sub chapter ii, another global change, the ruling class.

sub chapter ii, another global change, the ruling class.

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             Aristocracy, the particular of social order (judgement of higher(est) class

          Specifically in a Monarchical, Matriarchal, paradigm. Affluencing heredity title,

           to be granted by a King, Queen, Nobility or relation to one whom acquired 

          such a title, by those whom possess these honors mentioned. God, All Mighty, 

          Alone gives honor unto his creation. For, this tradition of ordained succession

          itself, gives reason for, those to seat themselves to rule over others. For, it is 

          God, All Powerful, and his will that place humankind about their station.

             Long ago in Greece and Rome territories throughout Europe, during the first

          centuries and before, Titles of Nobility were derived by membership in Military

          fashion, the status granted by this participation in heroism, conquest and more

          importantly survival. Had deemed the warrior, suitable to lead and possess the 

          honors, endowed, by their rulers. There for, their status would be raised also,

          that off their offspring, usually the first born, would heir. This the will of God,

          the Beneficent, had been assumed by man, and placed speciality over one 

          individual, that to another.

            Aristocracy, typically would rule in the place of their Kings, Queens, or the

         Emperor's absence, though in Greece and Rome, whom had considered that of

         a Republic, A Senate, body made up of officials, appointed by the nobility and

         wealthiest, would employ a general electoral, process of concensus or vote,

         for, of the peoples wishes in order to satisfy, a unity over policies that came to

         order. This was a tradition formally, upheld. For, the popular agreement in the

         political process of governing. These bodies made up the mechanisms by which

         government was possibly achieved, and are a present architecture throughout

         sustaining civilizations. Although, importantly noted, with the enlistments of the

         notable few, to oversee both the wishes of the people, and their leaders. The

         presence of corruption, bribery, intimidation often these appointed, are prey

         to these and other means of manipulation of the system by ambitious rule.

         Thus a cycle of revolt was always and is always present, throughout the so as

         Democratic Process.

           Regardless, what order had been gained by these bodies and their constituate

         were considered standing policy enacted for, the better good of the peoples,

          and domain subject to it's ruler. It's impact considered the "Status Quo," in a

         regard to all the classes, including the "Citizen", For, in those earlier times,

         the people did not include the majority of any dominion'ative population. The

          Rebellion was a continual threat to Aristocratic rule. For, inequity, was, is and

        always will be abound. However, the rule of Law has also always enforced, with

         brutal efficiency, in order to deter the unpleasant matter, Such as the 

        occasional rebellion. In most cases, successfully.

           In the European ascention to power and rule, this was a completely different 

        matter. For, the Nobility Standards, were a borrowed custom. Lands and the

        subjugation  were obtained by the promise of these favors, bestowed by the 

        warlords whom equated bloodlust and greed, with the capacity for rule. None 

        the less a fractured society did emerge from these humble and depraved begin-

        ings. As wealth was plundered, Warlord would become fitting rulers and some 

        even established for, themselves a Monarchy. Privilege, and custom soon had

        their fallowing.

          During Europe's, Middle Age, expansionism of a different kind would introduce

        the scores of Tribal bands to concepts that had earlier escaped them. The So 

         called barbarians., there by filling a vaccum , and the method of a social class

        of rulers would then be introduced and affirmed by the one recognized power

         in the whole of Europe. The Holy Roman Empire, and their Pope.  Pope Leo,

        would especially introduce ruling power to one such man, in 800 A.C.E. and the

         Nobility that fallowed Him. The King of Italy, The King Of the Franks, Emperor

        of Europe, Charlemagne. This established right of the noble standard to anyone

         he choose, the upper echelon of humanity, for, in order to stem the Islamic,

        expansion of the Iberian Spain, Pope Leo would entrust Emperor, Charlemagne

        and charge him to spread the faith of Christendom throughout Europe. Only the

         beginning of 12 centuries of hostility and bloodshed that would ensue, due to 

        this fateful, Christmas Day, 800 A.D. God, All Wise, Knows best.  Christianity, then

        the faith of the sword, become Europe's only acceptable religion, from then on.

        This brought about the conquest, and storing of riches, enslavement of the 

         people, and of course, the Holy Roman Pontiff, and his supreme unquestionable

        authority. Throughout, the catechisms of the Catholic religious doctrine, not 

         of it's faith, but the rule of man placed over the souls of many. but, who knew 

        the difference. No one in Europe, had any connection previously to the East. 

         but through the Roman trades routes, that incidentally no longer existed. or so

        is mentioned, for, Rome had fallen, centuries previously, did it not. So for they

         pressured by execution, or torture, were easily converted. All very acceptable

        as God, All Mighty, and his divine will. The code of edict was established and

        the ruling class, assumed their place. Above all other station. Achieved by shear

       brute blood and guts. 

         Yet, after some time, this too would change, for, those whom now ruled had

      become wealthy, no longer spending their days and years warring, and plundering

      their neihboring territories. Had by now settled comfortably, for , some time. 

      They to, by God, All Present, and His will, began to ponder, even began to read 

      of History. A History that had been brought to them from the far East. By the

      Tradesmen, Priests, and Merchants that now frequented the flurishing Kingdoms

      and the cities that began to grow larger. Stories, Information and  Knowledge,

      unknown to but a few.  The lands of Mesopotamia, and of Egypt. Glorious wealth

      tales of great rulers, these were fabled lands to the rulers of the dark, cold 

       inhospitable lands of northern and central Europe, The lands only the scholarly

       and truly wealthy were aware, and understood. But Rome knew, what had then

       as they know now. Where upon it was then, that the Pope Urban II, would had

      to cleverly persuade the European rulers , upon the intrigue, that Jerusalem, was

       to be taken in the name of Christianity, a safe haven for the pilgrimage, taken 

      from the invaders, of Islam. none of this was the truth, of course. But, again the 

       promise of lands, title and wealth, not to mention the Pontiff whose loyalty was

       not to be denied. Then in 1095, God All Mighty, knows well. I was clear by the 

       power of the Papal Bull,  Warrior despots, would no longer question legitamancy

       of their rule. For they secured their right to the thrones of Europe, with no 

       other alternative but, to obey The church, and invade the Holy Lands, of the 

        East ruled by the Theocratic, Ummayid Empire, of Islam. A peaceful God, fearing

       peoples prosperous in both wealth and exceptional intellect, brought about by

        their devotion to The One God, All Highest. (subhanna wata ayla) Protector of

       the faithful, Muslims had defended the pilgrimage of Christians and Jewish alike

        for over four centuries. peacefully, co-existing, Unfortunately, as it states in the

       Scriptures," to speak of God, All Mighty, for he is in heaven, but we are on earth"

        For, us on earth, no good deed shall go, unpunished.






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