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               It is not the will Of God, All Highest, that we set against the way of God,

            Glorious is He, . The One True, God, All Merciful, for he tells us to resist,

            deviation from righteous behavior. Rather to extol, prayer and represent 

            his way, throughout our the actions of our lives. You, too many of us, are 

            given in to the temptation, this is not Insha'Allah, Glorious is He, This is our

            open enemy satan, assaulting the spirit.

              If not offered in the way of God, All Giving, by this standard his accord, and

            is of no necessity. We must not keep such things, or seek such things. They 

            are prohibited, to accept bestowed gifts or favours, these carry a heavy 

            burden on the life and soul of the believer whom receives such, This is too

            for a unforeseen purpose, likely to mislead, a confidence.

             It is God, All Perfect, in ways, and his will to have resisted this temptation,

           All together. For, once one has given into, there is no end to the corruptive

           nature, that is "to give into". Seek to restore your most worshipful state of

           grace, there is no other way. You are corrupted, you cannot seek paradise

           in this state. For, God, All Mighty, power is reintroduced in infinite quantity,

           in order we of his, creation, regenerate growth, in mind, spirit and body.

            Then, why? seek misguidance to teach us destruction, to its own ends. For,

          a better life? All God, Most Bountiful, whom gave us the intellect that we might

          balance the weight and proportions to far smaller than the nuclei of a tiniest

          atom. Alone can He, provide the best of lives. For, we no longer require to 

          innovate in order to sustain the cost of living out our extravagance.

            This is why, All those that are believers and are faithful, and live in their limits

          God,Most High Most Wise, they, alone will prosper. They will become beautiful

          in the eyes of God, Most Merciful, set within our heads, that shall witness his 

          plan is without question, the best. In order of God. Most Gracious Holy Order.

          His Command. His hands, that he created doing the righteous work, in order 

          we might save for ourselves. In all matters that need protection, guidance

          of God, Most Perfect Planner, endless power key to sustain our lives, and the

          lives of generations to come, so in this order Insha'Allah, we might save 


            Make no mistake, for, this earth and these heavens and all that dwell in and

          upon them shall come to pass. But, God, most Beneficent, his word will never

           cease to exist... We have His Word! The way to Sustain.

           All praise be to God, peace and blessings beloved. The truth will again be 

         re-revealed, For, Islam, is peace, in life where there should be nothing. 

         Praise God, The Highest,  for, His Glory, His Bounty and Grace. Live in  of

         God,The Sustainer, with in all of this.





© 2014 Templatecash

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Added on January 12, 2014
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