Back n the Day...

Back n the Day...

A Poem by Tha Wind AKA VERBAL OX

When I was 5 or 6 I had a vasseline dream girl
who liked to hold hands in the stall
while she tinkled, then float me a smile.
I’d give her a couple shy blinks,
watch her wipe and we’re out.
Back to nap time and those army green cots.
I pimped the Bozo-fro but couldn’t
Get past that damn 3rd bucket
at the show, f*%k it.

We rocked them 4 season fits.
Autumn turtles, passion blue Winter’s
3 ½ season Corduroys, and then wild out in
a Summer time of rainbows featuring Ocean P’s,
and Panama Joe’s. I had my kung-fu kicks and
checkered Skids even Though I didn’t board.
Learned how to ride a bike by crashin into s**t.

The last time my moms tried to
get my shoes from Jewels,
put up a protest, had to ask “do you jest”.
Man they even squeaked on the street.
Had to settle for something were she
could Payless than those swoosh symbols.

Now there was this banana chick
who taught me how to kiss
at lunch in the auditorium
lights out.
when the ground was gettin hit
by water pellets.
They'll play Bugs & Daffy,
Jeckle an his partner Heckle
Albert & his chubby buddy.
That was the first time I saw that
“who’s on first and what’s on second” skit.
Wrapped up in the dark
doing bird and bee's
replicational things,
on 1st and sliddin to
2nd With someone’s baby girl.
What a world??

Even till this day
I find it hard to be at the
show with a lady,
its not me its her I swear.

I use to rule the schools Olympic Day,
and get my adolescent
rub on behind the hill.
Tether ball, kick ball, and off the wall
I excelled in all,
but my favorite was dodging that ball.
Listenin to that rubber roll of my tips
and whistle skip
across the gym
Bee sting.
That was the sh!t...

Fell for my first snow-flake
after school 1 day,
it was so Elementary.
She seemed to define fine
red haired and freckled up.
She even had a nice lean
or is my Imagination
getting at me again.
It was obvious her family
didn’t want any
African Bee's dippin
in their babys Honey Comb.
Took that in stride
an went from X to the next.

We stayed in a bricked 3-story castle
with 4 ½ rooms,
and...there lived 1 single
thorough cussin,
fire breathin parental Dragon.

Mom’s never flossed the rocks
so I adopted her behavior,
which is why
I don’t like ice in my drinks
or around my wrist.

She cussed so often
it was flawless, then it brushed off.
In the sandlot using my new vocab
like “and” and “the”,
which led to them short
yellow bus classes.
I still remember reading Clover Leaf,
Yeah it was cool
but I was almost a year behind
when it came around.
Had weekly sessions with
the school Psychiatrist,
so he can better understand
the effects of a fatherless home.
Even at a young age
knew how to play that
to my advantage.
Must have been all those days of Stratego.

Learned how to take my old man for
what he was and not what he wasn’t,
which kept me ahead of my disdain.

One night on my way home from that after
School day camp, I got caught- up by
Some water rocks.
I started gunnin it alley after alley
Didn’t have time to dodge the drops
My bladder was on overload.
Every time I paused, kept feelin ghostly
Eyes on my back, so we’ll zip up and
Push off.

The whole scene was like a
Horror flick in slow-mo, but the man
With pig mask wasn’t at my back,
but...that’s another story.
It was the Bladder Monkey
and he was gaining quick.
that’s when my organ
went numb.

half a alley away from the castle.
Jumped the moat
then It came back sickly quick.
I Kato up the stairs, banged on the
Door, and twisted this antique bell to
no avail. Hit the bell next door and told
my guy to put a Carl Lewis to it, that’s
when he decided he wanted to play
an hesitate
and sh!t……..To late North met South.

I wanted to knock him dead in his mouth.

Back in the Day it was Malay, but I wouldn’t
have it any other way..

4 finga's an a pen poetry

© 2010 Tha Wind AKA VERBAL OX

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I adore this...
few could put a twist of humor to a ton of truth and have it weighout like this piece does... that is skill

Posted 7 Years Ago

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1 Review
Added on May 9, 2010
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Chicago, IL, Belize

luv livin life through all its adventures an strife more..