Another Global Change on the Horizon

Another Global Change on the Horizon

A Chapter by Templatecash

              To the best of my knowledge God, All Knowing, of my intentions report

            that which has come to me through narrative, investigative and journalistic

            means, praise God, All Wise, in the pursuit of mystery, that I lead no human

            astray. Lest be their will and the will of God,All Compelling, for it is not my 

            intention or wish to establish no conception not worthy of consideration

            in order to dwell on the purpose of God,The Mightiest, and his appointment

            for Humankind.

               I will begin with a Gentlemen, whose name is J. Anthony West, him and a 

            group of researchers. Would like to pose this argument. They believe that 

            the Spynx, of Egypt is a preservation of a far older more ancient Egypt that 

            existed Eight to ten thousand years ago. God, knows best. 

               It's remarkable the evidence Mr. West and his team are presenting. 

            needlessly to describe as compelling. Which is plainly sighted for God, The

            Knowing, can only reveal to man, what he knoweth not. After the veils of 

            arrogant disbelief are removed. That the monuments (ie. Sphynx and the 

            Great pyramids) are remnant of civilization, that inhabited a lush vegetative

            landscape that then, was, home of an Egyptian peoples. That indicated, 

            were far more more sophisticated than we are expected to believe.

            Ruling in a tropical paradise! This challenges us. And our popular sense

              God, The All Mighty, is great. And if this theory as correct, J. Anthony

            West and his team will overturn all mainstream understanding concerning 

            Everything. For, the origins of humankind are perhaps nothing like we are

            led to believe. West and his team of researchers has uncover physical 

            data and measurable arguments that support their collective theory and 

            are not void of common sense. Yet, the experts are all in agreement, and

            reject their findings and suggestions.

               Mr. West and his researchers are  suggesting  that Giza,  was  once the a

            great center, inhabited by an advanced and technological civilization whose,

            monumental structure are not all that remain, and  that if archaeologists, 

            dug deeper to uncover a far more older Ancient history in fact, would likely 


               This poses an enormous amount of speculation as to why it is taught that

            Egypt had ruled four thousand years ago, in the Old Kingdom period, and it's

            decline during the intermediate period, and new kingdom periods between,

            only 2000 b.c.e.. Yet, their physical evidence, the remains of the Sphynx,

            great pyramids suggest a much different period for which they had been 

            erected. West and his researchers are suggesting both the Sphynx, and 

            Great pyramids had been actually erected when the geography of Egypt

            had been a tropical landscape, abundant with rain and vegetation. indicated

            by a specific pattern of erosion, found in the areas surrounding the 

            monuments in question. This is only possible if weather patterns had been

            entirely contradictory to the previous 8000 years, Climatologist have made

            a determination that support, Mr West and the researchers, independent

            of Mr. West or his teams claims, In fact according to computer models that 

            show the Lands of Egypt and Surrounding regions throughout Africa were,

            indeed likely, experiencing a contrast, to the weather of the previous

            8000 years to date. Including heavy rains and flooding.  As well are the literal

            writting on the wall that are being disregarded by experts. They rely on their

            understand that the pyramids had been Erected By the Pharoes Kafi, and 

            subsequent fallowing Rulers. For, the purpose of burial! Nothing really 

            explained clearly, This is too with a purpose.

               Of, course we can imagine the implications, they are staggering. Thus 

            to erode two millenia, of constructed consensus, When put into question.

            What would humankind do, if acknowledgment of this form of inquiry was 

             regarded seriously. Does the the rewriting of history of all human history,

            hold the key?

              Had we  collectively  participated  in  advancements  we  once believed 

           impossible, and for, what reason had the facts been purposely hidden was

           it to  control  what  humankind  thought of  it's  origins  and  why are the 

           understandings we have preferred. if they are not the truth?

             Did Ancient Egypt actually wield a superior, seemingly supernatural power

           ten thousand years ago? And how did they come about it. such as the 

            erecting of Monolithic structures or their, comprehensive categories of 

           astronomical charting. That is still escaping common inquiry, These were no

            ordinary stargazers, these are fundamental truths that Europeans, hadn't 

          made discover of until the likes of Copernicus and Galileo, thousands of years

          later, and how had such been lost in the first place? We understand this is 

           reflected around the globe, in numerous various questionable Monumental 

          Monolithic  sites spanning  the length of  the globe, that have all managed to

          avoid speculation. Lord, God, All Knowing, alone has the truth but, I am here

          to  suggest  that God, The Highest, has  ordained there  will be  a definitive

           revelation concerning all  these matters that  have  such  meaning, soon 









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