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please can I get your attention?

I look up at the sky. No clouds. The sun in all its glory. Now I'm eye level to the man-made wonders that surround me... Skyscrapers... I'm 100 stories above the ground. When I jump from the ledge, i will not transform into a bird and fly away un noticed. I will fall downward at a accelerated speed to the concrete ground below and die a certain death. All I have to do is take a step forward and fall. Just let go. Close my eyes. Feel my body in the breeze and then... who knows what?...There is a pain I carry around like an unborn child.My soul is dead.The rigor mortis has set in.Disease conquers my mind and clouds my judgement. I begin to isolate myself from other people.Become a servant to depression. The voices in my head have brought me here, on top of the world...Why here?... Because once in my life, I want to be the center of attention. The only time people would care is at the end. But now a sudden thought... What if nobody cares? Will I just be a brief thought in people's minds? I'm thinking I made a mistake...Tired... Legs are getting weak. Can't hold on much longer. Strong breeze. I think I made a mistake... Decisions Decisions

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Author's Note

Inspired by the movie and a metaphor for my own life

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The Ledge, I hang out there every chance I get.
The view is spectacular. Though I am blessed with someone dear to me and he always pulls me back.
This piece is not just intense it starts there going 100 miles an hour. Next exit, well you left us hanging. How well one resonates with the story will be determined by whether or not they have you jump. Hey, the ledge isn't going any where lets live a little first. There is always tomorrow.
Stellar Write, rock on !!

Sheer Terror

Posted 9 Months Ago

Because cats can alter their ballistic coefficient, by spreading themselves in the manner of a gliding bat, they can fall from great heights and survive, which makes one wonder why they need nine lives in the first place.

Our species is not so fortunate, or efficient; and of course, only have one life, which we should always try to make the best of.

Those are just words however, and quite meaningless to those who are sunk in the depths of despair. I can only offer than each new day is worth at least a look.


Posted 10 Months Ago

VERY POWERFUL AND oh so well written as if you are a prof writer maybe you are... at anyrate.. i wonder if any human being feels like he made a mistake as the pills go down, or the wrists are cut or the wind blows them away unabetted by the victim... who had to make a decision... to jump or not to jump yet it is too late now...
thanks for your good piece of writing as always

Posted 10 Months Ago

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