The Birth of the Kymeria.

The Birth of the Kymeria.

A Chapter by Templatecash

Who are those people Half man half Extraterrestrial Species. The uncovering of the great Devils, I know to call Kymeria, and their great King LyonofZyon.

Before the cycles made their turn, and all the earth stood on its end. Their's is an epoc of time, short and brutal. before world wide devastation will take humankind to the brink of their extinction. A period of history that repeats itself, time and time again. This is the oldest, most celebrated memory in human history, Insha allah, I will continue, with God's righteous blessing, to exhume from the oldest of ancient matters, and serve as an interpretation (interpreter) of Our,  Cosmos and the Divine. 

  It's been far to long since I picked up the scribe and said Grace to my lord, before making this continued issue.  In the abstained time I have compare much of the world to the plots of the overall story. There are stages and rights to be preformed, and Symbolic fellowships protecting the collective knowledge of all experience. Who must remain in silence, so as to be forgotten in time. 

  There are some of these Societies which exist till this day, plainly hidden from scrutiny, from all walks to Earthly life There are those whome thive in the Sea, about the Heavens as far as the lense may see, upon the Lands most Humans inhabit, and there fore staked claim to the Earth, with blood and their buried dead. Yet it is no mystery why humans now reach even more to claim all 3 as their domain...For millions of years it has been this way, on Earth.  

  Their are also other Fellowships Far greater and Far older and Far superior than that of these performers today, retrieving our past. There are those whom noone can speak of for...far outside the scope of our common perception of reality...The knowledge of the unseen and the fear of their unspeakable power.

  It was-and-still-is the soul commitment of rulers in all Nations to first serve the unseen, submit and endure to their might, every moment hoping one day to overcome. Till the time would  revealed to them the purpose and power of their own... However ever since the birth of those and the thoughts of those who like minded had been born. The darkness within the spirits of all  creation, has come together in a form and another, to set upon and destroy their unworthy disciples, crush any unusual dissonance, or cause  for suffering any out of the ordinary desire for power near or greater than their own, that they tempt fate preparing their workstations for both conquest or salvation. Heroes and Villians alike... and what is in the light? what is their to speak of?  

  It was in the reflection of horror that the best Humankind  would reveal what is called upon as the light, or truth, is witnessed forever, in the analogs of time, by supernatural forces combined with a overwhelming spirit for survival first,then the purpose of survival. But the truth to the light is, The light has no form, or desire to overcome the light of life is that it is, and exists without life, there is no truth in the light, just absolution, and oblivion. then also no justice, in the remarks of the living, and breathing. who have actually defiled the light we so cheerish. In that explaination is the Sublimation of our glorious Kymeria, then on to their path through history begin...

© 2017 Templatecash

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Added on October 5, 2017
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