BETWEEN 17 and 18

BETWEEN 17 and 18

A Story by KCthelastboyscout

a magical time

On the verge of leaving behind my teenage years and becoming a young man. Between putting away childish things and being eligible for war. Between learning to fly and flying away... I am young and restless.The sheen of innocence is still glistening on my body. I am devoid of greed and manipulation. I still have hard eyes. Only focused on one thing at a time. No peripheral vision.I was told at my age, I'm unable to step back and see the bigger picture to life. However, this is a wonderous time. All possibilities are endless. In my room, I have a world of my own. NO RESPONSIBILITIES. Posters on my wall. My favorite music blaring out loud. Lying in bed lost in my own thoughts... I'm only concerned about right now. Not tomorrow or the next month. Not even next year or graduation. Definitely not worried about career plans. Just right now... I need two things, a car and a girlfriend. Either one in no particular order. What can I say, my hormones are on fire. I want to get laid. And often. From sunup to sundown, I think about sex. So many girls to choose from. But I'll take the ones that say "yes"... I feel reckless. My body is invincible. What could hurt me? My parents always say "You'll understand when you're older or wait until you get to be my age." Every time they remind me of this, I look at their faces. They look so sad, like they wish they could be my age again. I don't know why? Grown-ups can do anything they want. Why do they want to go back and be me? Not be able to do anything and get yelled at for everything. And, I get this from alot of old people, "Young man, what do you want to do with your life." I don't know. Sometimes I really don't care. Whatever it is, it'll come to me. It's not like I got to figure my life out in one day. I'm young. I got plenty of time...

© 2017 KCthelastboyscout

Author's Note

Looking at a picture of myself back then, I just wish I had a DeLorean right now and go back in time

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Really good. Very smooth read.

Posted 1 Year Ago

youth has its problems too... not having the ability to do it all since a job, or car or girl is needed you did a great job on this..

Posted 1 Year Ago

you were ''footloose and fancy free'' as the slogan goes there is a story called Old People by Checkov , have not read it yet wonder if it is on that theme that you touched here... your descrption of yourself at that age is excellent you are in touch with feelings then and now... Merry Christmas to a life saver!!

Posted 1 Year Ago

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Added on December 21, 2017
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