A Story by KCthelastboyscout

A short story. LOVE NEVER DIES...

"It is after dark my love. My Gwendolyn. Where are you?" In recent nights, I have been visited by my wife in my dreams. She has been long dead for three months. I cannot explain these strange hallucinations. At first, but only at first, I was frightened. But now, at this moment, I yearn to see her ghostly figure appear before me again. I close my eyes and willingly succumb to my insanity... I hear my name. I'm awake. I hear my name again. The voice is familiar. I open my eyes to a miraculous sight.My beautiful Gwendolyn. Naked, sitting on top of me. Her long, dark hair down to her shoulders. Pale olive skin. Everything about her unchanged. Mouth.Neck. Breasts. I reach out to touch her expecting to feel nothing. But I'm taken aback. I can feel her. All of her.Thighs.Hips.Stomach. This is real. She is real. My God. My Gwendolyn has come back to me. She leans forward to kiss me. I can feel her taking my breath away. "Forever." She says. "Yes my darling. Forever." I respond. With her tongue she licks my lips. Suddenly face-to-face she opens her eyes."Oh my God. No!!!" I scream. Her hair suddenly changes full white. I never see the fangs in her mouth appear. She immediately strikes my neck. I'm drowning in the shock of what is happening. At the same time, I can feel my soul drifting away. My wife. My love.My Gwendolyn is taking my life. She's draining every ounce of my blood and now I am no longer part of this world...Above the city, far from view and invisible to the living, Gwendolyn and I hand-in-hand disappear into eternal darkness...

© 2017 KCthelastboyscout

Author's Note

Something I wrote before just to have fun with. With a few minor changes I am presenting it to the world

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very nice writing style, and the theme darkness and goth theme very nice.

Posted 8 Months Ago

Ahh.. How I've dreamt of immortality. An eternity to live and love that one person who captures all your senses.
Beautiful write. If only it could be. :)

Posted 10 Months Ago

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Added on September 17, 2017
Last Updated on September 17, 2017