The great white lie

The great white lie

A Chapter by Templatecash

              God,All Wise, It is Ishmael your servant, whom seek you guidance in, 

            another matter. That I may develop this a charter, with your help. O'God,

            who sees everything, all that is examined, for, you to show me course to

            fallow. That God, All Ways, guide my ears.

              Behold! I have been told of a history. That no school has taught. For,

            long, long ago was a land, before recorded time, dating back more than

           ten thousand years! A time when the Saharra, was lush and green, fertile

           teaming with wildlife, Rivers, Green hills, and pasture. Great cities sprawling

           these landscapes, shinning out the moonlight. But these places where with

           much bloodshed and sin. For, in these times, All the nations feuding over 

            dwindling resources of the earth.

              A global civilization! All well comparable to our own, so to the world we

          live in. Civilizations prosper, societies decline. Mostly faced with all the same

           challenges that any form of Government, to ensure their continuity. To the  

          technological forms of government, the more this is so. For large populations 

          need to be fitted to survive, this is not an issue for, those forms that fallow 

          the path of God, The Provider, Sustainability for all of humankind, their needs 

          and more. There for this world, time and place was without God,The All 

           Sustainable, Or fallowed His ways, for certain that their innovations, would 

          eliminate laws prescribed of God,Most Aware,and his glorification. Humankind

          was then, without Faith.

            It is written in the Torah, and Confirmed in Qu'ran, That it is God, All Great,

          who would nurish Israel, Time and time again. This is to include historically an

          understanding confirming this. Validated by the word of God, All Giving, is it 

          not? That, obedience, praise giving in to His Oneness, are successful. 

           But, I digress.

            In those times calamity had befalled the earth, and all life on the planet

          was being plundered for the essential resources. For, not a creature on the 

          planet could be sustained. Great wars, begun to this. Nation pitted against 

          other Nations till the most powerful only remained. In these days humankind

          made the earth a graveyard, filled with the dead, in order that the elect did

         survive till the final hour. But, the elect were not with joy to know of any 

         part of the hour that come, for, Out of fear, their earthly souls, were bound

          by their earthly desire. Their hearts were sealed by delights, their fates


            One day the King of Old Ancient Egypt, long before recorded history. Only

          God,All Mysterious, and knowledgeable, is aware. Yet, the story continued to

           take its form, thus listen for the snap of dawn and take ahold the first sight

          of light, what is truly being revealed. 

            The King commissioned a great scientist, knowledgeable of mysterious ways

          of genetic engineering, to develop and clone an army of warriors, superior to 

          all other soldiers of war! God, is Great! This scientist whose name was Dawud,

          set right away at this, and in doing so, just that. God, All Wise and Knowing, 

           Let it be, and it was. For legions of them had been innovated to serve their 

          malicious purpose, Images of humanoid creatures, established ranks of mighty

          mercenaries of death, for, the glory of the King of Old and Ancient Egypt, 

          There was a form of perfection unliken to any other human on earth in those 

          times, Tall, brooding and exceedingly muscular and strong. Intelligent beyond

           any ordinary scope of their day, treacherously devious , for the were lacking

          any compassion. For their, aim was to destroy the rivals of the King of Egypt,

          Slaves whose distinction was ruthlessness and the shade of their hair, skin and

          color of their eyes.

            These numerous legions known to then, as only the Kings Killing Kymeria,

          were dispatched immediately, shortly there after had conquered all of Old,

          and Ancient Egypt's rivals, for any nation that rose in opposition to Egyptian 

          rule fell shortly to these armies of death! It would have to have been the will

          of God, All Powerful, to have ever happened.

            The Egyptian King, being pleased with himself, and his Kings Killing Kymeria,

          gave little regard to what was near to come, For it were not long that these,

          Kings Killing Kymeria, would themselves desire to rule themselves, As all the

          conquerors surely do. and God, All Powerful, would will it so. The Kymeria set 

          upon Egypt, likened with a, lightning war, devastation and total capitulation

          was the Egyptian's fated reckoning. Soon all the world, no corner of the globe

          was not placed in bondage, oppression and miserable death.

            So who were these Killing Kymeria that their fabled legions of, ruthless

         conquerors who would overthrow and enslave, the Global Order of the world

          during the tribulation, of a predeluvian earth. They called them, The Great,

         White, Blue eyed, Devils.








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