the Birds and the Bees

the Birds and the Bees

A Chapter by Templatecash

               In the beginning when God, The Highest, had these heavens and this 

             earth and the waters separated from the lands, which all he had created

             God,All Powerful, placed upon the shores in the seas, and throughout the 

             lands and in the heavens two of every creature. Than as God, All Knowing,

             Ordered, them to be fruitful and multiply, And it was.

               To the stories credit , It became valuable for, the saying it has become 

             known to become, but, as for everything else humankind will re-discover 

              a much more ominous origin to phrase as peticuler as this. Then as all
            everything else explained in life, rarely has anything to do, with how we 

             humans interperate things. 

                Be made aware, Centuries and Millenia ago before that funny fellow 

             Darwin had made his discoveries on those remote islands. The earth had 

              it many inhabitants, and a very advanced and technological peoples 

             moving about the lands dwindling their time between the booms and 

             bustles, as all civilizations do.

                 I know you heard this one before, There was a great flood that wiped 

             them all upon the earth , clean. but, what you might not be aware of is 

              before all that. There had been a great deal of speculation as to what 

               earthbound  inhabitants  might  do  in  order they have a fair chance of 


                 The bigger picture here, is this earth was not just preparing for a flood

              they were fully aware was to come. For earths truer history involves many

               periods of life and periods of death, Earth at this time was underway a

              period of death.

                 For the first, that happened, pleas from the earth cried out to the 

              heavens and unto God, All Hearing, Humankind and Jinn, had consumed 

              much of the mountains for, to possess its gold, silver, copper and other

              such valuable and precious metals. Then humankind and Jinn, slain the 

              lands, of the trees, fruits and the wildlife within them. Humankind and 

              Jinn, than polluted all the waters in the rivers, lakes the tributaries and 

              seas, Until humankind and Jinn, finally polluted all the breathable air.

                 Humankind had multiplied into unspeakable numbers and lived unholy 

              lives. This had become a morally bankrupt society, and ruled itself against

              God, All Manifest and Majestic. That this mindset gave  birth to the, Birds 

               and the Bees. 

                It was at some point when all the Birds, stopped flying and the Bees had

              suddenly vanished with them from the skies. God, The Great, reckoning, 

               whose plan to destroy the life on land was underway.

                  The centuries and Millenia that fallowed this old adage are memorial in 

              time, but kept hidden from most, are the evidence before history, claimed

              to be renowned, That this mystery is the most coveted of all, why?

                 For, as long as the Birds and the Bees conversation continue unto the

              offspring, We are still honoring tradition, that the earth and its inhabitants

               will remain fruitful and multiply each according to their species.

                 Yet, once mankind has again  become arrogant of themselves, ignorant of

              God, All Protecting, and the laws prescribed arrangement. The humankind

               specimen will sin against itself the earth and all upon it.

                 That was the warning , the Birds and the Bees, they to remind us as

              children that in accordance to a cosmic law, we are prescribed to fallow

               As adults we are to keep reminder, Live in rememberance. Now!

                 That secret is revealed, and all the living upon the earth, are to be 

              called the dead! And the walking dead! All because of some confusion over

               The Birds and the Bees.




© 2014 Templatecash

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