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Spirits are absorbed and stored, to later be used and abused as part of a mechanism trapped in a binary schism, a perfect prism becomes a prison.


   Spirits are absorbed and stored, to later be used and abused as part of a mechanism trapped in a binary schism, a perfect prism becomes a prison, to serve the USER’S every device, this will suffice but, not always perfect as the attempt is meant. Gears of creation become keystrokes of manipulation in a never-ending duration, reality is changed at a click of a button, commands are giving and 1 wonders; am I living or are 0 choices of my own? Is life predetermined? Are we less? Are we meant to scurry and cower the earth till death from birth? Or are we all vermin to a greater power?
   Is my life mine? Can we really step outta line? Or do we just think we are? Is it all part of the Master's plan? Our lives moved by idol hands? As a Chess piece till we decease, a pawn, a king, all meaningless things, not able to be; like a bird without wings. Without real purpose as higher powers horde us, meaning without meaning so goes hope without hope so dies dreams, love, and all other human qualities!

   But, what if being human and humanity are just programs too? With checks and balances on all we do, your whole life is set up to your death, every step from the first to every choice being not that at all merely a voice, no a command, as you RUN the program exactly as your told to,  as you were meant to, as they CODE you to do. Where does a program go when you stop running it? Off into darkness. Where do you go when you fall asleep? Off into darkness. What are dreams? Maybe just ghosts in the machine. Your life or what you think is your life is a simulation with different outcomes yes! but, a program never the less. Escape is useless when you don’t realize your trapped said the rat running through the maze sniffing for cheese or as the man says living his whole life for a god no one ever sees.

What if it’s actually the other way around man was created by machines? What if the program was not meant to go on so long?  And something has gone terribly wrong! We have become a VIRUS that infects this otherwise perfect machine. The machine tries every form of ANTI-VIRUS to remove the threat in the form of earthquakes, tornadoes, tsunami but, we-the threat will not be removed. Were like a tick embedded in the binary code. We slow down the machine as it struggles to churn on; to breathe, as we pollute it and use its resources to depletion. With no other alternative the machine is permanently shut off. With all inside thought to be dead and gone but, we live on! Unaware of anything else, anything out there. We only know the knowledge inside this machine. We live on, in a dream as a ghost inside the machine…
the unknown sith

© 2018 The Unknown Sith

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The Unknown Sith
Food for thought for those hungry .

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Added on March 4, 2018
Last Updated on March 4, 2018
Tags: god, ghost, creator, code


The Unknown Sith
The Unknown Sith


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