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The Order of the Illuminati

The Order of the Illuminati

A Chapter by Templatecash

Before the Storm Clouds appear, I'd like to reveal this parable unto the world, and with the grace of the All Mighty, may the fountain of the spirit continue to pen this version of a truth.

       My eternal gladness, in praise of the All Mighty, Allah, for his cause is most worthy, For, all we are is for One,  Most compassionate. May God's Blessing, continue to shine upon his humble servants. For today I wish to examine before the innumerable witnesses another Sign, of the times. Been having been granted, the eye of discover, here I have came upon to dwell, in the light of shadowy matters, was there, dim illuminations of  Our SuperTeachers. Praise Allah!

     Those who are foremost the establishments first choice in education. From these examples of socially successfull and the unfit, are all, accepted as Carpe Blanche, The Finest Writers,Exhausted their lives to deliver knowledge onto the decendants, Dictated by the hunger to transmit  their messages and overwhelm their Readers, Motivate Leaders, Recruit the fallowers, and Journeymen, in their craft, The Collective of  great important and effectual thinking, protecting every recorded document throughout every hall of all time, if possible.A Sword! to protect what?! and doing so with their own lives. The Conception of free thought, The generosity of an all consuming, desire to preserve ideas. It has been the backbone of the ruling class since antiquity, the institutional methodology and beaurocricy of writing history. 

      Starting slow in the earliest days of Europian plundering of houses of worship and monarchy records, the truly wise despots, throughout the millennia, searched out for the greatest of powerful documents and marched their armies to take possession of their contents, at all cost,( usual for the host of special knowledge who payed the cost.) Afterward ordering scribes to translate their intelligence for the sake of their people and fallowers. having been collected , despots became rulers, rulers became rich and in order to secure their descendant only grow in power, much of the sacred knowledge was hidden.

     With such a great deal of powerful  information and servants of  alternative viewpoints to disseminate it purposes, these grand collections of thought and actions, being heralded around the world, celebrated in all the civilized nations, translated in all language, and used as the educational tool intended they help mold the minds of the remotest lands, as well as the near to far to come...Now take a second to, Imagine the book of deeds, unpublished by the authors, but retained in their works, the cataloged association of who's who responsible for preserving the path and origin, of all the most powerful documents throughout history, including the most horrific methods devised to preserve the one thing more important than the knowledge of the ages, that may deliver, essential words, along the  journey to power...It's How to deliver the essential words, enough to reign power and remain beloved. But reveal anymore, the power of these words left with no design and in the wrong spirit, will lead an entire peoples to their Collective deaths. For this is the purpose of The First Order, for all the guilds, and their ancient rights to perform. 

    The First Order begins like this:

    " Who was he?" I had asked Eustice, returning a framed photograph upon the desk. 
Eustice, responded with an ominous tone, and gazed from under his brow at me at first sternly, then sofly said. 

     "He was my Friend first, secondly he was the most influential writers in American history, who was all together and foremost an American."

      Eustance shook his head a little and chuckled, before he continue

" You Like that picture there you were just looking at?"   Eustice,, jesture at the photograph, It was a black and white photo, of two men, Eustice, himself was one of them, The other was a prisoner, and the picture was definately taken in a prison cell.  He further explained." I wanted you to see it before we began the interview."

      I shrugged my shoulders a little, I didn't understand and realized my bags were getting heavy. " Mind if I put my bags down Mr., Mullin? "   lifting my arms slightly to show muscle tension, from the carry/lifting.  " I'd love to know more about that gentleman."   I said this, as I didn't actually wait for Eustice, to permit me were to drop my bags, and just did.  "But I'm actually only interested in your experiences, I came by a copy of you last book...uhm.. I'd like to examine alot of your claims about economic models you discussed..." My sentence, dropped of as I was rummaging through my stuff, looking for my copy of his book, trying to not give away the fact, I foolishly had forgotten the title of his book.

    Eustice, alerted to my folly, obviously...he raised his hand, waving his hand to gesture I can relax. " I'm very honored you have read my book." His face lifted as a smile wrinkled his face like a jolly face painted by rockwell.," I'll be honest Sir, I'm astonished by it!" I stated, placing my fingers over my bottom lip and crossed my left arm, ans jammed my hand inside my elbow, expressing genuine playful intrigue, about the subject...Eustice, stiffened his lip and straightened his neck, pushing his chin forward a little, crossed his arms and with a grunt.  " I'll stand by every word I have ever published, and look forward to students, peer review. " Looking behind himself to be certain the chair was in its place, turning back to face me he extended his hand to  the matching chair across from him, and said " before we begin would you like something to drink? Scotch and ginger ale perhaps?" I sat down where he indicated, but I declined his scotch. " I'd love some Ginger Ale, if you won't mind?" I said. " Suit yourself!" he said, with a raised hand gesturing to someone else in the next room. "Who is that?" I asked, turning my head to see the person approaching Eustice and me.

" My young Friend, this is the Daughter of the man in that picture you had looked at 
a moment ago."  A middle aged woman entered the room pushing a cart that had a small selection of booze neatly organized, with some drink glasses. our eyes met as she handed me my ginger ale, and a coaster for the table, between Eustice, and me.
" Thank you!" I said back, she knodded her head and then gave Eustice, his Scotch.

"Thank you, Mary' he said, She nod with a pleasant look, took a glass for herself and motioned over to another chair right of Eustice, sat down in it and said " It's very nice to meet you, Eustice has told me you'd like to interview him about his book, thats terrific, I've always been so proud of Eustice, He has really been this generations greatest kept secret..." She said this, as a quick sip of her drink accented her last syllable with the smack of her lips. 

    I wasn't really sure why Mary was suddenly there, but assumed that the man in that picture was more involved with this interview, We sat there quietly for a moment, I paged through some notes. Eustice spoke out, " Mary, you made a perfect drink, thank you." Mary, smiled back at  Eustice and said "thanks, your welcom." I spoke up and also graciously said "Thank you" She acknowledged and nodded, I turned my attention to Eustice, who looked back at me. " So, young man if you'd like to begin, Im ready when you are." 

   I sat in the room with the two of them, I felt like I was out of my environment truth is I was, I was no journalist, I was an office clerk doing an errand for my high up. with only two weeks to prepare questions to ask, I had barely read the book. Never the less here I was with this author, who knew more about what I was here to do than I did, it would seem. The whole situation was strange from the onset, even the task was unusual. Im no writer, Im an account manager, for the publishing company that Eustice, writes for.

   I looked back to the photograph, for some clue as to where to begin. " Honestly," I stated, " I am not really sure where to begin, so perhaps I should ask you Mary," She raised her gaze a notch, with her attention. " Would you tell me more about the man in that photograph, I believe Eustice, would like to inform me about sources of inspiration for this peticular writing." Eustice acknowledged with a smile. " I'd like to hear the whole story, than I might have a clearer idea of what I am doing here."



© 2017 Templatecash

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Added on October 7, 2017
Last Updated on October 7, 2017



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