

         Enoch, to you. That he was reclaimed and recalled the Arch Angel Metatron.

          And thus passed his book to his grandson Noah(peace be upon him) that he

         would then save the few, to regenerate all humanity. To pass the knowledge

          of the ages by your command God, All Giving of Mercy, onto their sons and

         too their sons as well. that humankind have a clear warning, and guidance.

            At the Head of days, reveals a wholey destruction of the earth. Not for,

         Enoch, and his generation but, for the remote generation. He is Idris, He is

          Thoth, He is Metatron, is all but one. God, Most High, I understand, Liken

         to everything spread about the thoughtful caution, the warning. For we are

          of the nearest remote generation, to still come, growing nearer still. Whose

         Age we are yet, to come, yet not far away, at all. God, The High, hath you to

          ordain, So many things, we should know them, like our own hands.

           Successfully, did God, All Omnipresent, reveal to the Prophet Mohammed,

       (peace be upon him) That only his message would reach the entire world. For,

        it is true. With you protection from the corruption of human hands, and their

        interferrences. Is this not accomplished? It is true. Your words God,All Mighty,

        are infinite, One have spread the message of, Islam to an entire world, it is a

        message of peace, rightous behavior, the conduct of the path to everlasting

         enlightenment. A glad reminder of a forgotten history.

          History so ancient it was to be utterly forgotten, abandoned, for a purpose.

        But not, for I've seen and learned of these things, Mysteriously I'm Guided, for,

        a great more than dogma or revelation are in my intentions, My heart. I see 

        clearly signs, a transition to, sustainable thinking. Like a guardian, though in

         pitch darkness, whose eyes still observe, in the dark night.  There is no 

        alarm, no threat I am not aware of. Nor will I be fed upon, but by God, All

         providing, of his will. For my nature abhors deceit, I cannot speak of any way

        to disregard. O'believers of the book, I know you find God, All Presenting, in

        everywhere you should watch, even when your not looking. Those are clear

         signs, to behold. 

         I testify before the All Mighty, and all that be truth, these are the days of 

        servitude, we are in a time of great, wicked imagery. Adorned in the highest 

       places upon buildings of man and his seeming triumphant statutes over nature.

        Reaching far high into the skies, touching highest the clouds, to outgrow in 

       numerously all the trees. Electronic forces, penetrate the minds eyes, and 

       power a technology unimaginable since the days of Noah(peace be upon him)

       For nothing can be similar, from then, unto it. For sure God, All Wise, has you

       plan began to show fruition, Humankind has taken flight, seeking another of 

       your suns, beyond those limitations, prescribed. I know to what purpose.

       Our devices, will listen and learn of us, transmitting those voices across the 

       globe, but also echoing for what might seem to be forever in all the points of

        distance. Hear our laughter, hear our sorrow, Hear them cry out to one to

      another, hear them testify against themselves in earshot and curse themselves.

      But, did they know, to whom always had been listening. They might learn faster

       though, for at their fingertips all forces if knowledge can be found, but, it is

       unto a ship of fools, with no sense of choosing. In the sea of information.

       Lord, God, All Wise, knows,  it's all infinitesimal, at our best.

         Humankind had made this a world unto themselves, Where there can be no 

      God to speak of in public lest you desire the outcry, save the holy lands. For

      False idolatry has created such a division, useless laws and a whimpering pulpit

      from where to cry their eyes red, in a display of maniacal selfishness, the are

      the oppressed they are the struggling, They are hearts sealed, Eyes shut, Ears 

      closed, yet,  Mouths wide open, whose bellies are continuously full. It is good

      to be bad, and bad to be good. Slander, and ill gotten gain is to smiled upon,

       All to numerous, do the surveying of pitiless wealth, dine on the manipulated 

      interests of reckless, fortune seekers. Borrowing from their children and their

      children's children, there is no sense of this anymore, But it all has a purpose.

      In a worlds that speaks of evil, directly from the mouths of babes. cannot sleep

      in the dark, nor is prayer, easy to find that a space near has not the quality to

     envolk thy God, All Mighty, in his name. A world of gross materialism in alternate 

      reality, devised for a purpose... To escape the realm of God, All Gracious, and

     His, appointed glory. Edward Barnes, said it best " The world is run by a tiny few

     That the many are unaware make all policy, to run their lives." Propaganda 1918,

     God, All Merciful, is the best of planners, may he guide US.






© 2014 Templatecash

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