A Story by KCthelastboyscout

some of us are CHOSEN

And so It begins...
My life as a legend in public view
Little league highlights in pictures and on video
I am now the center of attention
I can feel how I am being separated from my other mates

My middle school years are viewed closely
I am labeled a rising star with undeniable potential
Throughout my high school years, my talent exceeds expectations
I carry the hopes and dreams of my small town and lead them to prosperity and national recognition

I am wanted by every college in America, but remain in my home state to extend my local legend
Entire families wear my uniform and shout my name for every game I play
After four years of amateur status, my college career is over
I have attained individual awards and championships securing my place in history
Now I take my first steps into a larger world as a professional athlete

More adoring fans
More attention
More pressure
There are slow steps in the beginning, but I adjust
I am humbled, but I learn from my mistakes
The speed of the game slows down and the prime of my career takes flight
There are more individual awards
Several championship seasons
Memorable wins and losses
Record financial contracts
Lucrative endorsement deals
I am in the conscience of American culture
You may have never seen one of my games, but you recognize my name

Father time is the one opponent I could not defeat
I reached a certain age where it was time to leave the game
I have received all the accolades worthy of a career like mine
A bronze statue of my likeness stands outside my team's home stadium
In my retirement years, I stay close to the game as possible
Broadcasting.Community outreach. Part team ownership
I still feel the public's adoration.Their respect. Their love

But now there remains a void in my life Nothing can replace playing the game
The preparation. Leading my team against the opposition
The highs and lows of wins and losses
I miss the anticipation...the competition

But what a life I have lived
Although I'm in my senior years,I have no serious concerns about the end of my.life.
I have been constantly told that through my athletic exploits, I will forever in the hearts and minds of generations of families

I hear all the arguments and debates. Fans and strangers. Who was the greatest? My name is mentioned often. Sometimes on top of the list. Sometimes in the middle. A few times not even at all. But you remember my name and how I entertained you. All those years ago and for years to come, you will always remember my name... (fictional)

© 2018 KCthelastboyscout

Author's Note

I intentionally did not specify the sport of the character in the story. Just fill in your own imagination

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Wow, that was a good read. Good writing!

Posted 1 Year Ago

You give your voice life with this piece. It flows with simple truth of a man melting past with present

Posted 1 Year Ago

This sounds very authentic to me KC. Fame can be hard to deal with and a sportsman's career is short. I think that many will find the aftermath hard to deal with particularly if they have no other skills. I'm not sure that having your name remembered is enough to compensate. This is all guesswork for me however! There are obviously some names we'll always remember but many made that will fade.
Its nice to read something different like this.

Posted 1 Year Ago

There are so many legends that went through the trajectory you described so clearly... like a life map you drew with your words! The life span of a sports personality is short, once the lime light shifts its direction, then usually their emotional problems take center stage for most of them. But true legends usually keep their legacy intact and become a shining example for the sport that they dedicated their life. extraordinary subject and extraordinary writing!

Posted 1 Year Ago

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