The guilty lawyer

The guilty lawyer

A Story by bella

"Who is this person your opening your case to" I said looking around the room. " She is already in this room" the man said. I did a quick glance around the room , there was only me and them.


Today was the day everything changed for me. 

I opened the door to my garage as quickly as i could and started running to my car,locked it was as I tried again to open the door.What was I thinking? I couldn't open the door without my keys, my hand went directly inside my purse to reach for my keys but no matter where i searched through, and every pocket i checked i couldn't find my keys , i was starting to panic because I was about to be late to one of my very important conference, as my secretary emma stated the other day “ You have a conference on thursday morning , at 7:00am sharp, you must be their on time this conference is very important, especially the case, the case is about this fairy tale characters lives taken away from them” she said sadly.I had a good look on her facial expression if she was joking or not” And I am so excited for work today, it's going to be magical” she said cheerfully and danced around the office,” Don't you dare be late to that conference,don't make me send cinderella's carriage to come and get you” she said with a smile.Coffee i thought, must be the reason she has so much energy this morning.She was usually never this excited and she never make a joke like, but that did confuse me , she never sounded serious when she was joking around but i just ignored it and continued my day.Reality hit me like a truck and I remembered that i couldn't find my keys to my car I went rushing to my garage door to go inside to get my car keys ,locked it was, wait, did i take my house keys with me when i was rushing inside , OH NO, I didn’t , now i can’t get in. This must be a dream . I was never late to work before. Then out of the corner of my eye i saw my old bicycle  all the way from 5th grade,I never knew i still had it,but not time to think about that,I went rushing to my bike, sat down, and without hesitation started bicycling , my house was very close to the place I worked at but for some reason very crowded that day , when I saw the “lawyer building” sign I got out of my bike, i did a quick glance at my clock 6:57  and started to run for the entrance , the fronts doors opened automatically it was very quiet, more than it is suppose to be, but then i remembered it was way early in the morning, and that's when  most of the conferences start,  i looked around and spotted the conference room i was going to have my meeting in i made a run for it , opened the door as quickly as i could and faced 7 people that standed in front of me like they knew I was close to coming.”Your a minute late”the girl with the mid black short hair said. Her arms were crossed and she looked mad. They all looked ….. different , like they did not belong here .” are you just going to stand their and look at use “ the girl said again.I must have looked shocked I quickly said “sorry”and walked to the place i was suppose to sit on,I put down my purse and sat down , straightened my posture , and put on my serious face which was pretty hard because they looked so funny to me , i felt like i recognized them from somewhere but I just couldnt remember. I opened up the folder that was in front of me to get more details on why they were opening a case and what made them open it , when I opened the folder a blank sheet of paper faced me ,nothing else but a blank sheet of paper.I closed it immediately was this a joke that my secretary emma was playing on me because the other day I ate her cake, hey I was hungry and that cake looked really good . But i remembered that i could always ask the clients myself , but first I should introduce myself I thought “ Hello ladies and gentleman , I am your lawyer Ms….” . “swan” the other girl said that had blue eyes , with the blonde hair that was braided , she reminded me of anna from frozen but I knew that characters from the book couldn't come to life , or could they?.I must be day dreaming again.” we know who you are “ “ can we just get to the topic already , because I have a lot to say “ . “hey” another voice said “ i have a lot to say too” and before i knew it everybody was arguing about how their life was more worse than the others and how they should go first because they wanted to go home. I had to put an end to this” ladies and gentleman please calm down, everybody will have enough time to talk” after the second I said it everybody calmed that and relaxed.”How about first you tell me who is the person you are opening the case and then one by one everybody can tell me their reason of why they are opening this case “. Everybody thought my idea seemed good enough. “ Well the person we are opening this “case” thingy to is already in this room”.I did a quick glance around the room their was only me and them. I was confused , maybe the person he was talking about hadn't arrived yet.” And the reason we are opening this case thingy to is because our lives have been taken away from use , it has been changed”.What could that mean ?Oh , yeah maybe it might be a robbery , I had quite a few cases like that this few weeks, and I heard similar things , but not as unique as this one.”Alright then,how  has your lives have been taken away ? is it a robbery you're talking about “. Everybody looked confused like they hadn't heard of a robbery or even knew what it meant. The girl with a pink cape whispered to the man with the  green skin , he looked familiar too , i remember his name starting with an “S”. She said “ What is a robbery “  loud enough for me to hear.Maybe they might have came from another state.Well then why don't you all tell me one by one on what happened in your lives that made you want to open this case”. I looked at all of them one by one to see which one of them I should pick , they all looked like they had a long story to share but then I found who wanted to hear from first”the girl with the pink cape why don't you go first “ her face started to turn like a red tomato , and her eyes were getting watery.” Why did you say that she does not like being called pink cape”  the girl with red blazing hair , she looked like she could be a mermaid.” dont worry about it “ the girl with the pink cape said. “ I will just go ahead and tell you how everything changed after this one person who read my story”

“Everything started when my mom first sewed my cape”


© 2017 bella

Author's Note

I really hope you guys will enjoy this story,if this story gets really liked i will make a chapter 2.I am currently working on a new story ı cant wait for you guys to read it.
have a wonderful day lovelys

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Added on August 25, 2017
Last Updated on August 25, 2017
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