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Self confession

Why do I fall in love so easily? So fast? Why do I think a look is an invitation? A smile means availability. A small conversation will lead to love. Why am I desperate for something so fleeting?... I express myself writing about love. Lost and found. The ideas are created in the chasm of my mind.The words are written from my heart. I receive compliments from strangers who can relate to the stories I write.Memories of past loves mixed with my imagination. There is silence in my home. An excruciating quiet. No expecting phone calls. No romantic walks to anywhere. The reflection I see looking in the mirror is of a man who has succomb to failure. Older, not wiser. I possess the gift of saying I love you with more than just those three words and no one to say them to. So I write for others who are similar to myself and can relate. First loves. New loves. Great loves.Lost loves. The heart broken. The lonely... When you have the time and opportunity, you can read one of my stories and experience tales of ecstasy and woe. Dreams fulfilled and broken. Lessons unlearned.However, I remain hopeful I will find someone.I also wish success to the other lost romantics still looking for their soulmate.Despite everything, i want to believe.My heart remains open and I have a lot of love to give...

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Author's Note

Just decided to reveal everything to the audience of the cafe

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i fall to easily for my own good. I hurt the people I fall for but still I try to keep a connection between them and I. KC, I understand this piece all to well...

Posted 7 Months Ago

Reminds me of eternal Sunshine and this is a feeling I know too well

Posted 10 Months Ago

wishing u love wishing u happiness
and good health great combinations

Posted 10 Months Ago

So much emotion, openness, relatability and courage in one paragraph.

I especially loved the three rhetorical questions in the start. It expresses the atmosphere, brings in the reader and represents the topic creatively and concisely.

The questions itself acts like the context but only to to bring the reader's own. Well done!

I also find the format absolutely breathtaking. As if the uniqueness sucked all the oxygen before it reaches my lungs. It's like a poem in a completely different format.

" First loves. New loves. Great loves.Lost loves. The heart broken. The lonely..."

- When you do this, it creates your desired mood towards the end like a outro of a song. It is common for writers to mess this type of expression and representation (e.g. me). But somehow you managed to nail it! By bringing in the reader's own context, by reasonable rhetorical questions, you have grasped the reader's emotion.


Posted 10 Months Ago

voluntary vulnerability... is like wearing emotional Kevlar. We toss it out there and can it's out there ... and ?
Flipside ... sucker bait
keep being you boyscout write from the hip and heart.
you're in good company here

Posted 10 Months Ago

This is an amazing openess that I'm glad you were brave enough to share. I agree with HSG please continue to write. We love reading your thoughts and emotions. :)

Posted 10 Months Ago

Honestly KC, I believe the true Romantics already knew your story for many live their lives as you’ve described here.

Thanks for allowing your words to pour out of your heart this morning my friend.

Take care and have a good day KC ~ and keep writing. 🌹

~ hsg

Posted 10 Months Ago

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Added on December 1, 2017
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