sub chapter iii, Another global change, To what we owe.

sub chapter iii, Another global change, To what we owe.

A Chapter by Templatecash

             The result of European interference with the nations of Islam, for, nearly

          One thousand years has been acknowledged. As for the purpose, to gain a 

           much needed knowledge in order that Europe, prosper, that has been too

          achieved, at great cost both of the resorce and wealth that European learn-

           ing was provided for, and the innocence of all peoples involved, whom made 

          mighty sacrifice in order that Europe pull itself out of the dark ages, and into

          the age of enlightenment. For, some and few whose privilege it was that they

           were provided the means. And God,Glorious, is he, that encouraged such 

          learning. Even though, a veil of ignorance has been purposely shrouded over 

          the common folk, this is too with purpose. those who partook in understanding

          know full well. It is key of importance to recognize both the contributions 

          made by the Theocratic Nations, and Islams enourmous sacrifices over the 12

           centuries, for, God,Most Merciful, is well aware of all that humankind, have

          done. And God, All Mighty, alone will justly reckon and reward. However, with 

           the end of an age, to put away further ignorance by the peoples who seek to 

           further harm.  Our debt owed to those lands has for, to be repaid. Yet, is 

           there any amount that could even closely compare? For, the bloodshed alone

            no vastness of wealth will render. To, God, The Omnipotent and Wise, May 

           we seek refuge and guidance, for, Only He, can salvage US.

              To what understanding are we to have with only narrative of the West, the

           Illiad, or a bias and corrupt, incomplete histories. The historians, prefer when 

           likes of Herodotus and Eusephus are prescribed. Even the well mannered Man,

           Marcus Euralias, contributes little to the spirit of understanding. As well, are 

           numerous writings for, any of them that had made a definitive mark on the 

           contemporary history. Can only boast their importance on Humankind's

           little triumphs, but in what order of wisdom id there to be had? Truly nothing

           but the frail and selfish nature of, humankind.

              For, the West beleives it shall sustain despite, God,All Mighty, and His Holy

           Command, over all creation. That Humankind without religion is a truer way, If 

            only Humankind knew, and for, what little we do, has had only been applied 

           disasterous ends. God, Most Merciful, warns us.

             He is nearer to us, than our jugular. Yet Western philosophy still rallies to

           it's rebellious cause, to innovate order where, order already existed and has

           since God, The Creator, willed, all, that ever existed.

            This is not to define what learning we have, be not re-applied only with God,

         All Mighty, we do so in a different spirit. The spirit of Graciousness, for, what 

         now humankind is of has fitted us for survival. Technological and philosophical

         lessons bestowed unto human intellect, firmly rooted in God, All Majestic, and 

         his plan, that our species are to endure coming calamities. His Holy Prophets,

        (peace be upon them) had for told us! God, All Beneficent, Is Great!

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