Lustful Bliss.

Lustful Bliss.

A Story by Coree Anne.

What she can do will scare you. Princess Noelle Bessa knows what she wants. Noelle Bessa knows what she wants, and how to get it; no matter what it may cost. After all, princesses first.

ooo ; ; prologue.

Noelle-Evangeline Amelia Bessa. Her name sent butterflies to my stomach, as the old cliche goes. Cliche or not, the truth was the truth. She was beautiful, absolutely beautiful. Some denied it and called her fake, but no, she wasn’t. Noelle was a gorgeous and natural young woman. Her body was full of curves; her legs went on for decades.

She had a porcelain face, as well. It was just that of a china doll, fragile and perfected. Her nose was curved in just the right angle and had the cutest tip. Her cheeks were always the most delicate shade of rose. Her eyes... don’t get me started. They were almond shaped and the color of the sun’s rays at dawn. You could never stare at them too long without them changing color, which was what I found most mesmerizing.

Also, Noelle was a Bessa. She was the princess of Sicily, and therefore was royalty. Her family has always ruled this part of Italy, as long as anyone could remember, really. The Bessas were fair and kind, for they believed in second chances. It was, after all, their family motto.

Noelle was a girl of many faults, however I liked to overlook them. People often saw her dressed in a scanty gown that didn’t properly cover her legs fully like all women’s gowns are supposed to. She was often sleeveless, too. In the daytime, Noelle wore too much powder and makeup so that she was almost unrecognizable. But I’ve seen her at dusk, right when she takes it off and gets ready for her bath.

People also saw Noelle hanging around the bad parts of town. I understand that now people call it ‘ghetto’, or something of that sort. That was where Noelle would be seen with various men, doing all sorts of things I’d rather not mention. I know that deep down it wasn’t her fault entirely; she couldn’t help being the source of lust for most men.

They thought Noelle was nasty. Nasty as in rude, tardy, sarcastic, and, well, a bully. I didn’t see Noelle as that. I saw her as the sweetest, most intelligent and amazing human being I’ve ever had the chance to meet and get to know.

The people of Sicily didn’t know that I knew the real Princess Noelle Bessa.

oo1 ; ; uno di lussuria.

“...And we have to make sure our guests feel well at home,” Father droned on and on.


My elbows were propped up on the table and were supporting my chin. The clock seemed to tick forever and ever, and the constant ticking was driving me up the wall. It was almost noon, and I had places to be.


“Hear, hear!” The court cheered. I looked up at the clock once more. Still a minute until twelve. My foot was starting to tap against the stone floor.


Father had called a meeting this morning because a family from a neighboring kingdom was coming to visit us in such short notice. My chambermaid was the one who woke me up this early. Honestly, why should we care about that family? Why the hell are they even coming here for? They have their own castle, for God’s sake.




I looked out over the balcony. We were sitting in the courtroom, where most meetings were held. The French doors to the balcony were wide open, which allowed me to gaze out to the kingdom. It was a beautiful day. The skies were clear and the sun showed hope.




It was going to get dark later, anyway. I could tell you right now that a few clouds were going to come and ruin it.




When is this meeting going to finish? The Costas were going to be here soon if they don’t finish up in a few minutes! I crossed my legs and let out a loud sigh.




My eyes snapped up and met my father’s purple face. He looked like he had been calling me name several times now and I wasn’t responding. I never responded at first.


“Yes, dear Father?” I said in a sickly tone.


His face returned to its original color and he started breathing normally. He did sigh and he gave me a weary look. “Do try to behave, darling. The King of Rome has a few children whom you shall be acquainted with.”


I looked at him with interest. Children?


“Oh, really? Ages?” I asked, batting my lashes. I caught a few knights staring at me with a hungry expression. It took a lot of my will not to wink at them.


Father didn’t notice. “His eldest is twenty one. His name is Lucca. He also has a daughter your age, Breanna,” he said.


Hmm, an older man? No surprise there. All of the men I fooled around with were older - some by decades. I’ve never been with a younger man, or one my age. No, I like them with some experience.


For the rest of the meeting, I day dreamt of the mysterious Lucca. I tried to imagine what he looked like, hopefully with some sort of facial hair. It was like a turn on for me, the stubbly feel against my lips always sent shivers down my spine.


Was he one of those innocent princes? I tried not to scowl. I loathed people like that. They have one life and they decide to live it the safe way?! Again, I forced myself not to make a face.


“Alright, off you go.”


That meant the meeting was finally over, and I could go out. I jumped out of my seat and caught this one knight staring at me. He was smirking, which meant he was speaking my language. I returned his twisted smile and turned.


I walked all the way back to my chamber with my hips swinging lightly. Occasionally I would turn back to see if he was still following, as sure enough, he was. He reminded me of a lost puppy, the way he acted. I couldn’t see what he looked like because his helmet was in the way.


Eventually I did find see his face. Along with other parts of the knight.

© 2010 Coree Anne.

Author's Note

Coree Anne.
I hope you guys like this.
This is my first story on this site. This story is also available on my Wattpad and my Mibba.
Please write your review! <3

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Quite interesting to read, with a little humour in places. No crudity here, or unnecessary details. Although quite short, it has sufficient descriptive details and dialogue to hold my interest. The dialogue is simplistic, but seems apt for the characters and their situation. Whilst reading, I had the impression that this was a fantasy scenario, and that the writer enjoyed writing this. Thankyou, Coree Anne!

Posted 7 Years Ago

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