Shattered glass only gives pieces of Clarity

Shattered glass only gives pieces of Clarity

A Poem by Tha Wind AKA VERBAL OX

From the disdain wooden cross hairs of my stained stain glass window pane

i see nothin but colors of colored pain.


He tells her…that nobody truly reminds me of u

Because only u got what u got, from mind, to love, to strut

An if its all in u…how can it be in someone else 2…

Yet the he in him chases the u in her

The u in them…an his so called love pollutes this new her an confuses him

So on the eve of eventual-ness he will eventually shatter her

Not knowing that all he really had to do was take these moments these feelings

further into him an look further into him to know he’s already broken

already choking on shattered glass.


“Peer thru shattered glass"


Paully saw his life in the glass half full, full of life with potential

Sally saw the half full, half empty

Now who’s foolin who

The optical optometrist optimist who endures monetary life obstacles due 2 mutual,

mutual funds so now his mind is no longer able 2 optimize the idea of could have's

Or the professional pessimist who pushes her pessimism

like a wordsmith pastor pushes that his words are real



“Shatter the glass”


He sought to assimilate the decibels of revolutionary words an with a few words

he was a revolution in words, evolving the revolution past words.

Quality of life, Kweli, equality, unity with free fist raised,

while being "Dead Prez" Wolves intro fed.

These are the things that occupied his head.

Then this, revolutionary found a revolver, now his life revolves around the revolver.

His very own personal private problem solver he keeps hip close to his person, call it his male purse-son.

To further peruse the pursuits of his supposed revolutionary purpose.

Once bit from peace an found his tooth broken, so he stands in the stance of 

"AS A MATTER OF FACT" ready to act.

Act against him, show some resistance an he will involve u in the life of  his revolver; for resistance is futile.

Enter the star chamber, the judges chamber, be the star witness of  your own demise.

In the sake of movement, 4 the sake of the movement so move not against him

unless u wanna see your life flash b4 u in a instance.

Co-existence doesn’t exist in his existence…

Love from him distant, the orphan child finds shattered glass an makes it his home

makes it his own; an unknown to him he shares this home, shares this translucent razor throne

& as he sleeps at night he sleeps on shards of his own...


"Picture the puncture wounds"


“frame this picture shattered glass”


The unbreakable Mr. an Mrs. Glass, fell sick to the disease "Seeking to Please"

moving through every moment of life with a aura of unease,

so the reaction is whiplash fast to prevent from being broken

casting themselves as one the cast, acting to fit in.

Hopping through hopes hoops they crescendo there laughs past moderate operating levels.

Conscious of the thoughts of others so they attempt to mirror...faking the funk.

Whispering rumors have been known to hair line fracture there self esteem ,

pulling steam out of there esteem engine


"I...I...i think i can....  I...think i can...keep myself from being broken" 

is the mantra that taunts 'em, hollowing out this hole in their soul

were the seeds of Fear's weeds can fertilize an grow.


self fragile made an encased in brittle glass so careful as u pass

a flick of a disagreeable eye could send them stock market crashing to the floor



Mr. & Mrs Glass


“Shattered glass reflects the possible possibilities of your future

Reflecting off your past”


There’z reflections of her scars in the shards of shattered glass

Now she adds crimson colors 2 the glass

Feelin some unholy union with the idea of being broken

She lays upon the reflections of herself an talks to her twin sister glass

Intimately slow, intimately low

Were’z “luv” sister love or will i learn about “luv” when i reach the skies above

i feel something wet, warm an soothing around my neck

yet i haven’t felt this cold since the time b4 last we spoke. longer shall I feel the corrupted-ness of his corrupted touch.

12 hrs before year 13 a 12yr old angel gets her wings an ascends the clouds




When next you see shattered glass know it’s the physical manifestation of someone’s present state, presently in a shattered state,

So if  you see some, grab some, hold some…u might save some

or we might lose another broken one, recycled as a "LOST 1"...


“Shattered glass only gives pieces of clarity”






© 2016 Tha Wind AKA VERBAL OX

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grate poem i enjoyed this

This review was written for a previous version of this writing

Posted 8 Years Ago

This has the greatest wordplay I've ever read, I've never seen someone use
a word to explain a point then only a line later use the same word to clarify
what was already set in stone. The opening was brilliant I was hooked on your every
word, except for the obvious: 'He chases her looking for the aspects of you'. You played
with my eyes: 'Yet the he in him chases the u in her'. I love how you use words in your writing
all of your poems are very intelligent like this. The poem in its entirety is great I love
how each stanza has a story but all of the stories have a similar item that they relate to
which is the glass you've put this together like an orchestra all parts working to make the
whole piece sound spot on. Great piece of art instant favorite!

This review was written for a previous version of this writing

Posted 9 Years Ago

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luv livin life through all its adventures an strife more..