Hey Love

Hey Love

A Poem by Tha Wind AKA VERBAL OX

What do you do when the one who broke your heart is the only 1 who can fix it...


she had love cuffed, restrained, and under arrest, knife to the neck, like a hand of spades; “set.. “


something about a hurt that came from the left side under her breast kept her up nights, saying she couldn't rest right. restless mind wrestling with what she had in mind. soon doing in "Love," is what took over her mind so she played it out line for line, set for set, yelling at herself in her mind “Yo…quiet on the set.” so check it, now…

it’s all set. a murder mystery with no mystery of the murderer. giving you all the clues, even the bloody tools, and still you couldn’t prove… it was her.

The Set Up:

put in a call to "Love,” hey Love, we should meet love, talk things out Love, you know work things out Love, you know Love it’s all love, love.”


suddenly there was this buzzin in the air, skin felt so alive, so electrified, she felt magnetized as butter fly’s fluttered inside. anticipation was thicker than her thighs in the air and it was choking the air. couldn't help but to crack a smile; you know… its Love. breath became erotic, pulsing, and… deep. after the initial inertia of chills subsided and slowly, slowly, s-l-o-w-l-y started to yield, had to touch herself to feel if she was real. there…; over there, there was Love across the room looking so lovely, dressed so lovely it was all workin out so lovely. when Love spoke she never fell so deeply, so Love grabbed her hand stroking the flesh and said.

hey love, I wanna have a ovastanding with you, I don’t want you to just understand. THAT… I… LOVE… YOU”…


but to be real it’s not me it’s you getting in your own way, steady seeing things from your own way. how can I hurt you when I am you; pure, indiscriminate, selfless, infinite love. I have this breathless, restless, kinetic love for you, I don’t want you the same way the world wants you, I want you for you. I want you, and I want your wanting-ness for me to want me the same from the top of every yes to the side of every whisper of no. wanna give you back jitters, all the way to the bottom just to double my way back up. We don’t have to act in love cause this is unscripted love. my love for you won’t ever rest so we will always be walkin in love, talkin in love. A transfiguring love that will transfer your figure into pure love. if I start to see you falling Love will catch you so we can stand in love together.          

hey love,” you ovastand me love, I won’t ever play you love; for my love for you has no no’s oh no. confide in me, let me be your closest confidant so we can get closer and you’ll find the trust in our love that will be 1 of the 7 pillars of our love . take me in like your last breath again so I can stay inside you, steady makin love to you from the inside out, then turn you outside in and do it all over again while wisping whispers of your name. baby we can make the love they sing about or make our own to show em what it’s really about.


flushed, feeling waves just rush… and crushin through her, shaking her head, licking her lips mmm mmh mmh. leaned in an got close to "Love," closer to "Love.."

hey love…,” the way you love me…got me right there, the way you look at me… got me right there. the way you can make a room smell like the reminisce of summer rain an flowers got me right there. you across my back squeezing my shoulders… all in my ear, woooo…when you touch me… baby you got me way past there. im so, so scared of you. I feel like I've lost you so many times I just get lost in the thought of you. when you come back I just want to fall all over you, so when your not there mmm mgh mghhh.

Love you know all my reasons for wanting to throw you away, but right now you got me feeling like I can give em all away. you know im weak for you, I've wept for you, lost sleep for you, my spirit sparrows an my soul runneth over with you, and oh yes you make me breathless and I want you to say my name in the middle of my neck. sit down Love.

I want to cum with you…


but..., but, now I think that time has come and gone. Love you got game, how many times have you said these lines to countless names, how many nickels have you shined and shined to make them feel like dimes just to have them fall back to a penny with a hole in it..

a penny for your thoughts Love, cause you see my heart is well fed with being fed up, not even your sweetest sensual sweet talk can get me past that. you see we got this past an I just can’t get past that. tomorrow is not even here an I know you already got plans for that, so how many today an in the past have you gotten past with that. Love…you have this infectious love effect I feel afflicted with that has affected every part of me. paint it and call it the “Art of Me.” the other day I had a swirl of Remy listenin to a lil Remy Shand an heard him say “im at your mercy when you turn me on.”

couldn't help but think about you, but today baby im changing pole positions and the switch is now in the off position. just can’t come up in here thinkin your finna get off. mercy mercy me all I can see are the shattered and broken pieces of me, and the rest of us walking in these grey shadowed states of us because of you. feeling used by you and unworthy of you and yes…you are still beautiful…but it is not enough to simply be…beautiful. how many have you love broken, how many have you played and just gave your token love to, how many fights because of you, how many long nights because of you. how many… how many…

I use to have a whole lot of fight in me for you. so for my soul I will liberate, I will free, I will let go and take control. today Im goin to put the sign up high “love is not for sale, I say again, today love is not for sale,” and baby if you can’t read what im sayin I will put it down for you in braille' then ask "you feel me." My love is seasonal, this is a one season love and im feelin cold; so you won’t be having me Spring back just to feel the lovin of your warmth just so you can Fall back.




hey love,” a penny for your thoughts Love or better yet a penny for mine a nickel for yours, a dime for mine, a quarter for yours, a penny, a penny, a penny.


she had Love cuffed, restrained, and under arrest; played Love like she thought Love played the rest and kept that knife to the neck; like a hand of spades she had the game “set”.


she thought…


4fingers and a pen poetree...

© 2017 Tha Wind AKA VERBAL OX

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Added on June 11, 2013
Last Updated on September 20, 2017



Chicago, IL, Belize

luv livin life through all its adventures an strife more..