sub chapter i, Another Global Change, European peoples.

sub chapter i, Another Global Change, European peoples.

A Chapter by Templatecash

             The predominantly Caucasian, rule has existed for nearly one thousand  

        years, And its a question that deserves pondering for, since, The middle ages 

      nations of Europe, managed to impose their power over the world with seemingly

      a limitless scope. Acquiring land resources and people  all for, the glory of the

      empirical than colonial throne? God, The Highest, is only worthy of glorification,

      and only he, God, should be praised, However, from these cold and wooded 

      regions came about a peoples whom,  certainly possessed not any degree of

      enlightenment, that they had not plundered from the East, To establish then-

       selves the dominant, presence, we know of today.

            It was the Aristocracy, of these peoples that would ultimately rewrite the

       better part of history, in order to position themselves as the duly, ordained 

        rulers of of the lands they occupied. European nations had little if, no  real

       knowledge of history, or the cultures they themselves adopted in the pursuit

       of prestige and power grabbing. in fact, after the Roman Empire that had once

       boasted the title of world order, had dismantled and withdrew themselves from 

       most the regions of interior Europe, Brittania, Normandy, Iberia, the borderlands 

       of Germania, Europe was left, wallowing in a plauge infested, dark age of That

       through God,All Mighty, and his will alone managed to survive at all.

         Climate change would play the crucial role in the European rise to power, for

       as the temperature climed from freezing to the temperate, during first the 6th 

       7th centuries fallowed by a period of consisting warmer weather patterns a 

       form of renewal would take place . Expansion, took hold of the European people.

       Influence in part by the people of warmer region in the East, that had taken to 

       green lands of north Europe, Scandinavia and the Baltics, to establish colonies 

       for themselves, integrating with indigenous population and eventually resulting to

       invasion of neighboring domains,to the west. primarily the lands of Scottland, 

       Britain. Where remnants of Roman rule still existed, managing to have integrated 

       themselves. Where as the fall of the empire leaving most there distant regions,

       to fend for themselves in hostile territory. These abandoned legions would they 

       themselves impersonate rule, as both protector and conqueror roles. This was 

       at a limited capacity however for no hope of reinforcement existed, and the 

       rule would shift from one to the other each pressured by the other, there 

       rival warlords, to continue their volley of bloodshed.  Invading bands of foreign

       tribes, internal rebellion famine and a early death, were European way of life.

        and what so called kingdoms, managed to survive those miserable days during 

        the dark ages. had not the capacity for any form of intellectual prosperity, 

       let alone power to reach out to beyond their timber gates, in a conquest.

          Still centuries before the enlightenment had scarcely begun, Italy, the land

      that the Roman Empire had once called home. began a new Climax to power,

      still again with the influence of the Eastern Holy Lands of Palastine, once the 

      rich province of Rome itself had inoculated the religion of Christianity, rather,

      A man named Paul, a missionary, himself once a advisory of the faith now thought

      himself the great preacher, making the long voyages along, the old Empires roads

      and their shipping lanes to spread the doctrine, called the gospel. God, All Wise,

      only knows what was in Paul's heart. For this is a strange history, The once great

      republic of Rome, seat of world power in their height, ruled over one million, 

      square miles, capitals in three cities, now there was only Constantinople, were

      the Emperor Constantine, ruled, But , Rome the Autocratic Republic, them Rome,

      The Empire,  Constantine now ruled The Holy Roman Empire, a Theocracy. I don't

       Believe Rome ever Fell, Except to the Turks, A thousand years later. even then

       Rome only moved back to Rome, Italy.

         Power from the ashes of an Empire came a new form of Government for Europe,

       No longer was the Emperors legions and senate to establish rule, with all those 

       different ideas of how rule was to be, Ah, No, In their place One man, now ruled

       The Pope's Holy Roman Empire, Somewhat in the name of God, All Mighty, Yet,

       Rome was still corrupt, a method by man intent on the holdings of former power

       lands and nobility. None the less this was Europe,  The madness that somehow 

       grew into modern view, as a predominant sentiment of popular culture. The new

       nations and it's people their nobility. Now, centered themselves, to the world.

       All taking part in a millenium old orgy of Bloodshed and destruction, for what?

       In order to rewrite history, in order to keep it rewritten? But know this, it was

       a few who would fool the many, thereby forcing their heads and hands to take

       their share, order to pull off this nefarious plot. The only question that remains,

        Who are these few?  

          With Misery, Starvation, Zealotry, Inequity, Two Mini Ice Ages, and at least of

       any connection to Ancient History, save the European, plundering of Islam, five

       centuries later, (that with a sense of irony has restored a portion today!) God,

       All Knowledgeable, is great. Indeed these were the ongoing conditions of early,

       European history. A feudal barbaric and disease plauged society, whose major 

       contributions to the world had been robbed from the Eastern Holy Lands, Than

       plagiarized and claimed by the Western culture as their own. However, unlikely

       this might had been, without any foreseen assistance, God, All Mighty, knows 

       the facts. There was naturally some intervention by the Pope, who would grant

       lands nobility and aid to the kingdoms, who partook  in these Crusades. Even still,

       the presence of some unseen force or foe, had to have masterminded, portions 

       of this, elaboration for it to have made any reasonable sense. And perhaps one,

       could search the river Danube, for the sources of reason, fallowing upstream,

      Trek further, North to the lands of Denmark, and Scandinavia. For there comes a

       King of Kings by the name of Charlemagne. May God,All Wise, guide us.

        There is One contribution that the Western societies made centuries later,

      and foolishly boasts, Their Self Righteousness. And no examples of this are more 

      better found than in the Europeans so called age of enlightenment.  The proud 

      arrogance of Godless, scribes setting their quills to quiver to soak humanity in 

       in the Ink of self indulgent, nobility and mimic reason. All this aim to glorify

      humankind's hubris, pure propaganda, to mezmerize an ignorant masses whom

      neither shared their authors luxuries, nor the education or guidance. fit to 

      explain the ruse, against them. For what other purposes would seem fitting 

       then to inoculate a population with the likes of Marce De' Sadre, with his 

      perversions and debauchery. or rather charm the nickers off the their foolish

      females with lustful fancy, rendezvous in the enchanted forest with noblemen,

      most likely a merchant witless daughter. Undignified relation and heroic exploits

      of the young in order to corrupt there minds from a maturity that brings about,

      enlightenment,  This is really how the West is won. Truth replaced by sexual 

       deviation, greed and humankind's self determination to over come God, The 

       Highest, and his holy order. may we be forgiven.

        For what wisdom reaches us from the pages of these charletons. It is as all

     humankind was set upon itself to destroy itself. Yet, in the meantime a few who

      would know better, would silently make their fortunes publishing and producing

      this likeness, incessantly. Never partaking in the poison of their own manufacture

      and to be sure they protect themselves and their young, not to involve with such

      this, a ploy, a mechanism, a trickery.

        Understanding can only come from a clear and lucid mind, God All Beneficent,

     provides humankind with a intellect capable of great understanding and a capacity

     inspire and to live inspired, It is this form that the few, who do not want the many

     to possess. Therefor, if a few wish to rule as do the aristocracy of Europe did. 

      Than the many must never be mindful, The many must remain  self indulgent, or

     corrupted and miserable, the many and multitudes must remain numb with depths

      of sadness, When the lonely wife leaves her Husband for her lovers, For he is now

      drunk, on poisonous shwill, in the filthy poverty stricken neighborhoods, helpless

      to witness their daughter depraved by brutish criminals whom stole her away from

      the protection of home. Because, those Wordsworth, nothing had incited young,

      feminist rebellion. upon burying thy only son in an early paupers grave, For an

      honor, to have died by the hands of a tireless enemy, of another tyrant ruler.

      Indeed my beloved, they are the way of a wicked, corrupt jealous few, who drive

      the multitudes away from reason and away from, enlightenment. These are old 

       methods, and still, very much a practical means, beware of ALL their RUSES.

      Do not be deceived any longer, God, All Mighty, is great, seek refuge in his 

       guidance, All Satan's work, are your open enemy! The few, are with a purpose. 












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